Transmigrated into Naruto World
6 Diran Shimura?
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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6 Diran Shimura?

(Author:just as I previously stated MC name is changed from Dylan to Diran(it's a Japanese translated name of the original)

After I became unconscious...I was carried by shisui and afterwards I was on my comfy bed..I didn't wake up and just slept..after a few hours my door was opened silently and danzo and shisui came together, Danzo opened his bandaged eye..and unleashed kotoamatsukami but unfortunately for him I have natural mental barriers and also because the eye wasn't his and he didn't have uchiha blood it didn't do anything..He then turned aside and whispered "as expected, my eye wouldn't work on him even when he's in the most vulnerable state, Shisui..your turn and replace his memories exactly as I instructed".Shisui replied "yes sir"..and he activated mangekyou sharingan and released kotoamatsukami..after a few minutes he turned "Danzo sama, it's done"...Danzo smiled and signalled him and they went silently..

it's morning, I woke up and surprised..where am I..what is this place..oh right..this is my apartment, then after a moment..I got shocked what are these memories, as far I can remember I got into mizuki body and then nine tail attack and went into coma and then...damn can't remember afterwards..but when the hell mizuki became danzo's adopted the anime it was never mentioned..that means is it the butterfly it can't be..think harder...then I went into a meditative stare and began to think calmly....unconsciously I tapped into senjutsu and weird symbols began to appeared on my face(like first hokage sage mode)..but it quickly disappeared after a few seconds these few seconds..I saw the images of my life starting my arrival to the end of fight with shisui..I opened my eyes..and cursed "damn..he did used kotoamatsukami on me didn't he...but come my previous life aren't being changed at all... of can't...the defense was setup by the real god and not even sage if the six paths can alter them..much less of a danzo or shisui..but since they used it on me...I guess there's a couple of years to be used again...anyway.. I'm now too weak..I need to get stronger..

after I reached the training grounds.. Danzo is standing there and I went up to him "greetings father, I'm ready for the training"..he smiled probably thinking his plan worked..and replied "good, while you are training, I'm only your master nothing more" I replied with a salute"yes sir". Danzo then "good, this is your training have 6 months..and there are 6 phases..first phase physical training..only physical exercises and pure taijutsu techinique..only pure strength..2nd phase is speed..3rd phase is agility..4th is kenjutsu..5th is mokuton and the final is combining everything and real battle, we'll talk about it I clear..I replied "yes, sir but"..he continued "as I said before, no ninjutsu till you are being put into the team"..

after the small lecture..I was given weights..5 weights..1 for each arm leg and body...each weigh around overall may not be much for a ninjas in Naruto after running 10 laps I told my training instructor "isn't it too less"..he didn't reply anything...but quickly I changed my mind after I ran 20laps...those 10kg weights..seem to be heavier..afterwards..I had to fight with a root ninja...with my weights on..well..he is mid genin...only pure taijutsu... in the end I still got defeated..this is the daily routine I followed..I'm starting to enjoy it..I even defeated him a couple of times..but after a training weights doubled..and my training partner changed to high genin..this type of routine goes for a month...finally I got released from this hellish torture..the results are basic chakra increased to mid Genin level..if it's only pure fighting with no technique.i can say I'm par with mid chunin level..

now second phase in my training begins..speed..I was just told to run over to the finishing line over there in the shortest time possible...would be nice..if they only record the timings and a set a goal...and keep reminding me till I reach my goal..but no...that ba****d set his root ninjas attack me from behind with all kinds of weapons, ninjutsu and I was ordered not to dodge and because I have instant Regeneration they even enthusiastically attacked me...once I was even touched before reaching goal...then I would have to start goes on like this for the whole month..

the third phase is agility...this is the thing which made me hate Danzo to the extreme.....I was restricted to a limited space...and was attacked just like the second phase only difference is I was supposed to dodge them...but I wasn't given any break...even though my physical body can resist because of my ability to regenerate..but not my mind...everyday they will attack me until I get fainted and will be carried by someone to my apartment..

finally 3months of torture completed...I got a lot stronger since I transmigrated into this world..well..I don't know how much change i brought into the world when I transmigrated..after I completed my training here...I need to explore the village and see the changes which had been deviated from the original long as the original plot isn't doesn't matter if there are minor changes here and there..

I went to the training grounds and really surprised to see danzo in a jonin uniform and..truth to be told it suited him..I wonder why I didn't get to see in the anime..probably because he retired and there was no apprentice to teach?..may be anyway..looks like he misses his uniform and reminiscing about old days or something..he stood in a daze..I saw there's a kind of happy and sad emotions in him...he didn't even noticed me approaching him..and those root ninjas in the shadows...well..they don't dare to attack their precious prince would they..I went there and bowed lightly "greetings danzo sensei"..he came out of his daze and maintained his expressionless face as usual.."oh, Diran you are here, this month you will be taught kenjutsu..although I'm good..but I'm not the best...after you've become chunin.. I'll recommend you to a famous samurai to teach would be assigned some missions in the land of iron..and you can learn from them..they are the best..

OK..basically Kenjutsu operates from five primary stances, or Itsutsu No Kamae. The five fighting postures are sword held overhead like this, next sword held to the side, next middle thrust like this, and finally sword pointing down and horizontal. The five postures are linked together in a chain of motions that allow the swordsman to adapt to any battle condition. These five postures are the basis for kenjutsu training and conditioning. The stances build muscle memory and motor learning, drilling the techniques into your body through repetition... understand??" I replied "yes, master"....."Diran, you want to go with a one sword or double sword?"...well..even though I watched the anime... there isn't much mentioned about kenjutsu in the I was completely clueless about it..but I remember killer B uses 6swords? no 7swords or something..damn I really forgot these little details...I asked "sensei, which one is better for me?"...he replied "well..I was proficient in double handed one sword..but for which style it would suit you the would wait for a few years..and kenjutsu will take years to master..and we don't have that kind of luxury..since you only have 1 month.. you'll be learning quick strikes and forward thrust techiniques..the five postures I said need to incorporate the technique into them...

quick strike..I think you know how it works..and second this"..a root ninja suddenly showed up..and both held a sword to the side (2nd posture)..and danzo move forward and faked his intention and drew his opponent in and forward thrust into his chest..and just stopped it before his heart pierced..he turned and said "did you watch it carefully?" ...I replied "yes, basically The strategy behind thrusting is to first lure your opponent into an ill-timed strike. This is accomplished through a subterfuge. Fake your intention to draw your opponent in and then perform a double-handed forward thrust, targeting the face or chest". danzo smiled "as expected of my son...Kenjutsu thrusts are always preceded by a false strike or a circling motion, used to move the opponent's blade. OK...for the next month you'll be training with him".he pointed his finger beside him..the same one who just fought earlier with my dad..oops".....I bowed lightly..and I went to my apartment as there was no training today...I sat on the bed and started meditate and used senjutsu by own concious and was shocked when I see


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