Transmigrated into Naruto World
14 C rank Mission
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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14 C rank Mission

For the next few days we have been training to improve chakra control, I asked for a ninjutsu technique but nagato sensei didn't taught me anything..all we done is walking on trees, walking on water and even walking on wall..and thing that's nice is I've become close with nagato sensei and Hana..although itachi is close with us, but it feels like he's keeping his distance not just from me but all three of us and I didn't even saw konan since the test...

next week there's kyuubi incident still hasn't been an year the village is a bit dull...many people still hasn't these few days, I finally got the news of Naruto..just like the anime..nothing changed..and there are absurd rumours I heard when I asked people about it that fourth hokage transformed the kyuubi into baby. and left for us to kill it....

I asked sensei about it as he was probably the only uzumaki in the village, surely he can adopt Naruto right. it seems my dear father Danzo rejected his intention if adopting as he was still deemed not full trustworthy. sigh, it's ok if Danzo behaves like that. but even some of the clan leaders aren't positive with nagato especially fugaku and he even argued with hokage not to keep his son with me and nagato, probably because rinnegan is superior to sharingan. and I guess he told itachi to keep distance away from him and of course me.what can he do he's only 9year old kid.

on the day of fourth hokage death anniversary and also kyuubi incident..hokage ordered all shinobi and civilians assembled, we prayed for the dead ones, he gave some boring speech. and the evening was a mess there are many people who drunk and we're are all shouting why the third hokage is keeping that demon alive, he should be killed. the uchiha police force were quite busy that night.well, naruto was safe for now as I heard from Hana that third hokage is currently taking care of him.

after the anniversary we have gotten D-rank missions, those were pretty much horrible I mean who would want to babysit others, cleaning and painting some houses, house chores of some clan leaders...seriously..well helping out for the house construction was OK for me.

Hana was already became impatient and keep protesting that we don't do D ranks anymore. and whenever she starts sensei would look at me and I will go to calm her but after two to three weeks, I also began to agree with her and itachi in his own silent way protesting we aren't gonna do D-ranks anymore. He helplessly agreed.

we went to the hokage's office, this is probably the first time we met at least directly face to face. he smiled "Nagato, what is it" Nagato replied "hokage sama, they are ready for C-rank" he replied with a frown "you sure about's been only few weeks they graduated". Nagato turned towards me and I replied "hokage sama, I trained in the root foundation and I've been long been ready for it, these two here are clan heirs they are stronger than average genins," hokage frowned a bit "it's precisely because you are High profile targets that I'm reluctant to give you mission outside the village" and he turned towards nagato "I told you nagato many times that village still hasn't completely recovered yet, there may be chances of having spies of all villages, if the word gets gets out that two of the clan heirs are outside the village there may be assassination attempts we can't take that risk" and he turned towards me and said "Diran, probably you don't know the fact that there are many people outside in the enemy villages as well as in ally villages who wants to kill your dad, the word is already out that danzo had a heir in the village and if there are spies and it's probably already leaked that Danzo had a son and they won't hesitate to spill your blood"

Hana paled upon hearing and was about to say something to me, I closed her mouth. and looked directly into hokage's eyes. it seems there was a concern in his eyes not sure to whom that referred to..then I said with smile "isn't that the very reason a jounin and a special jounin being assigned to our team. and even if konan wasn't around, I believe in sensei, he's strong enough to protect us", itachi who was silent opened his mouth "sensei has those eyes." while hokage was about to reply something I said "and I was always being protected by a root ninja who's stronger than most of the anbu guys all the time." he turned towards nagato who replied "hokage sama, they are my students I'll protect them with my life"

he reluctantly agreed "fine, this is a C-rank mission, you need to go udon no kuni - land of noodles, there it's daimyo earlier asked for help them, mission details will given to nagato, you can read it later"..he gave a scroll to nagato and he warned "it's on the border land of fire and water country, it's also a bit near to kirigakure.although we've no enmity like with the rock. there's an internal war going on. and we konoha don't want to involve in their business, there may be chance someone will took advantage of it and attack you guys, be careful"

nagato replied "we'll fine hokage sama, I'll take konan with me on this mission just in case" homage frowned "she's been assigned to a A-rank mission, they haven't come back yet." nagato got worried for a second.. hokage reassured him "don't worry, I got the news that mission is being completed. she's currently at nagi island I'll send the message her to standby at land of noodles.. she'll directly meet you there. hearing that he was relieved.

sensei turned to us "OK kids, pack up your luggage for atleast 15days and meet me at the gate". we bowed to third hokage and went our ways. I packed my luggage and emergency food, oh..and I forgot about inazuma i.e my sword.well from my date of purchase, I didn't wield it yet, or rather I don't get the chance till now, I'm quite busy with missions. well for Hana, it seems she's also in the same situation as me. I asked about why she isn't wearing it. everytime I ask she keeps blushing and then swearing her mom in low voice..sigh how do I know because her mom keeps teasing her about it she wasn't wearing it either during training or in missions..

but today since it's a C-rank one, she has worn it...she worn a training outfit and with that gloves on, she looks absolutely like a fighter..thank God she's isn't like sakura or ino and itachi..sigh, same as always..we met and I was pretty much excited to go out of the village for the first time, we started our journey in the afternoon. we have two stops before we reach udon no kuni, one is otafuki gai and other is keishi..otafuki gai is a small town which is near konoha and keishi is the capital city of fire country, we reached otafuki gai by night to take rest there but strangely I thought this town isn't that much far from konoha and it'll only take a few hours from the gate and we travelled quite fast in my opinion but the town is very silent even if it's night it's like it's been vacated or something, nagato sensei isn't talking for some reason..forget about it now..from the moment we started our journey he talked nothing... Hana asked "sensei, why is this town silent" nagato replied in a cold voice "forget about it for now..we have mission to do"..

well we thought that when sensei is doing mission probably he'll turn into cold person. after a while we reached an inn and there are people drinking but they were silent just minding their own business..itachi was acting very vigilant and he silent nudged me while we're walking upstairs and gave me a paper..I took it and read silently "this place isn't otafuki gai,"

I just nod and did nothing though...Hana at that time "Diran, this place gives me creeps"...we were given three rooms, itachi and me in one room, sensei in other and Hana is in the last one..after reaching the room itachi talked slowly "I feel like it's a trap".. I sighed and I replied "just give me a second.."..and I went out the restroom and tapped into senjustsu..marks again appeared I began to concentrate on nagato..and I got my confirmation..


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