The Sword Path
13 Gathering Informations
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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13 Gathering Informations

[ One-Handed Steel Sword ] ( Common )

Lvl 10

Equipment requirement : STR 20 END 15

Physical Damage : 17

Description : A normal one handed steel sword .

Durability : 40/40

It wasn't anything great , but it was enough for Arthur for the moment . Atleast it was better than what he had at the moment . He switched his gear and decided to disconnect from the game for a while , he needed to eat and take a quick break . He also needed to inform himself with the state of other players . Due to his spawn place , he was somehow far from the majority of the players , and the few that were with him were ridiculously bad . He had no idea how far ahead , or behind he was right now . He also needed to know where was the majority of the players to start his plan and he knew that the official website of the game gave a approximative map with such informations . He also knew that he made a lot of noises due to having multiple global announcements and he wanted to know what sort of behavior were having the players towards him . Although he knew that most of the people he had to be wary of weren't going to show up on community blogs , but he needed to make sure of his reputation as a bad or good reputation would affect his ability to recruit or get recruited into a good guild . To be honest , although he spent most of his time juggling between training and work in real life , he had a couple of good friends and a woman he loved deeply . Although he already met with her parents , she was the daughter of a multi-million company and he was a nobody good only for his strength . He was far from being stupid , quite the opposite , but the difference in status was wide , or so he thought . Surprisingly enough , her parents didn't seem to mind it that much , which lifted his worries back then , but she had a company of her own so it was hard to meet her . But what made him happy is that she wanted to heavily invest into the game as she predicted that it would become something really big , and since he told her a while ago that he would play the game , he proposed that he would help her establish her company into the game with his skill . Now he had to respect the deal by creating a guild with her company as a backer or join a guild which was mainly backed by her company . Unfortunately , she wanted to create an economical empire by her own hands so she didn't get any help from her parents . While her company was quite huge for someone that was this young , it wasn't at the level of her parent's which could be described as a normal company considering the monsters that were investing in the game .

No matter what , a promise was a promise and they agreed to meet in a couple of days to discuss of the details . She was also persuaded to join the game as the guild master to supervise the guild that he would create . He was going to make them famous and recruit strong players while she would handle the economy of the guild . She wasn't going to fight but she would oversee the guild .

Arthur had that much trust in her , and the same could be said for her . While they were barely starting to be in a relationship , they seemed to be married for years . Also Arthur had absolute confidence in her abilities to handle the guild and he would be her strength . The only thing he lacked was a name ....

He logged out from the game and decided to stretch for a bit as he didn't move his real body for hours now . After his stretching session he headed towards his kitchen to prepare a meal . While he lived alone , his girlfriend often stayed here since last year when she was in town , which was quite often considering her headquarter was in Chesterfield .

After eating , he logged onto the community blog for the game and looked at the top topic . Without surprise , it was either posts about how immersive the game was , about secret quest and rewards , or about him . He looked at the top post about him first .

Title : Arthur Pendragon

I , leader of the strongest guild , BlueRose , will donate silver coins to whoever manages to bring me information about Arthur Pendragon .

The content was simple , it was basically a bounty . Not even one day in the game and Arthur already gained the attention of spoiled brats and annoying people .... While sighting , he couldn't help but think that fame comes with its share of bad rewards . He thought that he should recruit a group of elite players before he gets too famous to prevent underhanded people to join . But for that he would need to farm in regions where there was a lot of players , a thing he didn't want to do since ressources are limited and he would get recognized in an instant . On one hand , it would bring him a lot of experience and knowledge about the general level of other players if he killed everyone that chased him , but it would be extremely dangerous and only increase his fame when he needed to stay low . On the other hand , he would be able to sell much more flintstones since he would be the one destroying the players' equipments . He just needed an ally to sell the flinstones while he kills the players . Unfortunately he didn't have anyone he could trust with this right now , so he could only try to convince Maria to start the game a bit earlier and he would have to help her get to level 10 rapidly to access cities . ( Maria is his girlfriend ) .

Having formulated a plan to make even more money and experience , he started to look at the other posts . While most of them seemed like clickbaits and false information , there was a couple of them that seemed genuine discoveries by average players , since experts wouldn't share the contents of these quests and secret places . He knew that he couldn't get them , but he also knew that there was bound to be more secrets in the woods around the Steel Village , in fact the devil minion didn't appear out of thin air so he needed to be wary . On the other hand , he couldn't truly stay around the Steel Village anymore , he was now level 13 and needed other farm regions . He especially needed a higher levelled region to basically boost the level of Maria to quickly reach 10 . She would probably get the merchant class and once she gets it , she wouldn't be bound by level limits anymore as she would be able to travel to any cities , but not go outside . That was an advantage to the non-fighting classes . He already made a few plan to get tremendously ahead of others using this method and the fact that nearly every guild masters were fighting classes , but he knew that the really huge guilds wouldn't miss that opportunity , so he only needed to provide ways for Maria to make much more money before others .

Having finished reading most of the top posts , he decided to train for a few hours , take a shower and then log back into the game . He wasn't concerned about top players catching to his level during this interval of time , there was bound to be a couple of players level 10 already , what he needed was to convinve Maria as soon as possible , but he thought that it wouldn't be that hard .


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