The Sword Path
17 Recruiting Players
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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17 Recruiting Players

Global Annoucement : Congratulations Player Arthur Pendragon For Being The First Player To Create A Guild . Rewarded 10 000 Guild Reputation , 10 000 EXP , 1 Guild Prestige .

Arthur created the first guild in the game , Eclipse . This name had no meaning whatsoever to him , he just found it cool . He couldn't create the badges yet as it required a level 2 Guild but he could buy a lot of things thanks to the Guild Reputation he earned . The guild system was a part of the game system that every player had , so they didn't need to have any interaction with the NPCs , which was a heaven-sent gift considering the situation within the Empire . There wasn't any equipment to speak of in the Guild Reputation Shop , but he could buy several things to upgrade the guild with the reputation he had . He immediatly bought a guild points system , a guild mission system and a guild shop system . That alone brought him down to 2500 reputation points . The guild points system would allow him to create a guild currency , that players could earn doing actions that were chosen by the guild master , for example , farming in a certain region , killing certain players and so on ....

The guild mission system would allow every players of the guild to put missions for others to complete within the guild by paying guild points and equipments as the reward of the mission .

The guild shop system would allow players to put unwanted equipment in the shop for other players to buy . Of course the details of these system would be regulated by the guild master . He had enough points to buy another system , so he chose the guild conquest system . This would allow him to declare war as a guild on another entity and every player in the guild would be warned by it . They could also claim territories outside of the multiple Kingdoms and Empires , which would technically be the first step of creating a country . Of course , to claim territories they had to wipe out every monster within the area and stay in it for 24 hours in the game . The territory would officially become theirs and even NPCs would acknowledge it .

They could then build cities if they had a Guild City Order for example or various other constructions as long as they had the corresponding orders . But it would be impossible for Eclipse to claim a territory right now , even with players in it . Nearly every ressources in the surrounding that was outside of the Vaenith Empire were claimed by its allied kingdoms so they had to travel far away to get ressources but that would mean that they would have to get to high level in order to survive in these regions . Also , cities could attract NPCs but the process was slow and a city in the middle of nowhere isn't going to attract anybody .

Arthur headed towards Panum City to look for the level 15 Dungeon and check if there was any player worth recruiting . He had just hit level 15 with the EXP he gained from the announcement and had already made Maria the Guild Leader . She told him that the price to set up a shop in Panum City was 100 gold , no matter the place and she had already marked some good spots . 100 gold was a huge deal , even Arthur who saved up money and earned quite the amount from announcements and the dungeon he cleared alone only had half this amount , and he could basically buy rare gear for 5 people with this amount of money . But atleast they only had 50 gold to get now , and the level 15 dungeon hell mode was essential for this . He didn't want to solo clear it , but at the same time he would earn less money if he brought people in .

He simply decided to limit the number of players he would get at 4 , so they would clear the dungeon with 5 players , which was a quarter of the maximum number of players that could enter in a party . He needed a healer , a tank , and two damage dealers , one physical , one magical . Finding 4 talented players in here wasn't difficult since it was the most visited city and right now 20 % of the players were level 10 or above , but finding 5 really good players in specific positions that weren't in a guild already was quite difficult . For the next hour , he wandered in the surrounding farming areas of Panum City without finding anyone that could be a good addition to his guild . He then went to an area called Redstone Rocks as it was a montainious region made out of red colored stone . The stone itself wasn't particularly different from regular stone , it just had another color to it . It was actually a level 15 area so he didn't except to see a lot of people . While it was indeed necessary for players to kill higher levelled monsters , atleast for the normal grade , it wasn't as easy as Arthur thought , and he realized it when he saw the fights of various players in the surrounding .

As he walked deeper in the montaigns , he heard fighting noises on his left . He decided to check what was happening . He was pleasantly surprised to see a group of 2 players clearing the cave with ease . He decided to observe them for a little bit and saw that they had potentiel , he could only hope that they weren't taken by another guild yet as one was a healer that timed perfectly her spells and knew how to place herself in order to not bother the rest of the team , which in this case was a tank that knew how to perfectly pull aggro and dodged quite frequently the attacks . Even if they didn't have any damage dealer , they still managed to clear the cave . The tank was a blond haired woman that looked like a knight in her gear , she had carefully and beautifully tied her hair as to not bother her in a fight and she was quite tall , considering her face made her look like she wasn't past 25 . The healer was a smaller woman , looked even younger and had brown hair . They weren't tied in any way and reached her shoulders . She was wearing a leather armor and had a wand made out of wood , probably a healer class weapon . Both of them displayed a magnificient teamplay and Arthur knew that he had to recruit them into his guild . They were getting to the final boss , a giant spider with 8 legs that boasted a high agility stat and strength stat , it wasn't the good matchup for them as the boss could bypass the tank to kill the healer at any moment , or that's what Arthur thought as he prepared himself to help the 2 players in front of him .

