Transmigrated into Naruto World
7 Trapped? Much bigger plot?
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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7 Trapped? Much bigger plot?

after I went into senjutsu..something changed around me..I can't sense anyone around me....I was teleported to this isn't teleportation...I am in my mindscape aren't I..but why is it blank white..I think it based on my thoughts?..if I think something else..then a second...I was shocked.... the scenery around me changed into a forest full of trees and there are animals lurking around.but i can't sense any life from them though...but that wasn't the reason I was shocked..

the very end of what my eye could see... there's nothing... there's a dark's like a forbidden zone or something...and what do you think I did..obviously I sprinted and reached it after a few minutes..when I reached looked like wall...full of dark clearly indicating don't touch me...and my curiosity increased and touched it..but nothing happened my hand was stopped's like there's a barrier or something....with full strength...I just punched the wall... instead of breaking the wall...I seem to broken my bones...but a few seconds later..I'm good as new...then I activated senjutsu..sage marks lightly appeared on my face...but I can't see my I dunno about that...a strange golden coating appeared on my is's just like nine tail coating of naruto...but only one tail version..I wonder why there is natural energy inside my mindscape..or am I really in my mindscape?..anyway

I'm feeling awesome...I grinned and put all my strength and punched..but all that was wasted because the moment I touched it I was sucked in and got teleported to somewhere else..actually it's not somewhere else..because I can't see's dark all around me and I was trapped here I guess...damn..I fu***d up...(Author:sigh..that's why they they say curiosity killed the cat..don't worry.... your plot armor is thick)

I came to my senses a few seconds later..that I'm still on's just walk forward..may be I'll see the light...after walking for hours...I'm not sure..whether it's hours or days..I lost my sense of time..and I'm neither getting tired or getting hungry..after walking for so long....I don't know how much time passed..but I've already given up hope..I've lost all my senses except the touch..I can feel the ground...I really regret now why should I poke it..damn..I was supposed to reincarnated get few gifts..and follow the main plot and defeat madara and kaguya either alone or along with naruto and sasuke..and live happily till the end..isn't it how the story should follow (Author:Sry, but I other plans for you)

then my face which is full of despair suddenly turned bright as i saw a faint light a distance away..I dunno where energy came from..I just sprinted hurriedly as if I wait any longer..the light would go I get near the light seems to get brighter...and soon I reached it..but I can't see..because I was in dark for so long....I can't bear to see the light...but slowly I got adjusted and was surprised to see what kind of place is this... there's a cave in front of me..but seeing a garden here well maintained...seems like someone live here...I went into the's not dark at all...and I went further and was surprised to see a middle aged man floating and meditating..and his hair..purple..which is same colour as mine was very long..he is floating at least 2-3m from the ground...what kind of place is this..who is he??...I went near him..something like barrier touched me and I flew and crashed...once he heard the sound he suddenly opened his eyes...and came down and walk towards me ...when he came near me and I sat up...and we both were totally shocked to see each other faces..

the middle aged guy...just looked like older version of me..before I opened my mouth..he shouted "how do you reach this shouldn't be here..go back now."..I was clearly sweating...his shouting just scared me..just that voice was enough to kill me...I completely shuttered while replying "I I I... don't I..who who are you....why do you look me..please please help me.. I'm I'm stucked here"..I can't even talk straightly..he sighed "I know this day would come..but I didn't think this sooner..I would help you go back...just a second"..he closed his eyes and after a while he sighed "I see, this is my fault...I guess I didn't seal this place completely...look...I know this would be confusing for you..but remember my warning...don't ever try to pry secrets of senjutsu too would be better if you don't use it at all...just use mokuton and explore into it..forget about becoming a sage.."

I was completely in a daze and was totally surprised by his words there are number of theories running in my mind..without waiting my reply he pulled his hand together and I was teleported to my mindscape and I was standing there

the middle aged man..looked into the distance and muttered "Diran, I hope you heed my warning..never make the same mistake as I did..but I know very well that you won't listen to me...sigh" and he performed some signs and a body clone came out of him..he turned towards the clone and said "I'm closing the connection between this dimension and his mindscape now..and when the world would reject him..bring him here again..only then he would have power to enter without my permission..and your task is to watch over him but under any circumstances....only when he master him and help him to understand and master the laws of the world and make him a genuine sage unlike those fake sages like hagoromo and hashirama..but till then you wouldn't do have 1% of my chakra..and as your chakra is limited..don't give him can give small amounts only when he face death..and keep him alive."...the clone slightly bowed and disappeared..the middle aged man then did some signs and the connection cutoff..

