The Sword Path
16 Farming And Secret Treasure
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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16 Farming And Secret Treasure

Maria and Arthur arrived at the desert called Iron Desert due to the color of the sand which was grey . By this point , Maria was already level 2 and had kept her free attributes points since neither of them knew what would be the most beneficial for the merchant class . She was fighting with Arthur's old sword and wasn't bad with it at all . They spotted a couple of iron-colored scorpions and Arthur invited Maria to a party .

Maria was farming alone until now so that Arthur wouldn't get any EXP but now Maria only needed to hit the monster once and she would get half the EXP . Arthur used his discerning eyes on the monsters in front of him .

[ Iron Warrior Scorpion ]

Lvl 21

HP : 300/300







The monster was basically a tank with high damage but no intelligence . He'd have to bait the monsters somehow . Once Arthur got aggro of the monsters , Maria simply sneaked behind and lightly cut them , only doing 2 damage but that was enough for her to get the EXP . Arthur was currently fighting 3 Iron Warrior Scorpion . They weren't organized so they mostly attacked one by one as their giant body kept getting in front of each other . The first one jabbed Arthur with his tail , the player sidestepped and hit one of the area where the scorpion's skin wasn't recovered with iron as his sword wouldn't go through the metal , the abdomen . He got a got stab in it and the scorpion was affected by a bleeding effect .

After the first strike which dealt 37 damage , a serie of -5 appeared over the monster's health bar . While the scorpion hit paused a second and screamed in pain , the second and the third scorpion didn't waste any time and charged towards Arthur .

Arthur jumped over the attack of the second scorpion and kicked him away to attack the third . He glided under the tail of the third scorpion after having dodged his attack and simply mutilated his abdomen , but left before blood stained his equipment and face . The bleeding effect was much stronger , as a serie of -7 this time appeared . The second scorpion already came back , with the first that seemed pissed off , but that was his mistake . He passed the second scorpion while being injured and tried to attack Arthur with its claws this time . The attack wasn't faster than before , so it didn't pose a threat to Arthur . He merely deflected one claw and dodged the other , before ruthlessly cutting the scorpion throat . This time the bleeding effect was too strong and the scorpion died after a few seconds while Arthur was fighting the two other scorpions .

Having dealt with the three scorpions , Arthur knew that these weak normal monsters weren't his prey as it would still take too much time farming these . While he would kill them if they were in his way , he lead Maria to a deeper region of the Iron Desert , one where he spotted a couple of Boss Monsters . The first one he met was a giant iron snake . He had trouble killing it as a common sword couldn't deal any damage to a iron skin and would simply bend if he put more force into his strikes . He only managed to make the beast bleed out by stabbing his eyes and mouth . The second Boss Monster this time was a bigger scorpion . There were a dozen of these Boss Monsters in the region and they were easy and fast to kill for Arthur so that was the ideal location for him to farm .

Nearly 3 hours passed and Maria was currently level 7 . There couldn't find any Boss Monsters in this region anymore so it was getting harder to grind . They decided to head towards the last and the deepest region of this level 25 area , the one that Arthur didn't scout earlier . The moment they entered the zone they were greeted by tens of grey hyenas . These mobs had a few HP and were level 25 so it was a good source of EXP considering their numbers . That alone pushed Maria to level 8 .

After the groups of hyenas , they found a couple of level 25 Boss Monsters nearby . But eventually they ran out of monsters to farm and Maria was still level 8 . But Maria spotted a cavity as they were getting back , deciding on another area . They both sensed that there was too few monsters in this region compared to others but they previously couldn't find out why . Now they knew the reason and Arthur was anticipating this as he knew that these sort of caves had chests in it . He hoped to find a better weapon that this common sword as it proved difficult to even harm the creatures of this area . They entered the cave with Maria having greedy eyes once Arthur mentionned the chest that this cave holds .