But , contrary to his exceptations , the two players still managed to kill the boss with ease , even though they had trouble with the boss' deplacement . When the fight ended and the two girls started to head towards the treasure chest in front of them , he clapped at their fight and to get their attention . The two players immediatly turned and the knight looking woman put the healer behind her as if to protect her and they looked at the man who currently wore a hood over his head because his identity was somewhat sensitive . They thought that this player was here to steal the treasure chest from them and they were ready to attack him . The tense atmosphere made Arthur chuckle a bit as he started the conversation with them when he removed his hood .

" Oh don't worry I'm not here to PK or steal your loot . I clapped at your fight because it was a really good fight . In fact , I'm here to invite you to my guild , I'm looking for four players to join me for the level 15 dungeon , and I think you two are ideal for this . " said Arthur with a smile on his face .

The two girls were shocked to see the famous Arthur Pendragon here , but they quickly focused back and thought about the proposition that he just made .

" I would like to have the specifics of our situation in your guild if we were to join " asked the kight-looking girl with somewhat of a authoritarian voice .

" Well , you two would be instantly promoted to core members as I've personally attested of your skills and would be the forefront of the guild . You would have more responsibilities than lower players but would also enjoy much more benefits . I think you realize that being the first guild created gave us some advantage over others . " answered Arthur .

" What kind of responsibilities would we have ? " asked the tall girl .

" Well , we've already bought several upgrades to our guild with the reward of being the first guild created , so we can claim a territory as our own . The core member , basically the upper echelon of the guild will have to manage a part of the territory we acquire in the future and will have to participate at every major guild event , unless something really unexpected happens . " said Arthur .

The two girls looked at each other , thinking that it wasn't a bad proposition to be honest , they also planned to join a good guild in the near future , but who would have thought that the guild would come to them . Also they didn't dare to underestimate the man in front of them , he was someone that managed to solo clear a dungeon while there has been no news of anyone else clearing even the normal mode yet . Well Arthur managed it with a special method , but obviously they didn't know about it .

" Very well , we accept your conditions , we will join your guild . " said the healer who was behind the tall woman .

" My username is Athena and hers is Vita " said Athena , the tank .

Arthur send them both a friend request and a guild invite .

" How lucky do you have to be to get the Athena username ? " joked Arthur .

" I was one of the first to register I think , I plan on using a spear and a shield so I called myself Athena . " answered seriously Athena .

" Oh actually , only your in-game name shows in the guild system . " remarked Arthur .

" Who is Maria Innocent Ste...Arthur ? I thought you were the guild leader ? " asked Vita to Arthur while they were exiting the cave .

" Oh she's the one that will manage the economic aspect of the guild , she isn't a fighter class holder but she's a merchant . By the way I need to tell you guys to not join the adventurer's guild under any circumstances and if you're already in leave it by any mean ." said seriously Arthur

" You don't have to worry about it , we realized a long time ago what the Empire is doing with the adventurer's guild . " answered Athena .

" It was too obvious , when we finished the class change , they immediatly looked at us with greedy eyes and asked us the rank of our class . Even though we both got the epic version , we only told them we got the common rank to not create any problem . " said Vita with a small smirk on her face .

" Oh you two got the epic version aswell , so I still have no way of knowing the differences between the class' ranks . " said Arthur while looking around searching for any monster to kill .

" We don't know either since we've been isolated to other players .... not that we weren't accosted many times ... " said Athena with a frown on her face .

" Well , I think it all lies in the stats we get and the bonus skill EXP we have to be honest . " said Arthur , finally spotting a monster . He gestured Athena and Vita to follow him as he needed to find two other players and get them all to level 15 today . He planned on clearing the dungeon tomorrow .


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