The Sword Path
20 The Cursed Canyon 1/2
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The Sword Path
Author :TheHiddenSword
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20 The Cursed Canyon 1/2

Arthur's group arrived in front of the dungeon and all of them noticed that they were being followed by numerous players. They knew Arthur's plan to kill them once they get out of the dungeon and were curious about Arthur's ' Ultimate Attack ' that would wipe out the guilds. They decided to trust their guild leader and even if they died, they wouldn't lose much since they were only level 15.

On the other hand, the various big guilds that got the information regarding Arthur and his party were frowning seeing that they were level 15 while their best players were starting to hit level 13. Arthur himself was level 16 which led them to think they had a special place to farm. They thought they could threaten them to wield what they would get from the dungeon if they cleared it and give them their location as there is no way 5 players would kill more than a hundred of them.

Arthur decided to spend his 5 free attributes points before entering the Hell Mode of the dungeon called The Cursed Canyon.

Username : Steel

Name : Arthur Pendragon

Class : | Swordsman Apprentice | ( Epic - Tier 1 )

Lvl : 16

Skills : 3/3 { Discerning Eyes } ( Lvl 2 ) , { Sword Mastery } ( Lvl 3 ) , { Beginner's Sword Energy } ( Lvl 4 )

HP : 490/490

EP : 360/360

Defense : 10.4

Physical Attack Power : 9

Magical Attack Power : 4

Mouvement Speed : 11

Stats : STR : 45

END : 44

AGI : 55

DEX : 26

INT : 20

WIS : 32

LUK : 16

Free Attribute Points : 0

Equipment :

[ One-Handed Steel Sword ] ( Common )

Lvl 10

Equipment requirement : STR 20 END 15

Physical Damage : 17

Description : A normal one handed steel sword .

Durability : 40/40

[ Excalibur, The Sword Of Promised Victory ] ( Rare - Growth, One-handed Sword )

Lvl 0 ( Can be leveled up )

Equipment Requirement : None

Physical Damage : 30

Magical Damage : 15

All Attributes +10

EXP gain increased by 10%

If wielder belongs to any kind of Swordsman Job, all Skill level +2 . Increase Free Atrribute Points received by 2 points every level up

Effects: { Last Effort } If Wielder's HP drops past 10% , User gains a shield of 50% of his total Hp and gains 25% damage reduction.

{ Strongest Holy Sword } If Wielder's uses any sword energy with this blade, it will gain the light atttribute and gain 50% of wielder's EP as additional light damage.

{ Symbol Of Victory } If wielder's is in a party with other players, boost everyone's stats by 5% as long as the party remains.

{ Illuminate the world } Use instantly 50% of wielder's EP and create a holy attack that deals 1000 + 50% of wielder's EP .

Cooldown : 1 hour.

Description: Excalibur is one of the strongest sword in the world. It is the product of a method of blacksmithing only known by the faeries and will grow along its wielder. Excalibur is a sword with sentience and will choose its wielder.

Unable to be dropped

Unable to be traded

[ Light Steel Chestplate ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : END 12 STR 12

Defense +5

Description : A hastily casted Chestplate that barely covers one's body but doesn't restrict mouvements .

Durability 40/40

[ Light Steel Gloves ] ( Trash )

Lvl 3

Equipment requirement : STR 10 END 10 DEX 5

Defense +2

Description : A hastily casted Steel Gloves that are light but not really protective .

Durability 25/25

[ Weak Runic Leather Cape ] ( Common )

Lvl 5

Equipment requirement : AGI 15

Defense +3

Agility +2

Effect : { Float } Gives the wearer the ability to float and not receive fall damage .

Description : A bad leather cape that was used for training by a apprentice runemaster . Atleast it works .

Durability : 20/20

He decided to put his 5 points into intelligence to boost his magical damage when hitting with Excalibur. Since the ability { Illuminate The World } had a cooldown, he decided to not use it in the dungeon in order to save it for the players. Finishing tweaking his status, he invited the four players next to him in a party.

System : { Symbol of Victory } Every stats of the players in party with Arthur Pendragon will increase by 5%.

