The Sword Path
11 The Goblin“s Dungeon 1/2
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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11 The Goblin“s Dungeon 1/2

Arthur cut through the spiked club that was aimed at his head by a muscular hobgoblin , but he knew he couldn't do this for long , he was getting low on prana . He decided to slash through the few hobgoblins that were behind him and lead the entire group in the forest , where he could try and make them separate into smaller groups . Brutally cutting the legs of the nearest hobgoblin with a ranged sword energy attack , he deactivated the skill to save the remaining prana he had and attacked the hobgoblin behind him . The monsters didn't seem to notice his intention as they thought he was already dead . The moment the weird energy that came out of their enemy's sword disappeared , they thought he was getting tired and they no longer needed to be careful . Finally having broken through the monsters , Arthur rushed towards the forest with something like 10 hobgoblins behind him .

20 minutes later , no hobgoblin could be seen and Arthur came out of the forest with light injuries , heading towards the village with a empty potion in his hand . The EXP he gained completely compensated his use of one weak health potion and simply sighted looking at the durability on his sword that decreased by 2 in this small exchange .

' I really need a decent sword now , I can't use this trash graded weapon anymore , but the blacksmiths are so expensive .... ' Thought Arthur .

Arriving in front of a house , he could only hear snorting sounds in the multiple huts of the village . He simply made some noise that attracted the nearby monsters and killed them before they could alert others . When he finished the village , he was already close to level 11 but he now didn't know where to go to complete this dungeon . He already knew that this game's dungeon were vastly different from what he excepted as there wasn't any room system but simply a large area with a boss that you had to find by yourself . As he walked towards the forest once again while updating his map , he noticed something weird in the distance even through the dense fog that still didn't disappear .

Not wasting any time , he dashed towards the source of his doubts and met yet another hobgoblin that was preparing to sneak attack him . Surprising the scout-like green skin , he killed him with a couple of attacks and try to loot his corpse but couldn't find anything useful .

' If there is another scout here , that means there isn't only one village but multiple that I'll probably have to take care of before meeting the boss of this dungeon .'

Arthur looked once again at his incomplete map , and after seeing that this lake was located at the bottom right of the map , he headed top right , the direction he originally went when he found the goblin hiding .

Walking through the forest in a straight line , Arthur arrived at his destination . As he guessed , he found another lake and another hobgoblin village . He had to clear this one aswell , but there wasn't any surprise party waiting for him , instead , he couldn't see any hobgoblin except a few patrolling teams . He defeated every green skin he encountered by baiting them into the forest making them thinking he was afraid of them . He decided to enter the village and to his surprise , none of the hobgoblins here were ready for him . Instead they looked shocked but managed to quickly arm themselves and attack Arthur .

After a while , Arthur managed to clear the whole village , gaining a decent amount of EXP and level up to level 11 . He started to head towards the next hobgoblin's village , which was supposed to be top left , but as he walked through the fog , he noticed some mouvements afar . The monster that was currently charging towards Arthur looked like a massive hobgoblin to the point where if it wasn't for its green skin , it would be easily mistaken as an orc . Arthur didn't wait for what he thought would be a boss monster , he also dashed towards it and when the monster was sneering at the sight of a human atleast 3 times shorter than him trying to attack him , he suddenly side-stepped and stabbed the monster's arm , making it drop its giant club onto the ground .

Screaming in pain , the huge hobgoblin with now bloodshotted eyes tried to grap Arthur with his other hand . Fortunately , Arthur reacted fast enough and ducked while stabbing its leg . After this , the slow monster was just toyed with by Arthur and died without touching the player .

System : Lvl 13 Boss Giant Hobgoblin killed . Obtained 130 EXP .

Arthur cleaned the blood on his sword with the little clothing the Boss monster had and looted its body . Not wasting any time , he headed to the next village .

After clearing the four village at the corner of the map and meeting 2 other giant hobgoblin , he walked towards the only place where he didn't go yet , the center of the dungeon . What he saw there was alarming and awesome at the same time . It was a literal goblin's city . He had no idea how to raid it and didn't know if it was really the end of the dungeon at this point . He silently cursed as he realized that this type of dungeon was really not made for single players no matter their skill as he guessed that there would be many more monsters in this city than every village reunited . He thought about simply attacking it boldly like a knight would in the stories he read , but no matter how he loved chivarly , there was simply no chance of clearing the dungeon like this . He even doubted if this was possible to somehow enter the city and backstab his enemies considering the size of this city . He now understood why this dungeon was recommended for 30 players at minimum . Players literally had to fight against an army at this point .

