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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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11 team 6 tes

konan stood aside and nagato "ok, let's start" and we jumped and hid ourselves or so I thought..but there's an inuzuka in our team and they only know how to battle directly..while I was hiding I lightly tapped into senjutsu and sensed nagato and Hana stood in front of each other in their battle stance, konan was sitting somewhere and doing paper crane, flowers etc..and itachi was hiding a bit far away from me and them, it seems he opened his sharingan and observing nagato.

Hana sighed "if I know today's a test I would bring Ryu, Hiro and shirou with me.."

nagato then smiled "come" and he leaped forward and sent a kick towards her, since it was so sudden and fast she wasn't able to dodge but accurately blocked it with her hands, but only for a second and she flew and crashed and then she leaped towards him with a punch it connected but he used substitution and punched her from the side and just when it was about to hit her a kunai accurately hit nagato's hand but he in the fraction of a second he was able to retract the punch and opened his hand and caught it, and Hana seized the opportunity and sent a kick towards him but he substituted again and smiled "good" but then a kunai flew fastly and it pierced his chest..I was the one who threw it but he disappeared and we learn that it's a shadow clone, afterwards there are three shadow clones appeared at each one other and we all were punched at the same time and were seperated..too bad for Hana that she didn't bring her three puppies, well me and itachi are new to her so she can't remember our smell and track us without help, but for me and itachi it doesn't matter he has sharingan and me, well I can sense them alright and even though I want to team up with them..for now it would be best if I'm alone, but I didn't bring sword today..and after this one's completed I need to go higurashi weapon shop and look for a nice sword, I'm not sure I would show mokuton..

Danzo said I should keep it as a secret, sigh what are my options? and while I was keep thinking the clone nagato began to attack me and I blocked it if it was me from before when I block I would definitely crash to the ground but I'm stronger in just taijutsu I can rival a mid chunin and this power is almost a mere high genin he was surprised and I didn't even give him a fraction of second to think, I just punch him in the stomach and the clone disappeared..

wow I became much stronger than before..I see this is the result of strenghthing and perfecting my foundations..well it was only a chunin level clone there's nothing to brag..wait a shadow clone of a jounin which have chunin level..can we do that..I scratched my head how did I know about it anyway..if it's was true then I should learn the trick

else where nagato who was with chatting with konan exclaimed suddenly "wow" konan surprised "what happened?" he smiled "it's seems Diran is much stronger than I thought.." konan frowned in displeasure "what's so good about it anyway..he just defeated your clone.." nagato sighed "hmm..wow..I think this team is really gonna be best" konan asked "what happened now?" nagato replied "itachi, that little guy is a prodigy his accuracy is deadly and Hana for a inuzuka without partner she's good, her sense of smell is strong, ok individually they have strong foundations let's see how they will perform as a team"

after I defeated the clone, I first searched for Hana quickly found her it seems she had already completed her fight...well..when I reached her itachi also came from other side...we're surprised to see each other and felt awkward and Hana laughed and then nagato appeared, we suddenly went into our battle stances and he smiled "good, now how I'll you fare against ninjutsu of this original" Hana shouted "we'll kick you ass sensei..." and started to spout a bunch of nonsense and we've sweatdropped..nagato's face looks like he's little pissed and started to waive a signs then I just grabbed her waist and leaped backwards went into a bush for hiding...

itachi turned towards Hana "can you be calm for a second, what are you thinking of angering him" well inuzukas never think about logic and we're a bit short tempered..

just she was about to retort I just took her hand and jumped sidewards and itachi who has his sharingan on also jumped other way and a massive fireball came where we previously hiding..we again regrouped and discussed I said "listen, we don't have any chance against him in one on one..have a little bit chance if we were to work together..do any of you know any ninjutsu?" they first hesitated I continued "look, whether you like it or not.. we're a team now..sooner or later we know abilities about each other anyway...so I ask once again...do you have any ninjutsu that support us now.."

