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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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9 new friends

I took the application with me which was approved by hokage a month ago and went to the academy..graduation room, there all 6th year students sat and talking to each other and there's a short guy sitting at the back probably around 9 years..sure enough everyone in the village knows him uchiha clan's heir itachi uchiha, he was surrounded by older students, the teacher who also taught me last year Ogami Taki stood there and giving some boring speech before teams beings declared and when I entered I immediately attracted people as you know first because of my hair colour second because I'm an unfamiliar person, I went to Taki san and gave him my application. he smiled "oh, you are the kid hokage sama informed me about..OK sit there,"

I smiled "OK", and sat at the back on right side..the one who sat beside me was non existent character anyway..so I didn't bother to introduce myself..there's a girl in front of me she have a long Brown hair in a ponytail fang like tattoos on her cheeks and there are three puppies on on her head and other two are resting on the bench, sure enough she is Hana inuzuka.

she turned and introduced herself "hello, I'm Hana inuzuka, are you related to yugao?" I startled 'yugao?, I searched the class there a girl who talking to another girl she has purple hair, brown eyes... she's quite a beauty how did I miss this?' (Author: don't worry hayate, she's yours)

I replied "Ah! no weren't related..my name is Diran Shimura" Hana "hmm, shimura clan? I'm not sure where I heard it" I replied "as far I as know aside from only me and my father I didn't see any of my relatives so I doubt about it's a clan" Hana the asked "say I don't see you before, you migrated from another village?" I replied calmly as I was dictated by dad "no, I was born in Konoha, it's just mostly home study, I was trained by my father, he retired from services" unknown to us the person who sat beside was changed and itachi was already sitting beside me and listening to our conversation..suddenly I heard "hey" I turned and was surprised when did it happened I replied with smile "uchiha san do you need something?" he replied with a standard uchiha stoic face "you seem kinda familiar,who are you" I replied calmly "my name's Diran shimura" he continued "no matter who it is even as the heir of uchiha I still need to attend the academy unless you are not of konoha you can't directly graduate even without studying a single year or even taking the graduation test..what is your relation with hokage sama" I know about itachi's character even he appeared like a arrogant uchiha he didn't have a little bit of arrogance it's just for the sake of appearances or may be he changed because of my butterfly effect

but still probably because I received prince like treatment in these past six months, a tone of looking down on me and interrogating me irritated me..and I replied coldly "do I have the obligation to answer you?," he with a stoic face replied "nope, it doesn't matter it's your wish whether to answer or not" I smirked as I did get the hidden meaning "it doesn't matter if you wish to hide it, I'll know it sooner or later"

then taki san went outside and came with a list, he started to announce "team1 hase kata, kurenai yuhi and sarutobi asuma...team2 uzuki yugao, sawa imari, Watase hibari..team3.....team 6 itachi uchiha, Hana inuzuka and Diran Shimura...team 7.....

I smiled "I guess from now onwards we're teammates inuzuka san and uchiha san"

Hana smiled "you can call me Hana" itachi with no expression "since we're teammates you can call me itachi" I smiled "likewise you can call me Diran, by the way any idea who's our sensei?" Itachi replied "nope" I replied "well, Hana and you are clan heirs..so sandaime sama would assign a strong jonin probably an anbu as our sensei"

we went outside after all the teams being announced..outside tsume inuzuka and fugaku uchiha and some clan leaders talking together..when I first saw fugaku there 'why is he here..then I remembered he loved itachi more and ignored Sasuke because itachi was a genius' and I don't have a good impression on him anyway, and we three walk out together and it seems Hana want to introduce me to her mother so do itachi I'm not sure about his reason though..I was reluctant to meet them...because I've many questions in my mind first I need to investigate and clear my mind...

