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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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13 Date

I was dead tired from training came and slept and it was morning and today was Sunday..no training. I just thought that I need to buy the weapon and i don't know where higurashi weapon shop the konoha is quite big you know..I just ran and started to ask civilians the directions..but it seems they don't know I just keep asking and one old man replied "higurashi? not sure but there's a weapon shop near the park" I thought 'park?'... wasn't inuzuka compund near the park..I can just ask her the directions and I went to the park and I was surprised to find Hana who is still in her pyjamas playing with three little puppies, she looks adorable....after looking at her like ten seconds I shook my head..what are you thinking... she's only 12 for God's sake..sigh..I went there an greeted her "hey Hana, good morning" she quickly raised her head and was surprised and greeted back "hi" she further asked "what are do you doing here" I replied "well, today's a sunday so I'm looking for you" it seems she's a bit surprised and little bit excited?? "what..why?"I was actually looking higurashi weapons shop to buy a new sword..I was asking everyone details then I remembered your clan compound is near..so I came looking for you ask ..do you know about it" her face became dim and she replied with a slight dejected tone "oh, you came to ask me directions huh...you have to go near market district..you can see it or ask anyone"

I didn't noticed her expression though and I started to mumble "near market area huh..it's quite far and the market area is quite confusing"...well she heard it obviously as they were born with sensitive nose and ears...her face lit once again "well, don't need to worry, I'll take you there." I got excited as someone is willing to guide me..for an hour whole, no one helped me out aside from that kind old man..and I grabbed her two hands excitedly asked "really, thanks Hana" well she was actually sitting on the grass earlier when I bend and grabbed her hands and I'm looking into her eyes and smiling..the scenery looks a bit quite bit...and suddenly *Cough* someone deliberately coughed..we lightly blushed and looked away and I released her and stood up..

I turned side there's a woman standing and folding her hands and a huge dog is sitting across her...is that even a dog..well..my face paled she's tsume inuzuka it's said that she's quite fierce and extremely short tempered..I greeted "good morning inuzuka sama" she replied "tsume is fine" Hana who was a bit shy and cute until this time suddenly she look like she's about to eat her or something asked "what are you doing here mom" tsume smirked "nothing, just came to remind you that there's a clan meeting in three hours..you weren't there in your room so I came here..but I guess..you seem to have a date..so.. nevermind.." Hana blushed " it wasn't a date" and she mumbled "I was just guiding him to go to higurashi weapon shop" tsume then asked "afterwards?" Hana who seem to thinking something else came down to earth and replied silently "nothing" tsume smirked "yeah, yeah we'll see about that"...tsume turned towards me and I'm not sure what she wants today I was already a bit afraid of her...I'm not sure why though I just replied "um, tsume san it's ok, I can go alone..the clan meeting is important." tsume looked more fiercely now..I guess I got what did she wants to ask "I mean I can wait till the clan meeting end..I have all day free"

when heard me, Hana who looked a bit tensed a minute ago..looked relieved now I guess clan meeting was very important I guess...Hana still asked "I'm sorry about it...so um..what would you do till then?" I thought for a bit and said "hmm..probably I'll just go to meet itachi but I'm not sure his father would let me come back alive" tsume then replied "yeah, he hates your dad to the extreme" I said "it's about Shisui right" tsume was surprised "do you know him personally?" I replied "well, I saw him with my father many times" tsume then "oh, well Shisui is fugaku's nephew..and he was taken away when his brother died"

I replied "well, that leaves me with two options..either I should go to root headquarters or I should meet sensei hmm...may be I'll just go for sight seeing after all I didn't went out much till now".. and I'm thinking 'hmm..may be I should check on Naruto...nope definitely no..there would be anbu guarding him.'..and after strolling here and there I reached the hokage monument and sat there..really there's a sense of peace here...well..I felt like sleeping and I slept there for hours...

