Transmigrated into Naruto World
4 Training under Danzo?
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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4 Training under Danzo?

After hearing my declaration, Danzo smirked "ok, Dylan..first you'll be tested, then I'll draw a separate training program for you..for now follow no.2 and no.3 to the training ground and we'll test there (Author:sorry...I don't bother any1 from root to give names except for significant ones)..

I actually saw before root agents before their masks are nothing but blanks..but if I carefully look at it there's seems to be some number on the foreheads of their masks..anyway, that's not my concern. After I came to root training grounds..I'm really amazed at how large it's even too much bigger than soccer stadium, well naturally when we see the anime or playing the Naruto game..the konoha is as the same size of a village..but it's bigger than a metropolis..but seriously I wish there are vehicles like cars to travel...(Author:no matter how much you complain I won't give you a chance to reincarnate again)

Anyway.. after we reached I took a standard academic removed his mask with a natural smile..apparently it seems all are not puppets after all, I truly judged the root members based on my impression of seems after transmigrating into this body..I remember Naruto story but didn't remember complete details..I guess a side effect of transmigration..

After he removed his mask I got surprised that who am I fighting with.. he's Foo of the bodyguards of Danzo..and thought 'damn you stupid oldman do you want me to die or something..I think he's forcing me to my limits?.well anyway I'll do what can I do'..this is my first fight after coming to this world..I'm kinda nervous..then suddenly he jumped towards me with his right fist aiming at my stomach I think?..I instinctively placed two of my arms defensively ..sure instinct is right..but what's the use even if you where you are going to be hit..I blocked his punch but was blowed away 10m ..

Three members really got surprised at the moment one is myself obviously, the other is Foo..he didn't think I would block perfectly..if we have same would nullifued and the last one is Danzo who was watching from behind the trees..there's a man beside him Aoyama Shintaro who is currently working as the vice head for konoha hospital and the main doctor for root..shintaro asked "Danzo sama, why are you caring about a mere academy graduate not to mention his academic records are all mediocore"..Danzo smiled "you aren't seeing the potential of this kid, not every one can awake Regeneration properties of first hokage and years ago you inserted the cells into me but it does nothing more than giving me longevity..another thing I'm most worried about when I tried to place the seal on him when he's in coma..his body completely rejected..the first hokage's cells are truly amazing"..shintaro asked "then why Danzo sama you put up him with know he's quite merciless towards kids in training..he even killed many times" Danzo laughed "well, I want see if he'll be the same as that kid" shintaro widen his eyes " you mean the kid we stolen from orochimaru years ago?" Danzo narrowed his eyes "we saved him" shintaro then apologized..Danzo continued "I want to see where his limits like..if he can't survive then that's it..I don't need to train him personally..will just make him a normal agent like others"

Back to the fighting..after I got thrashed to the ground..I groaned 'it doesn't' seems my regeneration ability even better than nine tails..i think first homage cells made my regeneration ability more stronger..haha...ok..I got up..and went for the head on battle..he took a defensive seems he wants me to attack..i leaped up into the air kicked into his chest..but before my leg reaches..he caught my leg and threw me out his behind..while in the air..I took out 2 kunais and threw at him but he blocked them with his own kunai..I got landed into the ground..I somersaulted and went to punch again this time in the stomach as always he tried to caught me..but just in the moment I cloned into 3 and I transformed myself into one of the kunai which I threw out earlier.. he immediately counterattacked but they went through and he look around..he just got distracted for a moment and I immediately transformed myself from the kunai and I attacked him but his reflexes are quite high..easily kicked me..I flew out and then I substituted myself with the other kunai and attacked him from the behind..and voila I landed a hit but alas didn't do much damage and got thrashed next second..

He then motioned me to stood up and said "ok, the first part taijutsu genjutsu"..I simrked because I was transmigrated by a god..naturally my soul is very powerful to resist mind attacks..well if he released all..I can't do anything about it but for a kid like me..he would only release a subtile genjutsu.. naturally he first released Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique) is the same Justu released by Kakashi in genin test to Sakura upon she was fainted..unfortunately just after a fraction it disappeared..I didn't do anything..just stood there..I then see Foo stood there surprised, I smirked and he got a little bit angry and released the standard yamanaka clan justu Shintenshin no Jutsu (Mind Body Change Technique) seeing the sign I instantly recoginized because it's the same one ino used many times in the anime..I just need to move and the game will be over but I was instructed that I should not move..I stood there...but unfortunately for him..I have natural mental barriers..probably god do it unconsciously because I'm a transmigrator so my previous life memories shouldn't be know to you know ever human in their planet think they are the only humans existed in the universe

