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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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12 Nagato

after celebrating at the ichiraku we went separate ways but strangely I didn't saw ayame, I went to my apartment and sat on my bed and meditate for a while, well at first I meditate just so I could absorb natural energy or entering into senjutsu mode to improve it, but slowly it became a routine for me to meditate at the end of the day to collect all my thoughts and calming my mind, it's really helpful.

I then calmly think about today. first I need to get clear with konan, next nagato nah let's just don't worry about him for now and Hana, well she's cute *Cough* Cough* I mean she's a nice girl, an inuzuka....so, I guess she's a straightforward girl and lastly itachi..sigh..I don't know what to do with him, he's.....a bit complicated I really don't want him o be branded as a traitor but uchiha massacre should still happen for the sake of plot..it's still years away, I'll try find the solution when the time comes, for now just focus on becoming stronger.

hmm...I should still check on Naruto.its still September so I guess he's 11months old, I don't how he's been taken care of, I don't want to help him too much as I fear I already changed the plot so much. I don't wanna change it too much but if it's possible I'll try to make his suffering minimum but I won't be allowed near him considering my identity..sigh..

I came out of meditation and searched my sword, I found it after a while, it's worn out, some light cracks here and there if I punch it would break. well, it's natural it's a normal sword and I trained rigorously with it for a whole month. I need to buy a nice sword. yesterday dad gave me quite an amount of money so I think I can buy a nice one if possible a chakra metal one..I still don't know how prices here work..let's sleep for now..

next morning I woken up and went to the training ground 6, but no one's there, how would they be root training always start at 5AM and general genin training starts at 7 and now the time is still 4:45..the sun isn't even up, i sighed and I found a tree which have thick branches just climbed up and slept there. hour later I was woken up by nagato who just came there and was puzzled that I'm sleeping on a tree..he asked "why was you sleeping here?"..I replied " sry sensei, root training generally starts at 5 so, I just forgot and came early.."

he smiled "ah, it's ok I didn't tell you the time anyway"..I looked around "konan san didn't came?" he replied "no, well she will join us if we ever do C rank or higher missions" I have my doubts that hostility is because of yahiko so to clear my doubts I asked "sensei, can I ask you a question?" he smiled as he's already expecting this "you want to ask why konan is so cold towards and why she hates your father right?" I nodded..he told me to sit down with him..we just sat on the grass..and he "sigh, since there's still time I'll tell our story, well me, konan and our friend yahiko we lived at amegakure happily but during second shinobi war, our village was affected and hanzo, our village leader never cared about us after my parents got killed I was saved by jiraya sensei, they are also similar to me and jiraya sensei taught three of us the basic ninja stuff, we trained together for years and quickly became inseperable after the war completed, jiraya sensei wanted us to come to konoha and take shelter here...but the council weren't that optimistic towards us especially your father because of hanzo, well hanzo was the one who gave them legendary sannins title and left them alive but still he killed many konoha shinobi...so there was quite an hatred towards us, well what can third hokage do...then your father Danzo made a proposal if he get one of us three into root, he'll support hokage's decision...as he had quite a big support in the council..hokage approved and yahiko sacrificed himself to become a puppet, he was our leader you know konan treat him as his older brother you know"

I sighed 'sure enough, my theory is right...I guess either nagato staying here or becoming a villain like in the original anime the root is still yahiko'...

I asked "didn't you meet afterwards, you know I stayed in root till now so I know some ninjas still meet their family from time to time...all people aren't brainwashed you know only the ones who got joined there at a very young age became puppets, other people would have a seal that won't let them betray my father, although it's a assassination organization I know some who are still living normal life"..

he didn't blinked and got surprised like I expected, he was just calm as he already know about it..he didn't comment anything about what I said but just replied "after an year we again met but he was completely changed, he didn't even remember us, there's no yahiko in him anymore, that's why konan and i hate him, but jiraya sensei once told me he didn't find a solution how to make peace in this world, so he passed his dream to me...and because I have the same as rikudou sennin he believes that I'll bring bring the peace to this world just as rikudou sennin once did..so I can forget about hatred but konan ...sigh.."

as he was saying his story, I sensed there's a person spying..ah..it was the same no.8 who was given a mission to protect me from the shadows..he always follows me and just stays in the dark but today's different he's not staying there like a statue..he's looking a step forward and backward and finally he's gripping the tree like some frustration...well, everyone have problems and I don't have the luxury of worrying about them so after a second I didn't care and listened to nagato's story..

"so I apologise you for konan" I waved my hands "nevermind sensei, but why did you say this to me, you know that I'm Danzo's son right" he laughed a bit "nah, I sense you are different from him, I've seen you while you are saving your teammate, your action and expression it's a genuine one" I replied "but that's because I've regeneration.." he didn't let me finish the sentence " no, even if you don't have the ability you would still do it, I believe my judgement" some one recognizing me made me happy ,I lowered my head and said "thank you" he laughed and said " OK, things aside I've barely seen you fight yesterday, how about a warm up fight?"

I stood up and said "sure but I've conditions" he smiled "oh, tell me?" I replied "I didn't know any ninjutsu, I was only taught kenjutsu aside from that just trained in basic fighting techniques..he was surprised "my my, didn't think that guy didn't teach his son any ninjutsu" I thought 'yeah,I was only trained for 6 months, what can you expect'..he said "OK, no ninjutsu..only taijutsu"...

we took our battle stances. I put a defensive stance indicated me to attack him, I leaped forward and punched in the direction of his chest, I thought he would dodge but he just blocked with his left hand and while my hand was blocked and was formed being held by his left hand I kicked and he blocked my left kick with his right hand and threw me out and I get up from the ground he's staring his right hand there's a scratch..he frowned and said "are you holding back" I was puzzled "no?" then replied "then why there's a ankle weight on your legs..if I'm not wrong you also have them on your hands.." I was surprised "huh" not because he found it but because I forgot about them..you might wonder how did I forgot..actually because I was continuously wearing them for the past six months...even while eating sleeping or bathing..so they kinda became like a part of my body and I already forgot about them..I remembered three months ago I removed the body armor weight, probably thought that I already removed those till now..

