The Sword Path
14 The First Impression
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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14 The First Impression

Arthur logged back into the game after convincing his girlfriend to join the game earlier . Grinning , he headed towards the portal in the middle of Stonedge City and travelled towards what one could call the main city of the players , Panum City . The location wasn't bad at all , being at the north of the Vaenith Empire , the city was much larger than Stonedge City , was surrounded by numerous Beginner's Village and precious ores mines . It also had much higher levelled farm locations all around that would enable the player to establish himself for quite some time in the city . The Adeventurer's Guild offered many benefits for players , which Arthur only saw at an attempt to control and use the immortality of the players , and honestly it worked well . In exchange for numerous benefits over NPCs , the players had to sign equally numerous soul binding contracts that were said to be for security . It also gave the players the illusion of being superior to NPCs , making them separate into two groups , which was the wanted result of the adventurer's guild . While the players weren't aware of the ways the guild worked , the NPCs were and if proposed such contracts would obviously immediatly refuse . Quite a bit of players already realized that , but as long as the rewards rolled in , they wouldn't care .

Arthur didn't know that the extensive use of such practises was the result of him being able to defeat a devil minion at a much lower level . The 5 Elders that governed the Vaenith Empire viewed the players as a precious ressources as much as a threat to their supremacy , so they employed early 'slavery' method to control them , which , unfortunatly would show its disastrous results for the players in the future . They also started to throw false claims about treasures scattered in dangerous regions that the NPCs were afraid to go to due to the mortality rate . The AIs of the 5 Elders were truly well developped , they noted that players seemed to have unconditional trust towards NPCs rumors , and planned to use it against them . Ironically for them , the one that motivated them to employ such methods completely saw through their schemes and didn't fall in the traps . Instead , he was going to use the fact that countless players were throwing themselves to death to his own benefits , selling flintstones .

All of this information wasn't part of his plan at first , but it was a welcome surprise . He couldn't deal with an entire empire right now so profiting of their work without lifting a finger under their nose was the best he could do . Nonetheless it was a decent reward . Thanking silently whoever was in charge for this operation , he started to search for the ideal spot to start a stand . He didn't know if the merchant's AI were good enough to realize that flintstones were getting sold at a fast rate right besides them if he were to install a stand , so he needed to maximize his earnings in the first day . He and Maria decided to wait that 70 % of the players were level 10 before starting the business , as it would give them time to prepare a lot of flintstones and get Maria to level 10 . He just decided to get familiar with the surroundings , as tomorrow he would have to dive deeper in the dense , denser than the Steel Village's , forest that was nearby Stonedge . He already spotted the ideal farming places and was surprised to see that the players he encountered at the beginning weren't level 10 by now , as he didn't see them in Stonedge City .

Right now only 3 % of the players were level 10 or higher according to the website and he would be able to clearly see his spot within the top after level 25 , where leaderboards would open , at the moment one could go to the capital . Lost in his thought , he didn't realize that a lot of players already noticed him and started to report to their various guild leaders the appearence of the famous Arthur Pendragon in the city . It could be said that groups of players were already being positioned at the entrance of the City to jump on him the moment he left the city . After all , the rewards of being the first to do so many things would be quite huge , and while some people were just interested in him , others were extremely greedy for his stuff , some even justified their actions by saying that such rewards shouldn't belong to one person but rather a guild master , themselves most of the time .

That was the work of a guild rumored to be extremely overbearing and brutal , the Heaven's Banner Guild . Nearly every higher ups of this guild were hot blooded , cruel and vicious persons that tried to bring down to the mud the reputation of Arthur , which worked to some extent , but as the players had limited information about the player that managed to steal so many firsts from big guilds , they wouldn't truly believe what was said about him until he appeared . Now that he did , most major forces in the game were on the move . Being pulled out of his thoughts by an aggresive look and somewhat condescendant , he looked in front of him and saw a man with a nasty scar accross his face that was currently blocking his way with dozens of minions . This was the Vice-Leader of the guild Heaven's Banner , since he was the nearest from the City , he rushed there once he learned of the presence of Arthur Pendragon , he ordered his minion to circle around him so that he wouldn't be able to leave . This was a technique that was banned but doable in other games , so they thought they could reproduce it here , but they didn't know that their commotion had already alerted the forces of the city which sent a group of city guards to deal with them . City guards that were level 25 minimum ...

"Well , well , well .... If it isn't mister famous here flexing in the City . " said the Vice-Leader of Heaven's Banner with a vicious smirk on his face .

What happened next would dumbfound anyone that were looking and eager to see a confrontation between the two . Arthur clearly didn't have time to deal with these guys , he had seen enough of these types while dating Maria . He simply ignored them , jumped above them with a speed that made them think that he disappeared for a second and simply walked away in the direction of the shopping district . After realizing what happened , not believing someone dared to just ignore him like this , he ordered his men to chase after him , but he was suddenly arrested by the guards , forced to pay a fine for disturbing public order and was cast out of the city for 24 hours ... Obviously this whole thing was recorded so .... let just say that Heaven's Banner now had a unjustified grudge against Arthur Pendragon , whom they thought was responsible for this ... Also their reputation took a severe blow while Arthur's just grew even more . In the meantime , our protagonist wasn't aware of all of this and just searched for the best selling spot and the price of installing a stand .


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