After a few seconds..I saw him standing there like an idiot in a daze...after a while he said in a cold voice quite a bit angry with me I guess..said "wait for your final test in ninjutsu" and before I say anything..he disappeared and went o Danzo who is also a bit surprised out with Shintaro..when fuu can he asked "what happened there?" Fuu replied "Danzo sama, he have natural mental barriers..if my guess is correct, not even inoichi who recently became the clan head can extract information from him..And I think all genjutsus which are below B rank will be useless against him...And about his taijutsu..Did his reports are really true..It wasn't fabricated by his teacher right..As far I can say..He is a genius..He has a superior reflex but his foundation is too poor..He won't survive if there are multiple enemies as of now..Academy won't teach ninjutsu ..But if he's developed too much he'll be a double edged knife.."

Danzo thought for a while "no, first we'll see how he'll fare against ninjutsu..Then we'll think about it and don't worry about him..At worst I just have to use that techique".After a minute of rest..No.3 came unlike fuu, he didn't take off his mask, and didn't even talk and attacked me Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)..There's a fireball coming towards me..I was genuinely scared by the size of that fireball my reflexes took over body just escaped narrowly..Well..That's natural..The bigger the fireball the slower it would approach..But that amount is of size a room..He surely didn't want to kill me right..But then he released Kage Shuriken no Jutsu (Shadow Shuriken Technique)..And it multiplied into dozens of mixture of big shurikens and regular ones..damn.. This time my face really got pale..And just ran and ran..Escaped some but got hit by small ones which are too fast..I'm really getting the feeling I will die today..My blood is flowing from here and there but then getting restored..I don't have any ninjutsu techniques and senjutsu I can't afford to use..And it currently has no use anyway aside from sensing and increasing my chakra capacity...I soon reached into a mini forest of tall tress..He's looking around physically..So I guess he's not much of a sensor..I only have kunais and shurikens in my pouch..I just hid behind a tree and attached him with kunai it but a log was there..I tried to sense him now..I found him..Strangely after coming to forest my senses rapidly increased probably because of matter where he stood I found him and attack him with kunai and shutdown but sadly none of that really hit..It really puzzled him I guess..After a while..He really got a bit angry and his eyes turned red...Red? No there a dots in his eyes..damn it's sharingan..My mind spun fast at this moment..There are no uchiha in root..Wait..One eye sharingan? Kakashi? But just then no.3, who's quite far suddenly disappeared and I was landed a blow on my back..I flew out and got thrashed into a tree..It was so sudden and I got injured but just in a few seconds.. I'm looking like nothing happened..But I'm physically and mentally exhausted and sat down and taking support from the tree.

But it seems he got angry because I'm being regenerated like nothing happened..He then released Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu (Fire Style - Art of the Phoenix Flower, the Touch-me-not)..There are dozens of fireballs each are at least a size of 2-3m ..They are coming fast..This time I was horrified and went into despair thinking 'if I really died this time..I'm not sure I'll get reincarnated as I wish' then as the first fireball hit me..My body got hot..I'm getting burning outside as well as inside..I screamed loudly "Ah!!!!!" then strangely my surroundings became black..I instantly thought 'i died'..Then after a few seconds my thoughts proved me wrong..I was covered by a wood dome..Which completely blocked the fireballs...It was really sturdier than earth Justus..Probably because I unconciously used senjutsu to support it..Then it disappeared the moment I deactivated senjutsu..My chakra is now empty..I don't have any energy to move..I thought he would attack again..But he stood there and a few seconds later Danzo came with fuu behind him and said "good job..You can remove your mask..." Then no.3, removed his mask..I got shocked..It was none other than uchiha shisui..Who is now the same age as me....So this time..He willingly gave his one eye to Danzo..Did the anime showed wrongly? Or is it because I transmigrated..

Danzo didn't see my expression and continued "good, my theory is right...When you got first hokage cells transplanted..You got lucky and got Mokuton" I just feigned a surprise "that was me?"..Danzo smirked "you have now the ability same as the first hokage..From now onwards I'll train you personally in kenjutsu...ninjutsu..You can learn it from your join instructor when you become Benin..For these 6 months...You will learn the techniques if first hokage..I can't instruct you how to do it..But someone else will give you instructions...And you'll train with him now onwards..Zero come forward" then out of the shadows..A person. Who is of same age as me...Probably younger since he was a bit smaller than me..When I saw his face..This time I really got fainted...Because of all stress and shocks..

After I fainted he said to the doctor while laughing big "hahaha.. I'm looking for a good metal to make a weapon instead I got a chakra metal...I think it's time to use Kotoamatsukami to make him my biggest weapon.."


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