I embarrassedly scratched my head "set sensei, it's just I forgot about them I'm wearing them for a long time so why became like a pet of body so..."

nagato sighed 'this student of mine, I'm not sure I should call him genius or stupid'. he straightened his back "OK, let them be that way, when it's tune you can remove them..by the way how much weight do you carry?" I scratched my head to think for a while and remembered and replied "around 10kg each" he relieved "only 10kg huh...good ...wait what 10kg each i.e 40kg total?" I nodded

he sighed "ok, let's continue our battle"..I took out three kunais and throw against him he took out his own kunai and he easily deflected and but by the time he deflected them I was already there and throw again a kunai he deflected it but there was a exploding tag and it exploded he already substituted anyway..and he kicked towards my chest but I blocked it and still was forced metres away the raw power from a jounin still so high..I leaped again and he was already at my side and punched me I substituted and throw two shuriken..he was really fast and he easily catched them but that was just a distraction and by the time he catched then I was disappeared as he wasn't a sensor he's looking around I actually transformed into a grass leaf...I should say I am a top genius at transformations and substitutions..people can generally transform into someone else but I can transform into anything else as long as I have my concentration..I thought it was normal at first but I found out later I was the only odd one..and this one is a life saver

I undid my transformation and was about to land a hit on his back...he really have high reflexes and he turned and caught it but unfortunately it's still was another distraction as it was a clone the attack only passed through and it disappeared , I caught him off guard and I threw two exploding kunais and it hit him and they exploded but the explosion didn't happen he absorbed it..

I protested "sensei, this is cheating you used your eye powers you used ninjutsu" he awkwardly laughed and said "hey, cheating is essential quality of a shinobi during a fight..hey don't make that face.....fine..I'll treat you ramen" I'm not much big of a fan like Naruto towards ramen but I like it very much..I replied "that's the way sensei" then I sensed there are two people who were watching...

itachi and Hana who came just a while ago while we were in middle of our fight..well..they didn't get surprised though(they don't know about my weights)...only at one instant at the end when I transformed myself from the grass leaf and was dumbfounded when nagato sensei absorbed the explosion..itachi didn't show much but Hana was completely shocked and after a few seconds they came back to earth and Hana excitedly came and grabbed my arm and asked "that was awesome, how do you do it" my face is red now, that when she realized that our faces are too close and she was grabbing my arm..well..if people doesn't know what's going on..they might think she's going to kiss me..she blushed and distanced herself...I was relieved and it turned into a slight anger while seeing nagato who grinning like a stupid child... perhaps he sensed my mood so he backed away..

itachi who was silent from the beginning changed the atmosphere by asking "sensei, what was that, how did you absorb the explosion?" I replied for him "that was one of rinnegan powers" nagato turned towards me and asked "I didn't asked you yesterday because rikudou sennin was a legend so it was obvious that you can find his picture..but how do you about it's abilities...or rather how much do you know about my eyes"

i replied "based on my research the rinnegan is the ultimate doujutsu of all..I don't know the full extent but rikudou sennin said to have created moon with it, some of it's functions are ability to control gravity around you, you can absorb every ninjutsu attacks as long as you have enough chakra.and it is said you can even revive the dead by sacrificing a little bit of your life force" Hana snorted "how can someone even revive the dead?" I shrugged "how do I know, may be it's exaggerated who knows..since sensei is here, he can tell how much is the truth" and we turned towards nagato

he awkwardly replied while scratching his cheek "well, I don't know I can only absorb ninjutsu sometimes and I can proficiently use all five elements aside from that can't do anything else"

there's a light bulb glowed in my mind 'so that's why there's no change in kyuubi incident'

nagato then "well, since the matter is over, you guys warm up by running 20 laps.." I complained "sensei, I already warm up with a fight against you just now, I'm tired" those two after running and taking rest..nagato clapped "ok, we're going to chakra control exercise, you might have already know about leaf exercise right" we nodded, it's being taught in the academy..he continued "then today you are gonna learn how to climb the trees" we looked at him at him while thinking the same thing "are we monkeys or something" he got the meaning, he explained "you are going to climb the tree till the top but only using legs like this" he went and walked up and came down

I already know about it from the anime so I thought it was damn easy I applied chakra on my feet and run towards the tree and stepped on it and tree exploded but the explosion was higher than expected then I found out the next tree is also the same Hana just broke the tree..while itachi made some progress..nagato smirked "I guess you two can't defeat even a little kid huh.." I was irked and so were both of them..itachi was annoyed because he hated to be called a little kid...at the end of the day we completed itachi first completed, Hana second and I'm last probably because of the weights..and also I have the highest amount of chakra between the three of us...

meanwhile at the hokage office

sandaime hokage was reading the report which given by nagato yesterday and was very surprised about the part of me saving Hana and about having regeneration ability..he thought 'was he a experimented subject? if my memory is right, Danzo said he adopted him 6years ago, then what about his before life..probably an orphan so I think I should ask records of orphanage. there's something wrong because based on report Diran was injured and went into coma in the kyuubi incident, so if he adopted him 6years ago, why would he let his son roam around the village, it's a bit unrealistic..I should investigate'..he made a gesture an anbu came out from shadows "collect all the orphanage records in the fire country of this boy in the photo 6years ago" the anbu disappeared..


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