Transmigrated into Naruto World
10 team 6 introductions
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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10 team 6 introductions

at the dawn when I went to the training grounds I was shocked that nagato and konan are konoha jounins and they were our sensei, it seems I came a little bit early as i can't see itachi and hana. nagato and konan were chit chatting with each other in the morning about something, but when they sensed I came they stopped talking and looked towards me.konan has some kind of vigilance in her eyes, well, I can't do anything about it. nagato on the other hand was a bit's kinda weird to me that one who was supposed to be a villain who wouldn't even blink for a second when he destroyed half of the konoha just like that in the anime is now a jonin, but I'm now even more suspicious, if this person's here then how come just one year ago kyuubi incident still happened and fourth hokage still dead.

anyway I greeted them after a few seconds konan didn't said anything but nagato replied "hello, you must be Diran right?" I replied "yes, and who are you guys?" nagato said"I'm nagato uzumaki and this is konan, you are a bit early" I just shrugged my shoulders "I just slept early yesterday, so woken up early" just then itachi came but strangely he neither didn't greet me nor nagato and konan. just stood there like a statue. after a few minutes if silence, Hana came cheerfully when she saw me, it turned into a awkward atmosphere, what happened just yesterday she was so friendly towards me now those two act like I'm kind of a ninja from enemy village or something. surely their family must have investigated about me but she came near to me and greeted me anyway "hello Diran" I replied "hello Hana" when she noticed nagato eyes, she was surprised..nagato then "what happened?" she replied "sensei, your eyes..." when he was about to reply I interrupted "rinnegan, the fabled eyes of the sage of six paths" itachi narrowed his eyes "how do you know about it" even konan was surprised and looked towards me..

I first panicked 'right, I wasn't supposed to know this, even the root doesn't know about it I think, itachi would probably know about it because they are the uchiha clan and nagato didn't even know about it himself till yahiko was killed'...and I calmed myself and lied I've read some records about it at my house

nagato shouted "ok, regroup all, and give introductions" and we stand together nagato then continued with smile "ok, my name is nagato uzumaki, I like ramen and konan, my hobbies are discovering the secrets of my eyes, I hate ninjas who leave their teammates for the sake of mission and my dream is to bring peace to the world just like jiraya sensei wished" ok next konan introduced "my name is konan, I like talking and training with nagato, my hobbies making different things out of paper, and" she turned towards me and continued "I hate Shimura Danzo the most"..

sure enough Danzo did something to yahiko either he abducted him or killed him, should note down his name on my investigation to do list.

Hana came forward "my name is Hana inuzuka, I'm the first born daughter of tsume inuzuka and heiress to the clan" well clan heirs are proud of their status alright.."I like my little brother kiba, my mom and my three little hobbies are..well..just playing and chatting with my friends and I hate people who hate our ninken, my dream is to become a great clan leader".

itachi then forward "my name is itachi uchiha, son of fugaku uchiha and heir to the uchiha clan, I like the village, my parents, my little hobbies are training and playing with my little brother and I hate people who start conflicts because of their pride and turn them into wars, I don't have any particular kind of dream, as long as village is safe I'm good"

I was really surprised and so do nagato because the one who have the most pride were uchiha themselves but when he said that I remembered when he was 4 he was taken into battlefield of 3rd ninja war by his father and he awakened sharingan early but he was turned into a pacifist..and nagato was surprised because he was bullied in his academy by uchiha students even after graduation until he became chunin he was always been shown hostility by uchiha all because his eye is more powerful than their eye.

and lastly I came forward "my name is Diran Shimura, son of Danzo Shimura, my hobbies are reading history records, I like training and I hate my father's twisted ideology and people who hate and blames others for the things they haven't done and I have lots of dreams, but for now the foremost is to cleanse the bad reputation of root and would reform it one day".

everyone was a bit surprised about my little introduction especially itachi..well when I said about I hate people who hates others for nothing I've actually referred naruto and the villagers but well I think they misunderstood as I was telling them not to hate me because of my suspicious are proved right when nagato turned to konan and replied "true, we can't hate someone just because someone related to him did something bad" konan didn't say anything but stood silent and he continued "OK, now that the introductions are over, let's begin the test for becoming genin team"

Hana puzzled "hmm, what test? didn't we already passed it and became genin" nagato smiled "didn't your mother said about it, well there were many students graduate every year, and there were limited jounins and special jounins, do you think they are enough? and not to mention the graduation test is just their way of saying that you no longer need to learn basics again, and every year only 9 or 10 teams i.e almost 30 members out of 300 will become genins and a jounin or special jounin will be assigned to these 30 to teach them and the remaining members will quit as a ninja and remain as a commoner those who won't they will be sent to the reserved department at the backside of academy they will train there and will hope to given a second chance and worst comes to worst they will be used for Drank missions, they won't improve in their life due to the lack of opportunity and talent and will become canon fodder in the war".

he said in the emotion that really touched our hearts that's keep saying, you are given talent and opportunity that thousands of them wished..but what can I say, for me this is nothing more than a boring speech

he continued "OK, your test is to defeat me" I was like w*f you can single handed raze konoha to the ground with your eyes and you are shamelessly saying that we need to defeat you..'but damn those eyes I really want them, may be in the future I should steal it?..what the hell are you thinking, you are a good man not a villain..dammit.. why wasn't I given rinnegan' (Author: you idiot, you are given more awesome one, stop adoring it)

he perhaps guessed out thoughts "ah, don't worry I'll tone down my power to a chunin level and won't use my eye powers".I kept thinking, what abilities did have, all I know in the anime he never used any Justu all used are his eye powers, but what about before his eye was activated what Justus did he used before he killed hanzo..damn..I can't remember anything useful..


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