Transcending the Nine Heavens
1416 Northern Stars
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1416 Northern Stars

The south was in chaos.

The Zhuge Clan was prepared and waiting cautiously.

The two young masters, Zhuge Wen and Zhuge Hun both made careful arrangements, leading their group of men, on one side.

The Elder Master of the Zhuge Clan calculated Heavenly Secret in the clan.

Three days later, when he finally figured out something and passed the message to the clan, the chaos had long been settled. Except for dozens of more grounds of ruins that were created, it seemed as though nothing had happened.

Peace in the territory of the Zhuge Clan was restored.

Nobody knew where that group of troublemakers had gone to.

Holding the secret words from the Elder Master's calculations, the people of the Zhuge Clan felt uneasy — Of what use is it now?

"The killing star comes from the south, the world is turned upside down; by one who is angry, human beings are wiped out. Heavenly Secrets is hard to predict, figures and shadows don't remain, with a false alarm, a star is gleaming in the north!"

This was the prediction of Zhuge Cangqiong, the Elder Master of the Zhuge Clan.

'If we knew it had been a false alarm, we wouldn't be scared like this…'

'But who could think of such a thing beforehand?'

'However, the last sentence… "a star is gleaming in the north"…'

'Does this mean that these people have headed toward the north?'

'But the north is now engaged in a war. So, are the Nine Tribulations going to rescue Li Xiongtu?'

The Zhuge Clan immediately relayed the news.


In the northwest region.

Inside the commander's tent of the joint army.

Diwu Qingrou frowned slightly, sitting at the top position.

It had been a month since he arrived here, but now, Diwu Qingrou felt somewhat exhausted.

Though he was the commander-in-chief of the joint army appointed by the Dharma Supreme, there weren't many over here who truly respected his authority. Besides, since he was appointed by the Dharma Supreme, in the eyes of these proud and arrogant Supreme Mrtial Artists, he was all the more considered a flatterer…

Diwu Qingrou realized a difference.

This was different from the Lower Three Heavens.

The Lower Three Heavens worshiped not only force but also wisdom! Therefore, a scholar could become a chancellor, a royal teacher, and even a military counselor. So long as you could bring about victory, even if you were a disabled person, you could get the respect of millions…

But over here, force was all that matters!

Furthermore, it's only individual force!

They worshiped only individual force.

This time that the joint army of Eight Great Clans was here, almost every person in it was a Supreme Martial Artist. All of them were extremely proud.

With such superior military strength, what planning would you still need to deal with a mere Li Clan?

'Regardless of your thousands of clever schemes, I'll only punch my fist over!'

When Diwu Qingrou proposed taking down the enemy using wisdom, a team-leading Supreme Martial Artist of the Ye Clan said, "Wisdom? Hahaha… Wisdom is useful, nobody is denying that. But that's under the condition that the two sides have equal strength! Commander-in-chief Diwu, forgive me for my disrespect, but may I ask you, a trap can kill a King-level Martial Artist, but can the same trap kill a Supreme Martial Artist?"

"A group of ants can bite a green worm to the death, but can a group of ants eat away a living, healthy dragon? Haha… So-called wisdom is nothing more than schemes and calculations, but did you think… under such a condition, with more than 1,000 Supreme Martial Artists on our side facing a single Li Clan, do we actually still need schemes and calculation? Aren't you regarding them too highly?"

After that, all the team-leading Supreme Martial Artists in the tent applauded and laughed together!

Diwu Qingrou felt powerless inside.

There were more than 1,000 Supreme Martial Artists here, yes. The armies of the individual clans were very strong, yes. The law-enforcement officers mobilized a large number of experts for revenge as well! There were three ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artists to begin with!

It was enough to deal with the Li Clan, that's for sure.

But this was the combined force. If they were separated, the men from whichever individual clan wouldn't be the match of the Li Clan! Yet they just each looked like they themselves were the best in the world, with absolutely no possibility for sincere cooperation.

The Ye Clan and the Xiao Clan still had some grudges between them and looked like they were always ready to undermine each other's plans.

The Xiao Clan and the Lan Clan also held grudges in which the Zhuge Clan was also involved. The Yè Clan had their grievances from the past. The Chen Clan felt even more indignant. The Shi Clan was waiting for an opportunity…

Thinking of all these relationships, Diwu Qingrou felt a severe headache.

And the two guards that the Dharma Supreme had sent for him were only in charge of his safety but held no responsibility in managing the emotions of the Super Clans.

Right now, in such a chaotic environment, even if Diwu Qingrou had godlike wisdom, he couldn't do anything for the moment — Nobody would execute his orders!

Every time there were contact battles, which he wanted to have a meeting to make arrangements, attendance was never full…

What could Diwu Qingrou do with such a disorderly crowd?

Diwu Qingrou could only swallow his grievance for now and slowly consolidate their strength.

Besides, just figuring out the relationship between each clan took Diwu Qingrou two days and two nights… And then he finally realized — Among the Nine Super Clans, almost every two were relatives in the other family, but every two also had hatred between them!

Diwu Qingrou could only assign them based on the degree of hatred.

For example, when the Ye Clan carries out missions in the west, even if the Xiao Clan had no mission, they would go to the east to stand guard so as to keep the two separated.

This was the first step.