Hana first replied "sigh, I didn't bring my three partners so ,by me there's only academy techniques and a single jutsu.." I smiled "ok good, I don't know any ninjutsu my father banned me from learning until I become genin..I just perfected my foundations..and I know kenjutsu..but I didn't bring sword here so..I'm just like Hana now" itachi was quite surprised that I wasn't taught any ninjutsu..he said "I know some fire jutsus and uchiha clan's taijutsu" I sighed "I guess, there's only one option" Hana asked "what is it" when I'm about be reply a huge water wave is coming towards and I shouted "disperse"..we went in each direction just dodge it..

and we regrouped and stood in front of him..and Hana used some hand signs and unleashed "Shikyaku no Jutsu"..it's a jutsu of inuzuka clan which would make ones senses and speed that of their ninken..her canines erupted she bend and sat on four legs...and she attacked, wow she was so fast that she instantly reached the chest...her claws ripped into it the nagato substituted and kicked her but she dodged and just then itachi who has his sharingan on throwing the kunai dead accurately but nagato was deflecting it with his own kunai then I kicked him at the same time but my kick was met with a kick and it was neutralized...itachi shouted "backoff" and he released "Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu (Fire Style - Art of the Phoenix Flower, the Touch-me-not)..it's an attack of dozens of fireballs..it seems it wasn't as strong as Shisui there were hardly 5 fireballs and that too small..what can I say he's only a 9yr old kid.

but still they were a bit deadly if a genin took it head on...but at the same time Hana who was still in a transformation seems to be not in control as she didn't seem to listen to him or may be she can't she was attacking nagato with her claws and the fireballs came near them...itachi paled and nagato didn't want to save her so I gritted my teeth and stride forward..itachi was surpised "what are..."..I've already gone there running with my speed and in a blink of a second I stood there and it seems nagato just disappeared I can't seen him I just jumped on to her and tightly hugged her...facing my back against the fireballs...

but it seems she still didn't came out and attacked me while I hugged her with her claws dug into my back...well the claws weren't that big or else I would've shouted in pain....and in the fraction of second the fireballs already hit my back and with her I jumped to the side.only one of it hit me...and the remaining ones just burned the trees..but the temperature was fu****g hot my back literally on fire..and a simple water ball came into my direction and out off the fire..while I jumped with her aside it seems her head been hit by the trunk of a tree she lost concious when I checked her...

nagato came to me and hurriedly "let's go to the hospital" I smiled "it's ok sensei...the burn is already healed" and I turned my back to him..it's as good as new..itachi who hurriedly came and apologized after seeing my back his face is in disbelief..but then Hana woked up and she asked "what happened" nagato asked "did you seriously not remembered anything?" Hana then "I used one of my clan jutsu..after that everything went blank" itachi then recounted the story till she woken up..she paled and apologized "I'm sorry I was desperate to prove myself that I used the jutsu without mastering it" but then she turned to me worriedly said "I'm sorry because of me, you were hurt, are you ok"

I smiled "I'm fine, see I'm already healed" I showed her bare back with no burn injuries at all...itachi mumbled "how" but it was heard by everyone...and nagato turned towards me and asked "I also wanted to ask how did you heal so fast..it's ok if you don't wanna say" since Danzo didn't forbid me from informing of this matter I replied "last year during kyuubi attack I was gravely injured and went into a coma...to protect my life my father did some experiments on me..and the result my body has been mutated and my cells are capable of healing themselves" ....everyone was surprised and nagato thinking inside 'hokage sama must learn of this" itachi was also thinking same thing but it only for a second and he started to remember about last year...that white bluish hair guy Mizuki who died as protecting as a hero by saving many lives including him and his little brother sasuke..well for Hana she didn't think much about it just accepted the fact that I protected her and she can become friends with me...as for konan who stood behind nagato from the beginning didn't speak one word from the beginning probably thinking this is probably of my schemes to get closer to my team...

as for me at least I'm feeling a little bit of relief you know carrying that big secrets in my heart is very uncomfortable you know...the biggest secret about my transmigration and the existence of gods..that thing I have to carry it for all my life anyway..atleast telling them this little secret will alteast lighten the weight in my heart..after a little while we've talked some bunch of nonsense but still I can say we've pretty much bonded

then after a while nagato smiled and said "ok, you didn't beat me yet, but you have proved yourselfs to me..you passed...ok in celebration I'm treating you all ramen let's go to ichiraku"and he raised his hand high in Naruto's style...well..it seems konan and itachi don't like ramen..konan hurriedly replied "sry nagato I need to report to the hokage you guys go and have fun" and she disappeared and itachi "sry sensei, I need to go home" me and Hana looked at each other thinking the same thing grinned and we took little itachi hand and locked his hands in our hands and Hana "c'mon itachi, we need to improve our team bonding" and we dragged him and nagato sensei followed us with a smile on his face, well..we did take a photo like this me and Hana on either side and little itachi in the middle and his hands were locked and nagato in the middle at the back...we're all smiles and itachi is pouting

years later...this very picture of my team saved me from going to darkness


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