The monsters of this cave were simply iron scorpions once again , but they were level 25 this time . After making quick work of them , Maria finally got to level 9 as they entered the room . They both couldn't be prepared for what was hiding here , as they met with not one , not two , but ten Boss Monsters at the same time . Sweating a little bit , Arthur simply walked towards them as the 10 Boss simply eyed the player , waiting for an occasion to strike . Arthur started to drop his weapon and the monsters immediatly threw themselves at Arthur . They tried to surround him but Arthir wouldn't let himself get caught , he constantly moved under them , utilizing his superior agaility and the fact that he was much smaller than them . Even with 10 of these , Arthur didn't get hit once and finished the job .

He was greeted at the end of the fight with two green lights . Understanding that the cave had 2 rare treasure chest . He and Maria looked at each other , before jumping on the chest , opening one each . When the opening bar was completed , Arthur was dumbfounded at what Maria got compared to him . What he got was something major , that would help them with the guild , it was a Guild Creation Order . While not exactly super difficult to get as it was a rare object , it was still good to get it before the others as he was sure there was bound to be a reward for the first one to get the Order . On the other hand , Maria used her lifetime luck with the item she got from the chest , or that's what Arthur told himself to not cry from the difference between the two loot .

" Hey .... Is this what I think it is ? " Said Maria , not completely believing the luck she had .

" Indeed , it is that . " answered Arthur with a low voice .

Maria had actually got a Shop Creation Order . It was one of the things needed to buy a shop in any Empire or Kingdom . The grade of the Order had to match the grade of the Empire or Kingdom to function properly . For example , the Vaenith Empire was graded Epic , based on the strength of the Empire , and .... Maria got an epic rated Shop Creation Order ... Arthur didn't know that it was even possible to drop something epic rated in a rare treasure chest , and yet his girlfriend just proved it with the most needed item right now . If they were to sell it at some auction house , they would acquire a lot of money . Maria had a nasty smug on her face as she turned to see Arthur's expression , who was between disbelief and joy .

" *sigh* , not even a day in the game and I'm already more useful than you Arthur ... you really need to step up , my cousin would be glad to replace you for the spot of guild master you know ? " said Maria , teasing him .

Once again , black lines formed on Arthur's forehead as he got up while holding the Guild Creation Order like it was his child .

" I wonder how you're going to create the guild without what I'm holding " Arthur replied with a smirk .

" I mean , we could always buy it once most people dropped it from caves and dungeon , compared to my baby , it isn't really rare you see .... " simply replied Maria , not willing to concede to Arthur .

After that Arthur didn't say anything and simply faked ignoring her as Maria found it cute and teased him even more .

Maria still wasn't level 10 , and monsters would take a while to respawn so they needed to go somewhere else . She wasn't particularly far from the level up either so they simply went to the level 20 area next to the Iron Desert . It was the same forest that was surrounding the Steel Village except level 20 monsters were the denizens . Within the next hour , Maria finally got to level 10 and they headed to Stonedge City . They went to the merchant's guild this time and Maria quickly got her class changed . She said that the test actually had to deal with basic economy that even a high schooler could do at first then it escalated . She still apparently got the Epic version of the Job , and , as Arthur said , stated to the guild that she only got the common version .

| Merchant Apprentice | ( Epic - Tier 1 )

+ 1 STR , +1 AGI , +2 END , + 3 DEX , +5 WIS , +5 INT , +2 LUK

Class characteristic :

Wanderer : Isn't bound by level limited places . Doesn't apply to dungeons . Earn 5% more money upon the first commerce in any city for one day .

+30% EXP to class skills

When Maria told him the epic class effect , he gawked a little bit knowing that the merchant class actually gave more attributes points that its swordsman counterpart . She told that the class skills were limited and basically made her save more money , atleast at low level . Instead of having a lot of class skills available like the Epic Swordsman Apprentice , the skill she could pick were strenghtened . Now they needed to use the Guild Creation Order to take their first step and then check the price of the locations where they could buy a shop in Panum City . Arthur saved a lot of money with the monsters he farmed , the dungeon and the fact that he didn't buy a single gear except the first trash rated sword he had . He created his own flintstones so he didn't need to repair his gear at a blacksmith anymore . They knew that it would cost quite a fortune so the Order wouldn't be used right now . They instead used the Guild Creation Order .

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