Transmigrated into Naruto World
1 Never expected that I“ll be transmigrated to this body
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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1 Never expected that I“ll be transmigrated to this body

My name is Dylan Reyes, I'm a hardcore fan of Naruto, my hobbies are watching anime episodes, reading naruto fanfictions, playing Naruto games, but I'm not a shut-in loser like many otakus, well I used have a job and a girlfriend, but due to my addiction to naruto she left me, my boss fired me because I was caught watching naruto episodes in the office more than once

Yet I have no problem. I have a quite an amount of inheritance properties and money in the bank account, it is enough for me for years, so I even though I never had friends I had I was never really depressed in my life.

Well today, there's a concert today in my hometown, so I went to watch it because its Naruto's one obviously (Author: my favorite is blue bird)..after it's completed I'm walking down the lane, then I see something that I have been waiting for a longtime, the legendary truck san and a little boy who was about to be die, so without waiting for a second, I ran and pushed the boy out and got hit by the truck san.

Then after a while I woken up in a dark space, I was overjoyed and thought 'Yes, the fanfictions are right, ok I need to wait for a while and God will appear and let me reincarnate into Naruto world'

and exactly after a few minutes just like I thought an old man appeared but...for some reason his face looks kinda angry,

I just played my part.."who are you?"..then he without a smile " I'm the God who watches your earth", without waiting for him I interrupted "ok, I don't need any speech, I know you are a god, I saved a kid and I have high karmic points and you'll let me reincarnate in any world I wish and will give me some perks, hurry up..I want to go to naruto world and will talk about my wishes I can't wait any longer" I blabbered with impatience and didn't see his expression..after I finished

when I saw his face..totally red with anger and he exploded "how dare you kid?..because of your idiocy..that boy got lived and later he became a terrorist and invented a poisonous bomb and killed millions of people, that is why I wanted to kill him naturally but you intervene and now dare to ask me wishes!!!.

I was like '......', then 'what the hell, this wasn't supposed to happen', with anime tears 'damn you shitty fanfiction authors, because of you guys, now I'm facing the wrath of God,' (Author:Hey, that's rude)..with a bit fear I asked the God who is almost at the peak level anger " then Kami sama, now what about me?", God then with a sadistic smile "oh, about you...since you wanted to be in Naruto world so much, I will let you tranmigrate into a body in konoha"

When I heard that I was going to be transmigrated into Naruto world I was very happy but wait transmigrated not reincarnate? and saw his smile, I guess I'll be born into some villain and thought 'well, It would be nice to be transmigrated into Madara body, no nagato is good, he was given rinnegan, hmm Obito is also fine..heck anyone would be fine' then i asked " Kami sama, whose body will be transmigrated into"..God then smiling to himself " now that will be a surprise for go."..and I was blacked out..meanwhile God 'hehe, enjoy my gift...will be a surprise for you'..then suddenly there's a hand on his shoulder, God then "who" and turned to a thin man without an expression, the man opened a scroll and read "the council of elder gods hereby order the guradian of milkyway galaxy to handover so and so planets under his jurisdiction to the council for the misuse of power and punishing an innocent soul" and then God "No..this can't be happening," and disappeared after a while,

the thin man sighed 'poor man, doesn't he even know that we can't punish the person based on his future actions..ok elder God said to give some kind of compensation to the poor kid..ok where he is..hmm..found him' and he disappeared meanwhile back to konoha

A boy who is around 12 years sleeping on the bed suddenly woke up

Ok..where am I..oh yeah, I have been reincarnated..hmm this looks like an apartment a bit shoddy one..and then I went to the mirror and was horrified 'white hair with a slight blue hint to it , green eyes' and I screamed "NO!!!"


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