The Sword Path
19 The Famed Sword
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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19 The Famed Sword

Arthur didn't join Athena's party in order to let them farm and get to level 15. He said he would bring them to a better farming area when he found the last two players. He searched once again in the level 15 areas that were scattered around Panum City. He finally arrived at the Haunted Graveyard, a level 15 area in which paladins would go through like a hot knife into butter. But alas paladin was an advanced class so nobody could get it quite yet. So clerics landing heals on the undead was the alternative. But Arthur wasn't searching for clerics so he had little hope finding what he wants in this area. In fact he saw some players that were kind of decent for him in the previous areas but they were either in a group of more than 2 players or already in a guild.

Arthur did indeed found the players he wanted in the Graveyard. He found what seemed to be an elemental mage focusing on fire and a warrior handling a halberd, a weapon that dealt massive damage but required a lot of strength to swing and use comfortably. The halberd didn't seem as tall as he should when comparing to the man wielding it. And he didn't seem slow or anything when using it while the mage was double casting and stomping the skeletons she was facing with rapid mouvements , perfect accuracy and a good gestion of her mana. Arthur simply hoped that the two weren't in a guild or in the adventurer's guild as he wanted to recruit both.

He approached the two players that were looting the skeletons and called out for both. The 2 players turned around and saw a player that was hiding his face and had what one could call a 'perfect commercial smile' . They looked at each other for a second and understood that neither of them knew the guy that was coming towards them.

" Do you need something ? " asked the woman.

Arthur saw them being suspicious and realized he forgot once again to remove his hood. The moment he did he saw both of them with wide eyes as they saw his name.

" What brings us the honor of seeing Mr.Pendragon?" said the woman with a slight mocking tone.

" Well , I want you two to join my guild. " said Arthur without wanting to lose any time.

The discussion was about the same as with Athena and Vita, and now, the woman named Vanessa Spire with the username Flaming Flower and the man named Hugo Wrenght with the username Doux joined the guild. Arthur finally had his complete roster and now needed to bring them to better farming grounds. He messaged Athena and Vita to join them at the entrance of the Graveyard since he recruited the last two players.

Both of them arrived quickly and Arthur was surprised to see that Athena was now level 13. The four players met each other and talked about the dungeon they were supposed to raid with Arthur. In fact, Arthur gave them minimal information about the raid, he simply told them that he knew where the dungeon was. They arrived at Panum City's teleporter and headed towards Stonedge City. He quickly showed them the Iron Desert and another area called Arid Valley next to it, both level 25 areas and told them they could farm here. They were first reluctant to go in higher levelled areas but with Arthur's persuasion, they finally entered them. Arthur now needed to wait for them to get to level 15. In the meantime, he farmed at another area and recolted flintstones' ingredients every now and then.

Players did not have access to secondary classes yet, but the flintstone recipe didn't require the blacksmith secondary class. It just had a success rate of 60%. Arthur while farming spotted a beautiful lake with no monsters nearing it. He also saw some sort of light in the middle of the night. He thought that this light was from a treasure chest so he dived into the water. The lake was deeper than he thought, but the more he approached the light, the further it seemed. Realizing he could not reach the chest, he returned to the surface to get some air and leave the lake. But at this moment, something came out of the lake. It was a beautiful woman which clothes seemed made out of water. She had a veil on her face and in her hands was a glowing sword.

Seeing this, Arthur thought that the GM was playing a prank on him. The lady of the lake and excalibur appeared in front of him, and he had the name Arthur Pendragon. Did a name that he chose because of his admiration for chivalry actually ended up making him meet The Lady Of The Lake ? Now what, Lancelot appears and follows him ? While flabbergasted by what was happening, Viviane, the Lady Of The Lake, approached Arthur and gave him the sword before disappearing.

Arthur took up the sword and checked its stats.

[ Excalibur, The Sword Of Promised Victory ] ( Rare ~ Grade 3 - Growth, One-handed Sword )

Lvl 0 ( Can be leveled up )

Equipment Requirement : None

Physical Damage : 30

Magical Damage : 15

All Attributes +10

EXP gain increased by 10%

If wielder belongs to any kind of Swordsman Job, all Skill level +2 . Increase Free Atrribute Points received by 2 points every level up

Effects: { Last Effort } If Wielder's HP drops past 10% , User gains a shield of 50% of his total Hp and gains 25% damage reduction.

{ Strongest Holy Sword } If Wielder's uses any sword energy with this blade, it will gain the light atttribute and gain 50% of wielder's EP as additional light damage.

{ Symbol Of Victory } If wielder's is in a party with other players, boost everyone's stats by 5% as long as the party remains.

{ Illuminate the world } Use instantly 50% of wielder's EP and create a holy attack that deals 1000 + 50% of wielder's EP .

Cooldown : 1 hour.

Description: Excalibur is one of the strongest sword in the world. It is the product of a method of blacksmithing only known by the faeries and will grow along its wielder. Excalibur is a sword with sentience and will choose its wielder.

Unable to be dropped

Unable to be traded

This thing was just a cheat. Arthur realized that since the sword dealt magical damage, he had to increase his intelligence to use the potential of the sword. For the moment, the sword's appearance wasn't anything flashy as it was only a rare weapon but since it could evolve and grow, he guessed that it wouldn't be the case in the future. He now could finally dual wield but the difference between the two swords was astronomical. If he could find another sword like Excalibur then he wouldn't have to search for swords ever again. Now that he got Excalibur, he guessed that many more myths must be hiding in the game so he would have the opportunity to earn anothee sword like this.

He wondered now if it was because he was called Arthur Pendragon that he received the sword or if any swordsman player would receive it if they were to find the lake. He couldn't verify since no one was near these area. But he wasn't going to refuse such a nice gift. Since this sword wouldn't lose durability, he didn't have to worry about repair cost since he was sure that trash rated flintstones wouldn't be able to repair the sword.

He simply went to farm a bit more to test his new sword. Athena and the rest shouldn't take much longer to reach level 15. As planned, Arthur just hit level 16 thanks to the boost in EXP he received with the sword and he got a message from Flaming Flower saying that they reached level 15. He received the same message from Athena a minute later.

Arthur told them to return to Panum City and he will guide them to the dungeon. When he saw the state of his team's equipment, he gave them a couple of flintstone each to repair their gear.

"Wait, how do you have this thing guild leader? " Said Flaming Flower as she realized how much money the guild could make with these.

" The solo clear of the level 10 dungeon gave me the recipe, and since we already have a Shop Construction Order, we just need to save 100 gold and then we can start selling these. It will bring us a lot of money since flintstones are really cheap to make. " said Arthur.

The group paused a bit when they heard Arthur mention 100 gold like it's nothing. The normal player should have about 1 gold earned in total, so one hundred times that amount seemed like a dream for them.

" Don't worry about the money, I already have 50 gold prepared right now, dungeon clearing gives a lot of money " said Arthur noticing their looks.

" 50 gold ... " Athena said with glowing eyes.

" Anyway , let's not waste any time, we need to get the dungeon hell mode first clear. It will be our first step advertising the guild." said Arthur as they started to get out of the city.

In fact, since he didn't have his hood on, a number of players started to follow him, but that was the plan, he would let the guilds discover the dungeon location, earn the reward in front of him, kill a couple before escaping. That would be a suicidal plan if it wasn't for the fact that he had Excalibur now. If he used the effect { Illuminate the world } correctly, he could kill a large part of the various guilds that would wait for them at the entrance. He was sure that if he hit everyone, he would literally kill them all, 1000 base damage wasn't something level 10~15 players could survive.


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