but hana forcefully grabbed me by arm and started to drag me.. what can I say she's an inuzuka alright..I was helplessly dragged and suddenly two root ninjas appeared in front of me and I felt relief for some reason..without waiting their speech, I asked "did father summoned me?" they nodded..I managed to free myself...and said "Hana, itachi I'm sry, I need to go" and I went with the two of them..

unknown to me, fugaku seen me when I was taken by the root ninja..well..uchiha massacre didn't happen yet, and root wasn't banished..but since it's a private organization and clan leaders deemed it as dangerous as there were nothing but puppets and several kids of their had been taken by Danzo and had been made a weapon..fugaku especially hated Danzo because his nephew Shisui was taken away after his brother's death..

after reaching them Hana and itachi greeted their parents...fugaku asked "itachi, who was the other guy, he's your teammate?" itachi replied "yes" tsume asked "what's his name Hana?" Hana replied "Diran Shimura"....fugaku narrowed his eyes towards Hana "did you say Shimura" tsume looked at fugaku "looks like we have to talk wit the hokage" fugaku nodded..itachi interrupted "what happened?..is there a Shimura coan or something, ah also....was he related to hokage?"

fugaku looked at itachi "hmm?" itachi replied "I mean he didn't attend academy it took graduation test"..fugaku then "no he's not, if my guess is correct.....anyway you go to home and stay with Sasuke..we need to talk with hokage"..

and they went Hana puzzled "don't you think it's strange" itachi didn't say anything and went to home...after a while fugaku came home with an unhappy face..itachi went to him "father, what happened?" he coldly replied "nothing" he went inside and mikoto who was carrying 14 months old Sasuke gave it to him and she went to ask fugaku what happened..he replied "itachi's other teammate Diran Shimura.." mikoto gasped "do you mean he's..." "yeah, he's that bas***d Danzo's son..the one who abducted and brainwashed shisui my brother's only son...."..

he continued "itachi, when did you learn to peek and listen"..itachi who was carrying Sasuke "I'm sorry father, I'm just curious" fugaku sighed "since you already know about the matter I'll tell you everything..you probably don't know about root.." itachi was puzzled "root?"..fugaku continued "yes, they are the same as anbu...you saw them while those two taking your teammate...they wore same thing as anbu except for there masks..now root is an secret private organization created and led by a man named Danzo Shimura...they would protect the village in the shadows..they don't have emotions..like puppets..they'll be brainwashed in childhood and will be trained as weapons..but the loyalty of root doesn't lie with konoha or the hokage but to the second hokage's ideals.."

"the very person who drove away us uchihas to the outskirts of the village and given us a police force to control commoners..and after my brother died..his son Shisui was abducted from us and they brainwashed him into a killing puppet..they have the right to take an orphan..the third hokage agreed to this..and that man developed a seal which is based on hyugas seal on their Byakugan and put the seal on their tongue which won't let them betray him ever.."

"itachi, be wary with his son, I'm not sure about his schemes and report his every action to me.. understand?" itachi helplessly replied "yes father"...a similar kind also happened in inuzuka compound..but tsume didn't told Hana something like spy on me..just told her to be wary of me

and me who was clueless about want going on outside met Danzo and he just reminded me my mission and after I went to my apartment and sat on my bed I began to collect things...

ok..so far the changes are...the ages of some characters like Hana, itachi,yugao or Shisui aren't the same as the anime....well..it doesn't matter...next Danzo has first hokage, shisui, Yamato as extra power..not sure if he has anything else under his sleeve..next Kabuto and his mother we're never there in the root...so I guess..Kabuto will be nothing more than a normal medic..and orochimaru won't have him..ok...but I really wonder who would be our sensei..

in the morning we were told to go to training ground 6, after I went there, there are two people standing in a standard jonin uniform first one is a lady who has blue hair and a lovely flower in her hair and second one is a red haired man, his eyes were something else..they have ripple type pattern..sure enough...rinnegan..the thing I dream about the most...great.....nagato and konan...another butterfly effect now I'm not sure about the future


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