Then, during the several battles with the Li Clan, although no one listened to the command, Diwu Qingrou still made complete war plans and assigned missions to each of the leading fighters.

These people would not act per Diwu Qingrou's command, but if they didn't follow the orders, they would certainly suffer. Then after the loss, they would refer to the strategic plan on hand and understand that Diwu Qingrou was right…

And then, they finally had a little respect and admiration for Diwu Qingrou — He actually needed to use such a method of learning from suffering to build respect?

Diwu Qingrou felt extremely ridiculous!

But it was necessary.

And this was the only way to make them listen to him.

Over a month, there had been seven or eight battles. The Ye Clan ran into an ambush and lost many men; the Xiao Clan had about a dozen eaten up and ran back embarrassingly; the Shi Clan was trapped once and almost all perished; the Chen Clan also almost had a whole bunch of people burnt alive…

And then, these clans finally became somewhat obedient to Diwu Qingrou.

In short, Diwu Qingrou spent the equivalent of one month for training, furthermore, he was training a group of bandits to make them into a proper army, with blood and death!

The price for each troop's obedience was actually the lives of dozens of Supreme Martial Artists!

Such a training cost was absolutely the most expensive in the history of the Nine Heavens!

Diwu Qingrou gradually changed from one who was powerless at the start into a person with some authority, well, only some. This amount of authority was absolutely mismatched with his position as a commander-in-chief!

But Diwu Qingrou didn't show the slightest anxiety.

He knew that to achieve what he did then was already pretty impressive.

Every time Diwu Qingrou inspected his troops, he always sighed in his heart — Is such a group going to go against the Nine Tribulations, who are as tightly knit as a rope? So long as the powers of the Nine Tribulations grow to a certain extent, these Supreme Martial Artists are absolutely a herd of pigs waiting to be slaughtered…

Fortunately, the situation had changed now. At least, when a meeting was called, the leaders, although some still not very punctual, came in full attendance.

That's progress!

Right now, a meeting was ongoing in the main tent. They were discussing something that was equivalent to a bolt from the blue to the Nine Super Clans.

Diwu Qingrou had been watching others discussing coldly. He felt that this would be his opportunity!

"What? The Lan Clan was destroyed?" Ye Xiaoyao, an eighth-grade Supreme Martial Artist leading the Ye Clan troops widened his eyes. "Is the source reliable?"

"Rumor! This is definitely a rumor!" Mo Feng, an eighth-grade Supreme Martial Artist leading the Lan Clan troops stood up and said with an emotional face and a loud voice, waving his arms!

"Even Elder Lan Buhui died? This can't be…" Xiao Zhengyan, a team-leading expert of the Xiao Clan, said.

"This big move was done by the Nine Tribulations who came up? Bullshit, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master has only just obtained the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, right? How could the Nine Tribulations have such an ability right now?" Chen Jianlong, a team-leading expert of the Chen Clan felt skeptical.

"It's absolutely true… All the super clans have received such news, how could it be fake?" The Shi Clan's team-leading expert, Shi Qishu, twisted his beard.

"We, law-enforcement officers, have received the same news," said the law enforcement leader Yu Zhenhai with a serious voice. "And it was issued with the signature of the Dharma Supreme!"

This gave the final confirmation.

Even the Dharma Supreme confirmed this news, so it was absolutely true.

Lan Mofeng from the Lan Clan stared straight, his face pale. Like a balloon that leaked air, he sat down, stunned.

Diwu Qingrou frowned slightly and gave Lan Mofeng a discreet look. If the Lan Clan was really annihilated, then Lan Clan members over here were the unrooted final forces of the Lan Clan?

Inside the main tent, everyone was discussing and all faces looked scared and confused.

But such chaos was also useful. In the end, everyone had confirmed this piece of information, and all that was left were the defensiveness and suspicion toward the Nine Tribulations and the Nine Tribulations Sword Master.

"Latest news from the Zhuge Clan…" A voice reported from outside.

Zhuge Yinfeng, the leading expert of the Zhuge Clan, hurriedly shouted, "Come in!"

The curtain of the main tent was lifted and a man came inside.

Zhuge Yinfeng said, "Just read it out!"

That person said, "Yes!"

He took a piece of paper out of his arms and reported, "The Lan Clan was exterminated; the Nine Tribulations harassed the Zhuge Clan compound for more than ten days, as though they were insane. The Zhuge Clan suffered great losses, many experts were killed. Right now, the Nine Tribulations have left for elsewhere. The Elder Master calculated the Heavenly Secret and got a prediction…"

At this point, that person was a little hesitant.

"Read!" Inside the tent, besides Diwu Qingrou who kept his mouth shut, everyone else yelled in unison.

"The killing star comes from the south, the world is turned upside down; by one who is angry, human beings are wiped out. Heavenly Secrets is hard to predict, figures and shadows don't remain, with a false alarm, a star is gleaming in the north! The Elder Master sends a particular notice that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and the Nine Tribulations have probably come all the way to the north…"

After he finished, the main tent was completely silent!

A star in the north…

So that means the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and the Nine Tribulations will take part in this besiege war in the northwest?

Everyone's eyes lit up at the same time!

In the host seat, a hint of an explicable smile revealed in the corner of Diwu Qingrou's mouth.


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