The Sword Path
15 Plans And Meeting
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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15 Plans And Meeting

It would be the first day of Maria in the game . Yesterday , Arthur barely farmed experience but took the time to make many plans for the future . They both already drafted an economic plan for the future but obviously things wouldn't go as smooth as intended . Most of what they thought would already be an objective for big guilds , they could only count on Arthur's progression being faster than others to develop . Also , they decided to go for an elite guild instead of going for numbers .

Arthur didn't recruit any players yet , but he planned on going to the level 15 dungeon once Maria is level 10 to recruit experts . While solo clearing dungeon were a good source of fame , it wasn't good enough to justify not getting competent teammates for him . He could clearly check the level of the players he was with in these dungeons , also he didn't plan to hit the limit of the players in the dungeon , he planned to bring only a couple everytime . Tier 2 dungeon , or regional dungeons were another thing . The things that he knew is that dungeons couldn't be accessed by NPCs , surprisingly enough . That meant that the adventurer's guild would try to obtain information and ressources from the dungeons by players , inciting them to clear the dungeons over and over and sell what they earned to them . After all , for them it was a new source of ressources . Regional dungeons would be a major point for them , as it was akin to a small war . To enter the regional dungeon , you had to be 100 players exactly , and you were to fight against big groups of monsters and atleast General ranked Monsters .

The amount of loot would also be tremendous and the adventurer's guild couldn't let it go . As Arthur planned to recruit 100 experts , he would monopolize as much of these as possible , thus being the enemy of the adventurer's guild . While it would bring him problem , he planned to expand in multiple smaller kingdoms while getting a decent foothold on the Vaenith Empire . He knew that once the NPCs knew that Maria and the guild that were going against the adventurer's guild were together , they would stop the growth of the guild by stopping Maria's commerce . Although they couldn't completely go against a player's guild as it would create a tremendous backlash from the players , they could slow down Maria from gaining more influence . So they needed to expand in other kingdoms with the ressources the expert players of the guild would get .

The ideal would be to create a kingdom while having enough influence in the Vaenith Empire to eventually overrun them . The status of the players could really become handy in this case , as while a portion of the players would be forced to fight against Arthur due to the soul binding contracts of the adventurer's guild , they were players that weren't experts . It would be a long process that would mostly rely on Arthur and his team being ahead of others , but if he could maintain his status , then this plan was nearly guaranteed to succeed . The reason why the Vaenith Empire wasn't invading other smaller kingdom was due to economic contracts , but Arthur wouldn't be tied by them and he and Maria would utilize players much better than a NPC ever could . They would use NPCs in lifestyle jobs and give players the opportunity to join the army , giving them missions that would benefit both them and the players .

Once they invade the smaller kingdoms thanks to the various branches present in them , they would unify the empire and consolidate the economic system and so on before expending ... Maria was truly talented in this regard , after a couple descriptions of the various infrastructures of the Empire by Arthur , she already thought of several ways to improve the system . But they knew both of them couldn't be satisfied with the plans they made , there would be many obstacles that they didn't know about , and the Empire weren't fools that wouldn't see what was happening , so they had to be extremely careful not to give the Empire any reason that would enable them to openly go against the guild they would create . Their whole defense until they were stronger was the fact that they were players , it wasn't exactly the strongest option ....

Arthur realized with the Vaenith Empire's actions towards players that no kingdom or empire would be willing to actually enter an equal status with player organizations . The players were too much of a variable for that . They were the best pawn and the worst threat at the same time . The supremacy of every nations were threatened right now by the arrival of the players that were getting stronger really easily and were immortal . It wouldn't be a stretch to say that in the distant future , players would be at the top of the human chain , but they couldn't accept it so they were trying to control the players as much as possible .

Shaking these thoughts out of his head , he was currently waiting for Maria to arrive . She also was pretty strong in reality due to her having to follow multiple martial arts since her youth to protect herself in all eventuality , after all , she was the daughter of someone relatively infulential so troubles could approach her . In fact , her beauty and body alone had forced her to refuse countless second generation young masters' mariage proposition . She wasn't in the top of the social ladder , so there were some young man that tried to make her life difficult when she refused them , but she was high enough that most couldn't approach her , well , except Arthur . Arthur also had to deal with some of the people that were still considering her theirs even when rejected . Troubles probably will continue for their whole life , but now that their relationship has been approved by both parents , they could kind of relax a bit . Maria was tall for a women , she was 5 feet 6 and had a body so curvaceous that Arthur wondered at the beginning how much food she was eating each day to grow that much in literaly every departement . He found his answers when he took her to a restaurant for the first time , and it wasn't pretty for his bank account ...

