Thunder's Legacy
1 chapter one
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Thunder's Legacy
Author :tebladez
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1 chapter one

(Earth, Random Forest)

Sounds of thunder originates from a small plain where there was a horse-like animal and a human youth fighting each other.

The horse-like animal is what is known as a Kirin, a white scaled creature with tufts of fur on the hooves, a mane, antlers and a dragon's head instead of a horse's, and the youth is a very well built person with blue hair and white skin.

The Kirin charged and reared upwards to smash the youth whilst emitting lightning, but the youth back flipped and then did an uppercut while also emitting lightning.

One could tell this was not a normal fight because both sides were emitting lightning from their bodies and the shock waves they were creating.

Both sides backed off keeping their guards up and seeing which side would attack first.

Then the youth decided to finish this fight, so he went into a stance and put right foot in front whilst pulled his left arm back pouring everything he had into his attack, while the Kirin, saw what the youth was and decided to be honorable and do the same by lowering its antlers and getting ready to charge.

They then charged at each other to decide who is the victor of the fight.

The youth is me and you are maybe wondering, how did I end up fighting this thing?

For that I have to go back to 2 years ago

(2 years ago)

It all started on the first day at school.

Because I was can't refine mana to become a strong refiner, people tend to stay away from me so they don't get associated with me and as a result of this I only have me childhood friends.

"Hey Rai."

And speak of the devil here they are and yes my name is Rai short for Raindrop. My mother called me that because the day I was born it was raining and because of my father but that's a story for another time. I turned around and saw the brother and sister duo who are my friends. The brother is a Spirit Refiner. he's 160 meters tall, with black hair and his name is Smith, while his sister is a Physique Refiner,is 140 meters tall and has brown hair, her name is Aura and despite her size she packs one hell of a punch.

Personality-wise Smith has the the most positive mental attitude ever. Even if he fails at something he just laughs it off and try again while Aura has a more shy and protective attitude, as she always covers her eyes with her hair, hunches over a bit, keeps her head down and always speaks softly.

"HEY MY BOY RAIN!" Smith calls out in his usually loud and obnoxious way while Aura softly said "Hi Rain"

"Hey guys, how was the holiday?" I asked after they caught up to me "it was fine" Aura answered and Smith excitedly said' yeah it was, but Rai you should come by our house after school, dad found something really cool" . Their father was a miner so he found some interesting stuff buried away and I was interested at what made Smith so giddy because they have a lot of unique stuff so I agreed to come check it out.

"alright I'll come and check it out"

You know its funny how small things can have big consequences because these words changed my fate forever.


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