The supreme sovereign system
362 Gluttony City-part one-
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The supreme sovereign system
Author :phamtonbullet
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362 Gluttony City-part one-

David looked horrified about how his fellow soldier become the food of the five wolves.

"You fucking monster" Said David to Artemis in rage.

"…" Artemis didn't change her face while she looked calmly at the scene before her.

"Now you feel like talking?" Asked Dionisius.

"Vice captain.." All the remained soldiers excluding the captain looked at David with fear.

David looked back at the soldiers and his chest felt tight.



Suddenly, the voice of the captain resounded in the room.

"Don't forget who we are loyal to" Said the captain.

He looked at Dionisius with a resolute gaze.

"It is our destiny to end like this, then so be it, at most, we will lose our lives, however, if we betrayed our lord, we will sell our families and friends" Said the captain.

David thought for a moment before nodding to the captain.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Let me recompense you in the next life" Said David to his fellow soldiers.

The other soldiers looked at David and, with tears in their eyes, nodded.

David smiled and looked back at Artemis and Dionisius.

"I will see you in hell, bastards" Said David.

Dionisius looked at the determination in David's eyes, he couldn't help but feel admiration for the young soldier.

"It takes a lot of courage to face death with a face like yours" Said Dionisius.

He turned to Artemis, who made a 'tsk' sound.

"It feels like a shame to kill them like that, don't you think so?"

"I don't, they want to die for their lord… so be it" Said Artemis.

"Come on, this kind of soldiers are pretty rare" Said Dionisius.

"That's more of a reason to not them let life, they are dangerous to Alfonso" Said Artemis.

"Always thinking in uncle huh?" Said Dionisius.

"…" Artemis didn't say anything.

"Haa~ okay, okay, I won't get in that topic"

Dionisius walked towards David.

"Look, buddy, you ae great soldiers, we need people like you on our town, as you can see, what we need the most now is people"

"These wolves are our fellow brothers and sisters, your people killed a lot of my fellow soldiers as well as my brothers and sisters, usually, you wouldn't escape the death penalty… but… maybe we can make a deal"

"What kind of deal?" Asked David.

"But first let me ask you this…"

"Have you ever been inside a horse?" Said Dionisius with a smile.

"???" David and the soldiers were confused.


Alfonso, Cerberus, and Dante looked at the vast ocean.

"For being the hell, this scenery is not bad at all" Said Alfonso.

"That is because you are in the boat, how about you take a look at this?" Said Dante.

Alfonso looked at what Dante was signaling.

On the surface of the water, 8 pairs of eyes could be seeing.

"What the…"

"This creature here waits for people to come by and literally sucks the blood out of the body, however, it doesn't kill the victim" Said Dante.

"Oh…" Alfonso felt a chill on his back.

"That little guy? If you compare it to the true horrors of this ocean, that little fellow is as dangerous as a baby cat" Said Caronte.

"My god…" Said Alfonso.

"Hmph… puny mortals that don't know anything" Said Caronte.

"Beat it Caronte, you are just the bitch of the monarch, what are you so proud about?" Said Dante.

"What did you say little shit?"

"I am wrong?"



"No, but…"

"No buts, just shut up and drive"

Caronte turned and looked at the horizon.

"Okay guys, we are about to take the turn" Said Caronte.

"The turn?" Asked Alfonso.

"Yes, here is where we are deviating from the original route usually, we would go straight, but now, we are going to turn slightly to the right" Said Caronte.

"Just slightly to the right? Is there much of a difference?" Asked Alfonso.

"I wouldn't be… but there is something a few kilometers away that would" Said Caronte.

"Something?" Asked Alfonso.

However, just as he said that he felt a strong wing that almost make him lost his balance.

"Hehe, there it is" Said Caronte with a smirk.

A few kilometers away from their place a huge whirlpool could be seeing.

"A whirlpool?" Asked Cerberus.

"Yes and no" Said Dante.

"What do you mean?" Asked Alfonso.

"That it can be called a whirlpool because it works like one, so yes, in that sense, it can be called a whirlpool" Said Dante.

"And no because is not exactly a whirlpool, to be more precise…"

"Is a mouth"

"A mouth?" Asked Alfonso.

"Yep, is the mouth of the first monarch, Amon" Said Caronte.

"Wait, wait, wait, I don't want to enter the mouth of anybody! Go back!" Said Cerberus.

"Too late" Said Dante.

The boat shook furiously.


"Mortals, grab something, if you fall, you will be eaten alive, hehe" Said Caronte with a smile.

"Shit" Though Alfonso.

He grabbed what it was closest to him.


The ship swung from one side to the other one. While the wing became stronger and stronger.

"Wuu~" Said Cerberus while he grabbed Alfonso's leg.

"Ahh~ the memories~" Said Dante while extending his arms.

"Here we go!" Said Caronte.

The ship was only a kilometer away from the whirlpool!


Suddenly, a horrible sound could be heard from the whirlpool.

"Good, the monarch is hungry!" Said Caronte.

"WHY IS THAT GOOD!?" Said Alfonso.

"Is he is hungry, we can enter faster to the first level!" Said Caronte.

"The first level? Wait… you don't mean…"

"Yes! Is as you say!" Said Caronte with a creepy smile.

"The first circle of hell is the body of Amon!" Said Dante.

"His body!?" Asked Alfonso.


The whirlpool spun faster and faster and the ship got trapped in the centrifugal force!

"Is now or never! Let's go!" Said Caronte.

With a swift movement, the ship turned and made a 180-degree turn and now the bow was facing the whirlpool!


Alfonso and Cerberus shouted in terror while the whirlpool swallow the ship.


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