She had proportions that were at the limit of what could be humanly possible without having serious problems , much to the enjoyment of Arthur at night , and to his despair when he realized that was the reason why she had so many people after her . She had long and smooth black hair and a perfect face with slightly bigger lips . She had a perfect tanned skin and her eyes were a deep blue .

When she spawned in the Steel Village , Arthur realized that she changed her hair color to white , along with her eyebrows and eyelashes , that contrasted even more with her tanned skin . Other than that , nothing changed . She looked around for a bit , and saw a men walking towards her . She recognized him instantly as Arthur didn't change his appearance at all when entering the game .

She immediatly send him a friend request which Arthur accepted , but she laughed out loud when she saw his username .

" You .... haha ... you really called yourself Steel and Arthur Pendragon ... HAHAHA " Maria said while holding her stomach .

Arthur wasn't embarassed by her antics , he was used to it already , in fact , once you get past the extremely cold appearance she takes , you can see that Maria is actually quite cheerful in life . Her cold demenaor comes from the fact that when she entered her teen years , she was already really beautiful and men that were courting her thought that she was accepting their advance when she laughed with them or acted friendly so when she nearly got into trouble because of someone a bit too eager , she started to create a cold persona , while her real personnality was reserved for people she knew the most .

In fact , her cold character only pushed people into trying harder to get with her but .... with slightly underhanded methods as she wouldn't respond to them directly anymore .

" Well , I don't think it's worse than ' GoldFlower ' , and I suppose you don't mean the color by gold .... " answered Arthur with a grin

" What , I'm not afraid to show what I'm after ! " said Maria in response of his grin .

" .... Care to repeat what you just said ? Your username is GoldFlower and your name is Maria Innocent .... I call bullshit ! How can both be so contradicting ? " said Arthur teasing Maria

" Humph ! Putting on a good appearance is the basic of commerce , the name is also included ! I've taught you so many things about it , yet you still don't understand .... What kind of boyfriend do I have *sigh* " said Maria while shaking her head as if she was disappointed .

Arthur felt black lines form on his forehead at the shamelessness of this girl ... In business , she was anything but innocent , considering how many clients she managed to completely rob with honeyed words and contracts .

" Anyway let's not waste more time here , I've found good farming location we can get to without going to Stonedge City . You should get to level 10 in no time . " said Arthur , admitting defeat to Maria .

" Oh , I forgot to mention , but my cousin will also be joining the game today , she asked if she could join our guild , so I said that I would need to get your permission , so what do you think ? " said Maria , grinning at her arguments victory .

Arthur was not shocked at her statement , Maria's cousin was her best friend since her youth and she had protected Maria from many people in the shadow . She could be said to be equally beautiful but unlike Maria , she was ruthless to people and didn't hesitate to use her family's connection to ' persuade ' people from abandonning courting both her and Maria . She was also a monster in term of fighting . Her agility was inhuman , and Arthur had to fight her for her to accept their relationship , aswell as many other tasks he had to deal with . In fact , he thought that the reason the parents accepted their relationship instantly was because they knew he passed Maria's cousin's tests . Her name was Elizabeth ( Arthur mocked her quite a bit because behind her rich girl name was hiding someone that lived physical fights ) and unlike Maria she had pure white skin . She was nearly as tall as Maria but had less curves and her hairstyle were a blond braid on each side and flowing blond hair behind . She also had deep blue eyes and was also a monster in terms of fighting . Arthur managed to win against her with much difficulty .

Arthur's relationship with her could be said to be really good , as they had many common points and her joining the game and the guild was really good for them . She probably wouldn't lose to most of the experts and she could make a magnificient swordsman or assassin . Giving his agreement to Maria , they headed towards a desert that was quite far from the Steel Village and Stonedge City , while Maria killed every low levelled monsters in their way .


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