Arthur calmed himself , thinking that even if he could curse all day long , things wouldn't change , he needed an opportunity to bait the army , or a part of it and kill them without actually fighting them . He smiled as he remembered a blocked river south . If he could destroy the natural dame that was blocking the water from flowing , and bait the army into the place where the river normally flows , he could eliminate atleast all the heavy armored hobgoblins that would get caught . But first he needed to bait a large part of the army , something that a single player couldn't do , they would at most send a couple of soldiers to chase him , nothing more . Like this 20 minutes passed with Arthur thinking of ways to make the city feel endangered and bait them . He had a plan that would rely on deception and a somewhat dangerous operation .

He needed to destroy some part of the city firsthand to put the city on guard and then use the fog to make them believe an army was marching towards the city , supposedly the same that destroyed a part of the city . But alas he couldn't reproduce some sort of army even with the fog , so he still needed to kill small groups of whoever the city will send after him little by little and at some point they will send a big group which he could then kill with the river . Unfortunately , he didn't know how he would destroy a part of a city as he didn't have any explosive . Moreover he couldn't even get close to the city walls without getting noticed so he was on his wit's end . He first pulled up his status and used his free attributes points as he thought that he would probably need them .

He put +3 in AGI and +2 in END as he knew he would need it to survive .

Username : Steel

Name : Arthur Pendragon

Class : | Swordsman Apprentice | ( Epic - Tier 1 )

Lvl : 11

Skills : 3/3 { Discerning Eyes } ( Lvl 1 ) , { Sword Mastery } ( Lvl 1 ) , { Beginner's Sword Energy } ( Lvl 1 )

HP : 360/360

EP : 210/210

Defense : 7.8

Physical Attack Power : 6

Magical Attack Power : 1

Mouvement Speed : 7.6

Stats : STR : 30

END : 31

AGI : 38

DEX : 16

INT : 5

WIS : 17

LUK : 6

Free Attribute Points : 0

Equipment :

[ Basic Steel One-Handed Sword ] ( Trash )

Lvl 1

Equipment requirement : STR 6

Physical Attack Power +4

Durability 17/25

Description : A hastily casted one-handed sword by a beginner blacksmith . You can't find worse in the Steel Village .

[ Light Steel Chestplate ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : END 12 STR 12

Defense +5

Description : A hastily casted Chestplate that barely covers one's body but doesn't restrict mouvements .

Durability 35/40

[ Light Steel Gloves ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : STR 10 END 10 DEX 5

Defense +2

Description : A hastily casted Steel Gloves that are light but not really protective .

Durability 20/25

[ Weak Runic Leather Cape ] ( Common )

Lvl 5

Equipment requirement : AGI 15

Defense +3

Agility +2

Effect : { Float } Gives the wearer the ability to float and not receive fall damage .

Description : A bad leather cape that was used for training by a apprentice runemaster . Atleast it works .

Durability : 19/20

He now needed to formulate a plan that would allow him to enter the city and also , get him out of it aswell . Once again the best option was to fake an attack but unfortunatly he couldn't do that kind of thing . But suddenly , he thought that maybe a fire would do the trick . He didn't know if there was any sort of mages in the city that could put off a fire quickly but it was worth testing . He decided to try and attack at different location of the wooden walls of the city to separate their attention . Also , something like this could really give them the impression that they're against an army and not a single person .

Pulling the somewhat primitive lighter he looted from a hobgoblin chief of one of the village , he prepared a decent amount of branches and started his operation . He would begin at the opposite side of the direction in which he wanted to bait the enemy's army and then walk around the city , burning their walls down . It would take a while , but as long as they didn't have any mage , it would be succesful . He first needed to throw the crafted torches to the wall , hoping the fire wouldn't disappear in the air . That is why he prepared more branches that he would theorically need .

The plan worked really well , the walls of the city were nearly completely burned down , revealing the city behind it and some construction were also destroyed under the fire . The whole army started to search the forest for the attackers , and some groups already disappeared under the sword of Arthur . The enemy army was under tension as they didn't know who was attacking them and they sometimes found the body of their brethen killed on the ground . While furious at this sight , they were also afraid of the invisible enemy . In fact , Arthur wasn't assasinating them , he was just killing them so quickly thanks to his beginner's sword energy and the weak prana potions that they didn't have time to scream for help . Since Arthur was now 2 levels ahead of normal soldiers , his sword was just like a hot knife through butter . As the army slowly started to decrease under the relentless attacks of Arthur , they decided to group up and put an end to whoever was killing them . Smiling at a distance , Arthur threw a pebble towards the group and walked away from behind the treee he was hiding . Immediatly noticing the sound , when the huge group of hobgoblin saw the enemy , they couldn't believe that a single human was behind this , so they decided to charge together towards their enemy .

Knowing that the prey took the bait , Arthur decided to run towards the place where the hobgoblin army would eventually meet its doom .


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