Thunder's Legacy
2 Chapter two
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Thunder's Legacy
Author :tebladez
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2 Chapter two

As we're talking, the bell goes off and everyone heads to their class, though Aura and Smith are in the same class as me, so that's a relief.

I'm not going to tell you how my day was 'cause that would take too long so I'll just skim you through it.

The day starts with basic history, followed by basic language, which is made up of several old languages including one called English. After this, the class splits because those who aren't fighters will learn about more advanced stuff so they can become politicians, merchants and other similar occupations and those who are fighters, they're taught refining arts.

I'm given a boxing technique and, with this plus exercise, strengthens the body up to the mortal realm. Sadly, due to a strange condition as I stated before, I can't refine mana because every time I've tried to, the collected mana always leaves my body putting me back to square one. Thankfully, in exchange, I got a powerful healing factor which heals and strengthens any wounded area. After this class, we go to the training yard to practice our skills with dummies.

Then the school day is over, which usually at this time, I go back home to my mom but she's ok with me going to Smith and Aura's house as long as I'm home by dinner. So the two drag me into their house, while letting their parents know I'm here, and take me into their room. As they're searching for the object they told me about, I look around the room. Seeing all the weird and unique stuff on the shelves which their father collects from his job as a miner that always fills me with shock no matter how many time I see them.


Smith said, looking excited holding a round disc. He gives it to me and I study the ordinary looking-item. It fits in my palm and has a carving across the front and back that looks like a thunderstorm dancing.

"What's so special about this token?" I ask.

Then they look at each other excited, which is weird to me because Aura is really excited enough to change her facial expressions, and then proceed to explain to me what happened.

Long story short, their father is out digging like he normally does when his pickaxe hits something hard. Confused, he dug around it to find the token and takes it to his supervisor to get it appraised thinking its something rare. The supervisor looks at it and states that while the token is tough, it is not valuable and gives it to their father who in turn gives it to them and then shows it to me.

I look at them in surprise and back to the token now understanding why they were excited.

"Does it do anything?" I Ask

" Yeah" Smith answers and Aura continues " If you pour your mana into it, it sends a buzzing feeling through you so why don't you try it".

So I thought about it and decided to pour the measly amount of mana I have, but instead of getting a buzzing feeling, I started to pass out when I heard the two calling out my name in shock before I became unconscious.

When I opened my eyes I found myself standing in a white place, looking around I was confused and thought "where is this place, am I dead?"

"No, you are just in the space inside the token that merged with your body."

Said a gruff voice which came from behind. and when I turned around I found a man with red skin, bracelets around his wrists and ankles, and a cloth that wrapped around his waist and horns.

And after confirming this wasn't a dream, I had one question: WHAT THE F**K HAPPENED?


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