somewhere else in the some dimension which is at the centre of universe.. there's a planet in the centre of dimension..not too much big..but atleast it's as big as Jupiter... there's a huge golden palace situated in the middle of is glowing with divinity...there are people inside the room in their respective thrones..this is the council of elder attendant came and relayed the news "the particular soul who the messenger Carlos blessed in the milky way galaxy had gotten in contact with *HIM*" elder god suddenly risen shouted "How?..that dimension is cutoff from all the worlds"..then the one who's in the middle throne gently told "calm down brother" and then another elder god "what should we do now"..the elder god in the middle throne "you know the laws of the universe..don't interfere..and we continue to watch..we deal with it when the time comes" and they began to discuss something else..

hokage office, Konoha

sarutobi hiruzen who is nicknamed as professor..the one who reined as hokage the longest time now staring at the application before him and it's of Diran Shimura, Danzo's adopted son..he's wondering 'when the hell did his dear friend danzo adopted a kid..and what else he asked him a favour to put up him son in itachi's team after 3months..fugaku told that itachi would be early graduate at the age of 9..but it's confidential..I wonder how did danzo get this information..probably the's a bit suspicious..I need someone watch over who's free..'

unknown to me there's so much drama going out there..I was still in a daze after I was teleported to my mindscape 'what the hell was that me perhaps from the that's not possible..probably I became a evil god and was banished there..nah..i guess it's either only an illusion or he's someone who look like me... this face I got is the result of an experiment.. It's just a coincidence...but how did he know about my Mokuton and he warned me to not use u think I would forgo this amazing gift....arghhh!!!!!!...this is so much complicated' sigh.. I'll just forget about it...and I should think about present situation..OK..I need to go back and i disappeared... unknown to me the clone of middle-aged man is silently floating in the air and watching me from a distance...

I'm back into my bed and opened my eyes..and look at the clock..only 2 hours have passed and I slept while thinking 'truly mystical'..I woken up the next morning..and went to the training ground..I was really excited to learn kenjutsu..I really forgotten about yesterday's weird plot..and I went the root weapon shop to look for a nice sword..but was quickly disappointed that they are all normal swords..I took a random sword..and went to the ground..danzo in his jonin attire seems to be patiently waiting for me...I went near him and said "sry for the wait...sensei let's start?" he smiled "yes" and I start to practise the five postures....eventually I got them right..and started to practise qucik strikes..but alas..his level is too he stopped and said "Diran, since you got the five postures right..then practise quick strikes with him"...and no.29 appeared and I started to train with quick strikes and sword thrust was difficult at first..but eventually I got them right and like this another whole month passed..I became quite proficient in kenjutsu...he didn't teach me anything else but those two technique...I don't master it yet...but I can say I'm quite good at it..I think it's all because of the foundation training in the first three months...that really helped me..

now the most exciting part came.. I get to training in's been 10months since I was transmigrated..I didn't learn a single ninjutsu the last month..I tried the senjutsu coating just like how when I tried to enter the barrier..but unfortunately I just can't seem to enter into that far I can sense people around me and increase amount of chakra...well..since natural energy was never permanent...I didn't get much happy that my chakra reserves increased to a high join level..but my normal chairs is still quite pitiful high genin amount..

just as I training partner this time tenzo who was called yamato in the future..came..he was a mediocre talent one just lucky to survive the terms of experience he's above me..but he is too slow in Mokuton..since he has little chakra..he can't do much situation is also same but I have additional my value to danzo is far above him...I greeted "hello tenzo"..he without expression "hello Diran sama"....I was a bit surprised...I know my identity is danzo's son but it's a bit uncomfortable to be called with such respect..I'd didn't reply anything though because my focus was turned to the boy behind him..

there danzo and shisui came..and danzo said "I prepared a teacher and training partner specially for you"..he didn't told who..but I understood that sentence was only for me..and in his eyes..tenzo was nothing more than a subordinate..and I turned to shisui..I was puzzled what would he know anything about wood style..but my puzzled face turned into shocked when he came forward and unleashed Edo tensei-reanimation jutsu..a wooden coffin came from the ground..and the lid opened..there stood a person..upon seeing him even the wooden faced tenzo got shocked and I cursed "f**k"


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