They all shot inquiring gazes at Arthur because this skill was really broken. This guild leader of them didn't stop surprising them. He just said that it was a skill he had the chance of dropping. They all thought it was suspicious but they dropped the issue. Arthur then stepped in front of the entrance of the dungeon and selected the Hell Mode. The Black Fog that was surrounding the Dungeon became denser and soon the party was teleported into the dungeon. In the meantime, various guilds were placing huge numbers of players all around the entrance, waiting for Arthur's party to come out.

Some of them even were level 12 or level 13, showing that the big guilds were taking Arthur very seriously.

Arthur and his group were teleported at the bottom of a Canyon. The air was sinister and they could hear the constant caws of the crows. There was multiple bodies on the ground and blood splattered everywhere. Arthur understood why children couldn't play this game until they had some modifications on their devices. His team weren't comfortable with the scenery, but atleast they weren't scared or anything. Overall, the Canyon looked like a lost battlefield. The equipment that the dead soldiers had couldn't be picked up so he guessed it was just decoration. But he suddenly felt his feet being grabbed.

" It's an undead type Dungeon! The corpses are enemies ! " shouted Arthur while slashing the hand that grabbed his foot.

The Eclipse Party was thankful that not all corpses were awakening at the same time, they had to deal with a wave before they could advance. Athena stepped in front of the group, ready to attack and with her spear in the hole of her bouche shield. No undead managed t hit her yet she still had near perfect aggro of the monsters. Flaming Flower and Doux seeing this thought that she really was talented and Arthur and Vita were already used to it.

Athena stabbed her spear in the skull of the zombie in front of her before quickly retracting her weapon. It was a critical hit but not enough to finish it. She couldn't finish the job but she remembered the cooldown of Flaming Flower's Fireball. She ran in circles, dodging or parrying every attack. Once the undead were grouped, she jumped back and Flaming Flower simply threw a Fireball with perfect accuracy, killing them all.

It wasn't perfect teamplay, but for people that met a couple of hours ago, it was really good. The 3 other players didn't have to move a single finger because Athena and Flaming Flower were massacring them. Arthur said to Flaming Flower to let Doux and himself attack them to save her prana potions. While Doux had some problem letting Athena get complete aggro at the beginning, he quickly learned how to not overextend and retreat at the right time. Athena blocked the attack of the monsters and made them run while Arthur and Doux would kill them from the side. This method worked until the number of zombies that awakened became too large, and Flaming Flower and Vita had to intervene.

The waves had ended, but no signs of any boss or anything, the party sensed that something was suspicious.

" It was the same for the first dungeon. In Hell Mode the maps are huge and you have to find the enemies yourself. In fact we've only met low levelled soldiers here, so that means the stronger army is somewhere else. " said Arthur

" We need to find some other area then, but it seems that this Canyon is a straight line, so maybe there some sort of cave somewhere. " said Vita.

The party started to search the walls of the Canyon and after a while Doux found a hole big enough for people to enter it. Once the party got into the cave, they noticed that it led them upwards, contrary to what they thought.

" Maybe the real battlefield is on the surface, and the dead are getting thrown in the Canyon." said Arthur.

" It seems weird, if the battlefield was on the surface, then the dungeon wouldn't be called Cursed Canyon " said Doux.

Arthur nodded. Indeed there must be something else in that Canyon, but they had no choice to got upwards. They arrived at the surface after walking for 15 minutes. They didn't encounter any mobs in the cave. On the surface, the moon was illuminating what they could call a wasteland filled with corpses and hyenas eating. The crows that they heard at the beginning were all here as the battlefield was filled with their dark feathers. The soldiers didn't wake up this time when they walked next to them, so Arthur thought something was wrong, and confirmed it when they saw a figure with a dark cloak appearing in front of them. He was accompanied with 10 Skeletons Knights that looked huge but didn't have any horses. The cloaked person whispered a few words at the Skeletons before disappearing.

" What is happening here ...? " said Doux watching the interaction between the cloaked figure and the skeletons knight.

Arthur used his skill discerning eyes on the target and flinched a bit.

" The cloaked figure is a Lich and the Boss of this dungeon, the 10 skeletons are the next strongest creatures here so we have to fight all of them. " said Arthur

The party got slightly tensed when Arthur said those words. Nonetheless, they got into battle stance as they approached the 10 knights who were unsheating their swords as the Lich disappeared.


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