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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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8 mokuton

after the lid of the coffin opened, when the man came out I was shocked that first hokage's corpse has fallen into danzo's hand. now I'm really worried because danzo's side is much stronger than in the original plot. the only thing I feel nice is that kabuto isn't in the root. despite being the villain, I don't hate him probably because of his sad past, so anyway after shisui summoned first hokage, danzo drew a kunai, there's a seal attached to the end of it. he put it inside first hokage's head it disappeared into it. and lifeless first hokage came into life but he's more like a wooden puppet. he stood there without any expression, I thought 'damn, they didn't even let him feel what it means to be alive again'

my body turned cold, a little bit of soft impression on him has gone now. I played my part "danzo sama, is that first hokage?". danzo who was already expecting this question answered "yes, he's none other than the first hokage Senju Hashirama who is also known as god of shinobi". I said "but how is he alive? books in academy said that he's dead long long ago, and since he's literally summoned by shisui senpai, either it's some kind of jutsu that raise the corpse and use it as puppet or bring someone back from the dead", danzo smiled "yes, as expected of your analytical abilities, he's the real shodaime hokage, it's a forbidden jutsu created by ninadaime hokage, Edo tensei can raise someone from the dead but the cost of...." I finished it for him "someone life, of course nothing is free in this world, there should be an equivalent exchange, that's why it's been rated as a forbidden one"

Danzo replied "yes, that's correct but...." i interrupted "but why he's like a puppet, is it a side effect?" danzo sighed "no it's not, shinobi is like a weapon it doesn't need emotions, because emotions always give rise to love and hate and either those two always lead to conflicts, anyway you two will be trained by him this month."

after a while everyone cleared me and tenzo stood beside him, and just like a puppet he didn't even talked to us. he just directly started Moku Bunshin no Jutsu -wood clone technique, tenzo already know about it so he just did a clone. I concentrated and copied the hand seals and released the techinique, but only a black of wood came not a wooden clone. now I understood the mechanism of elemental clone, it's pretty simple. you have to extract the element with your chakra from you and shape it like you, once I understood that thing, I just did the signs and simple wood clone emerged from me, the most advantage of this jutsu is that you can communicate with the clone telepathically even in much distance

while I was excited what would I learn from the first hokage, two people are surprised one is tenzo and another is Danzo. tenzo is really surprised that I got just in a few minutes while he had to practise for a few days to perfect it. Danzo was excited that he got a real genius, he wasn't worried as he was very arrogant thinking I'm already in his grasp.

but excitement sure turned into depression because shodaime didn't do anything after that, after a while he held his hand it turned into wood and the piece of wood separated from hand and were transformed into wooden kunais, I almost laughed because what does does wooden kunai can do, soon I changed my opinion in the next second when he throw it on to the tree in the distance. it seemed to be stucked in it, ok it's not bad I tried to do the same but didn't worked.

Danzo came out of shadows said "you can't directly do that, first you have to familiarize with wood element. go to that place and concentrate after all when you get surround by trees there's a chance of a higher chance of adapting your element. till then zero(tenzo) will train with the first hokage.

I went to a mini forest which is generally used for assassination training in the root, I began to concentrate the nature around me and the element chakra inside me, well first day I didn't get anything though after a week, I finally got an inspiration about wood clone, I made the wood clone first and began to concentrate and turned it back to wood, that's it I just need to concentrate on the step one on wood clone but with no signs..first it was tough, after another week I can produce the wood by my cells, since I have first hokage cells mixed and all cells represent life and life represent nature and nature represent wood, after a couple of days, I began to extract wood from the trees, I can't control trees only wood for now probably because I'm not a natural like hashirama?, anyway after 20 days of hard work I'm now good at controlling wood, and o went back and showed my results obviously my dad aka Danzo was happy and in the remaining 8 days, I mastered the moku bunshin no jutsu, I can extract wood from trees perfectly and not to mention from my own cells, actually then I got a sinister idea, if I can extract wood from me and from trees can I extract from anyone as wood represent life? then I shook my head and quickly forgotten the idea as I don't want to go into dark

I don't need weapons now actually I can perfectly change the wood into any weapon I want, but even though shuriken and kunai made from my mokuton no jutsu are comparable to original but it's not the case for everything, I tried it for the sword, the result is not good so for now I just made into a some sort of small shield you know the ones soldiers have when they fight back before the medieval period on the original earth..that reminded me the dome I accidentally created when I first fought with sushi, Moku Shouheki no Jutsu - Wood Barrier Technique I didnt learn it yet, so I asked danzo about it

he replied "there's only two days,isn't learning it a waste of time just sharp the ones that you already have" I replied "please father, I just need that one, I don't need to do it in two days, after I know how to do it, I'll practise individually and slowly I'll train in it" danzo smiled "OK, fine" then I saw the necessary signs of it and began to practise...it's as he said even after practising two days, I don't get anything I failed all the way, but I consoled myself there's still a long time anyway,

and I have entered into the final phase actually I was supposed to battle beasts in the forbidden forest a life and death battle, these months of interaction really made danzo a bit soft on me, at first he wouldn't let me call him dad always make me call him either sensei or danzo sama, but eventually now I daily call him dad, he sometimes smiles when I call him that, although I don't have any good impression on him even now, I just call him and make myself hate him a little bit less all because probably he trained me, and I get respect from every root, just think it of a compensation by me.

for the final month I just fought with the root chunins well I didn't use mokuton though, dad has banned me to do it as he wanted to keep it as a secret from hokage. I readily agreed because I don't have a good impression on him, as he abandoned me and even in the anime he did nothing for naruto and he even let the uchiha clan massacred, well, I don't mind them getting massacred anyway. not to mention it seems mizuki was bullied in the academy by those uchiha. anyway I'm now strong enough to face a mid chunin now if I use senjutsu chakra then the result would be something else, as I didn't have any ninjutsu aside from mokuton I still can't beat a mid chunin but I can face him evenly as I have kenjutsu..strangely I don't saw tenzo even once in this past 40 days

after 6 months of foundation training I was called into the main hall..I went there and danzo sat on the throne..I knelt on one knee as this is the normal greeting of a root member.. Danzo stood up and announced "Diran shimura, you are formally the root member and your first mission is to stay with itachi uchiha and report his actions to me". I replied "yes sir". danzo then "OK, all of you rest and Diran stay" all cleared and danzo came near me and with a huge smile and he grabbed my both shoulders "son, I think it's time to announce the konoha and the clan leaders about your existence" I was startled 'existence?, oh according to the altered memories mizuki was adopted by danzo secretly and there are some scenes in the root and everything remains the same' danzo warned me "you are now Diran and mizuki is dead and so does your connection with mizuki's friends" I thought 'as if I have any problem with that, but iruka image came on my mind' I asked "father, can I talk with iruka, I'll be sure that I won't indulge my identity" danzo surprised "iruka? he's no one particular neither have the strength nor have the background why do you want to associate with him" I replied "he's my only friend in the academy," danzo then sighed "fine" I smiled and went to my apartment and slept and woke up in the morning


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