after a little while someone woke me up and she looked beautiful..I mumbled "who's this beautiful fairy waking me up" she blushed and but quickly in her usual demeanor"Diran wake up" I woke up and saw Hana..I rubbed my eyes..ok..she's Hana..hmm...did she fall for me... you idiot..you think you're some prince charming or something..it's only been 2days since we met....I shook these thoughts..and stood up and we started to walk together we reached higurashi weapon shop a while later..there's a man stood inside the counter..we went into the shop..and I greeted "good afternoon higurashi san"..he greeted back and asked "what do both of you want"..I said "I need a sword..if possible made of chakra metal..if don't have...normal one is also ok" he smiled "chakra metal is expensive you sure you can afford it?"..I replied "as long as it's less than 30,000 ryo it's ok"..well..I don't know how much is 30k so I said the total amount of money I had brought with me...he gasped "30,000?..no no with 10,000 you can get best of best with it"..even Hana surprised at that amount...I turned towards and asked "is 30k too much?"..she replied "you idiot, with 50k, you buy even a nice house in the central area...the rewards that one S class mission give around 20-50k ryo.."..I was amazed and thought 'its seems Danzo really did invest heavy on me..he gave me 40K..just how rich is root anyway'..I said "ok, please show me the finest one and also I'll buy some weights, 5 sets of kunais and shurikens."

then he told me to follow inside and we went inside..inside there are all kinds of weapons..but there are two swords that attracted me the most first one is a sword with a red hilt...I went towards it and touched it.. higurashi san shouted "No, don't", but it's already late..when I touched heat flowed throughout my body as if it wants to burn my body alive I hurriedly put it away....Hana worriedly took my arm and checked if there was any burn.. luckily there's nothing..she asked "what kind of sword is this anyway?".... higurashi san replied "sry about that, this sword is called fire fang it was once wielded by kenjutsu master kushina uzumaki...only an uzumaki can wield it..I quickly turned towards other one "what about that one?" it looks quite old, it's a double-edged one and looked quite sharp..

he replied "it's called inazuma or you can call it as lightning strike...it was once wielded by a legendary samurai back in rikudou's era...you can say it's one of the oldest swords in the world.. it's said that the samurai can summon the lightning from the sky with it and used it to destroy his enemies..no one knows whether it's true or not..well...many people tried but no one summoned it till now so it's became just an another old sword...but it's made of chakra metal..so it's still useful"..I don't why but my instincts told me to buy it and I bought it..while I was admiring the swords...it seems Hana was looking at something and she wore gloves and smirking.."Hana..what is it?"..she excitedly these gloves are awesome..they".. higurashi san completed it "those gloves didn't have a name yet..it was just a prototype....you can store your chakra in it..when your chakra become empty you don't need to rest.you can concentrate on it and you'll get chakra which you stored ..that's just a prototype so it can store around a high genin..for you now..it's enough".wow, did that type of gloves existed in the anime...I'm not sure..anyway..it's quite good ...but I don't need it it anyway...i can absorb senjutsu chakra whenever I want.."Hana, do u like it?"...she replied excitedly "yeah"....I turned to higurashi san and said "we'll take that one too"..he replied "but that costs 8000ryo"..she was stunned and hurriedly said "no, I don't need it..8K ryo for this gloves is not worth"..I just smiled "it's not about money Hana... we're shinobi..you don't know when we face danger and how strong the enemies would be and how long we can battle..it can save your life... I'll buy it even if it's 80000 ryo"..well..she didn't say anything for a while and after paying total 15K, I went out with my sword inazuma with 5sets of kunai and shurikens and some exploding seals...

after talking and walking together for a while I noticed sun already went down...we strolled for a while..she was talking non stop and I was just listening..on our way..we met Hana's classmates..they were talking between themselves..for some time to time those girls looking at me and resuming thier discussion with her..then we went to Akimichi restaurant..ate and afterwards we went separate ways..since her house and my house is in opposite direction from the restaurant..and she persuaded me that she'll go alone...well..she's strong and a clan heir so..I wasn't worried anyway..and I reached my home...I meditated for a while and slept after thinking 'today was a good..that was my first date here wasn't it'..


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