Transmigrated into Naruto World
3 Death of Mizuki?
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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3 Death of Mizuki?

After I blacked out and woken up, I was in a bed some medical equipment attached to my body so first I thought 'phew, it seems someone rescued me and brought me into the hospital' but suddenly when I hear silence I tried to get up, I still can't yet getup it seems my body is stiff after a few minutes I got control over my body and sat up on the bed and observed the surroundings, then I was a bit horrified but at the same time little bit excited because I'm sure now it's a lab rather than a hospital.

Hmm..Probably I was abducted by orochimaru for experiment..Then I remembered the Carlos words that I don't need to be given mokuton as a gift by him..So i guess I'm being experimented by orochimaru with first hokage's cells just like Yamato..and I got really excited but my excited face soon turned pale the moment I saw the man who just opened the door and walked inside with his subbordinates

This time the shock was multiple times than that of the moment I found out I was transmigrated into Mizuki's body, the man before me has a cane in his hand..from his right eye to right hand completely being bandaged and there are subordinates who are wearing same blank type masks..this is none other than Fu****g Danzo who was one of the most hated characters in the anime

Now I'm really horrified because this bloody hypocrite is far more dangerous than orochimaru..he came near me with a big smile on his face "oh, you are finally awake Mizuki san, I trembled at it his smile and replied "who are you? and where am i?" While he was to reply I changed my attitude "you know forget it, first can u provide me food and water.. didn't have energy" I was speaking in an extremely low tone..probably only he heard it as he was sitting right before me..I was given some pieces of meat and instant noodles, after eating full..I'm now fully energized and said "thank you sir, whoever you are, now can u tell me where am I ?" I underestimated him a little bit he has a lot of patience to let me finish eat without any expressions, he smiled "kid, you really are carefree, how can you eat the things the strangers given to you..not to mention you may be now in enemy territory

I replied with smile "well, so far according to my analysis, first we talk about me, I'm nothing more than a academy graduate who didn't become genin yet, so there's no use for anyone for what Intel I would have..and seeing the equipment and place I'm probably in some laboratory you use for experiments and my body is quite you have been experimenting on me for at least 3months I've gone into a coma..I can see I'm the only one this laboratory definitely a secret one..if we talk about you..the guards from the starting till now didn't even flinch yet like they were some puppets, and seeing you, you seem like their leader but definitely not a some secret organization perhaps ..if I'm in an enemy territory.. definitely by this time I would been greeted by a kage.." he was a bit surprised but I continued

" I'm probably in konoha but I didn't know there's a secret organization here..and those subordinates totally looks like anbu guys except for their masks I've seen some people they have animal masks..and since you have much patience to my blabber I think either I have something you need or you need me for something to do..the first option is definitely no because I'm nothing more than an what do you want me to do?"

Danzo for someone who have seen prodigies so many times didn't see someone who have accurate judgement not to mention a mere kid who's not even a genin..he was astonished by the kid's brilliance...if he didn't have the file on me..he would really would have thought I was a spy..after being surprised for a second, he became normal and said "kid, I never seen a person like you, it seems your analysis even superior to a Nara..Your analysis is almost 100% right, my name is Shimura Danzo, you are currently at a secret laboratory in our root headquarters, it's been 6 months since you got into an accident and went into coma, you are being proclaimed dead by the third hokage and being regarded as a hero who died protecting uchiha heirs along with the fourth hokage who died while killing the kyuubi"

Even though I know his character but this time I really got surprised "why? Why was I proclaimed dead?" Danzo replied "hmpf, do you think he would waste Anbu to search for you..Rather than wasting his time he just given up you and regarded you as a hero..My root agents saw you being crushed beneath the tree, seeing your love for protecting someone, I decide to give you first hokage cells to give revive your dead cells, at first I'm not positive but after a week of experimenting, your body completely regenerated , even the crushed organs being fully restored but it took you 6 months to wake up"

" Now Mizuki san, since you are already being proclaimed dead, in order not to make a hokage liar in front of the village, you cannot go back to your life and you have to take a new identity" I replied "but, my appearance..People will recognize me, my classmates especially iruka and I cannot do transformation Justu all the time I will get caught sooner or later" he chuckled "oh, you don't have to worry about that, while experimenting, your appearance probably because of DNA fusion it changed..Go and take a good look at the mirror" I was given a mirror a root agent and after I saw my appeared I was quite shocked what should I say dark purple hair there's a tattoo like mark under my eye and my eye colour changed to dark..Overall..Hmm I quite handsome I guess..I quite like it..(Author:just see the cover)

Then without waiting my response he asked "now Mizuki, what will you do? Seeing your love for the village..Would you be become a shadow in the dark who protects the light of the village..Will you join root?" I already expected this dialogue as I have read it in many fanfictions...I replied "I'm willing to join the root and will be loyal to you but I have conditions" he replied "I'm listening"..I said "first I don't want to become a puppet like those people in your back..And second I want to enjoy the regular life such as anyone.. I want to climb the ladder to jonin afterwards recommend me to anbu and I will become spy for you as a root agent as well as do whatever your orders are without questioning" Danzo first frowned for a bit and after a while "fine, for the next 6months you will be given root training here afterwards you will join the next year genin team, ok take rest we'll begin your training after a few days" and he went out of the door with his subbordinates and after going out he ordered "keep an eye on him"

After a while I'm organizing all my thoughts 'ok, first I'm now becoming a root agent, did the third hokage really have up on me? I need to investigate a little bit but these guys definitely won't leave me alone..will think about it later, first I need to see whether I can sense natural energy or not'. I sat down and start to meditate and just like knife cutting through the butter I can sense everything around me..but can only up to the 2people who are standing outside the door..I guess the range is quite about chakra..what the chakra expanded almost 10 times the the senjustu chakra is only temporary according to my memory..since I'm natural..I don't need to train like Naruto so no problem with it, but fighting techniques..I should do something about it in the the regeneration ability already being proven...hmm..since I've got first hokage's cells..and according to Carlos I have the ability to do mokuton..I should try..but I dunno any Justus..for now let's concentrate on making wood..and I bring my two hands together..the fingers on both of hands interlocked together and I close my eyes began to concentrate after a few seconds something hit me..I lost my concentration and opened my eyes and was shocked..there is a wooden block from all over the end of the room to jaw drop..the heck is this..wasn't supposed to be like this..

Ok anyway....I don't even know when it appeared and how it appeared from the corner of the room.. generally won't it come from the floor or something..ok..first I need to have control and I should make this disappear before they come inside..I closed my eyes..this time I can feel the wood which was near me..and after a few went back..ok that was not cool..for a few days I didn't do anything just did normal excercises and practised senjustu..I don't know the ability of far I can only sense people and when I absorb the natural energy it automatically synchronized with my normal chakra..and now I can say I have really have a massive chakra..not too much like Biju but around a normal jonin chakra level

After a week..Danzo again came with his root agents "are you ready Mizuki"...I smirked and said "Mizuki is dead..from now onwards my name is Dylan...


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