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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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15 Escape??

he's not nagato, his chakra is way different from original..I'm sure he's fraud then I guess we got misled from the starting point?.and further I saw there's someone with him probably talking about something, damn he's giving him something looks like stack of notes?..may be.. first I regroup with my team and contact the two root ninjas who have been following us from the gate, but they are different from the usual one and don't seem like strong..just in case I made a wood clone and told him to hid here for now..as the reason is I discovered recently that up to a certain distance I can swap with my one of my wood clones..

and I got out and said to itachi who was still waiting there patiently.."itachi, the one who came with us till now is a fraud, let's regroup with Hana and go out of here..before they start to assassinate us".he was surprised "how did you know about it, you were with me until now..just as clueless as Hana." I frowned "I have my own secrets just like uchiha have their own". he became silent and continued "but we don't need to say too much to Hana"..I sighed "yeah, I know"..probably they want to assassinate us in the midnight after we're asleep.so it's as as silent as before now. we silently went to her room.its obviously locked lights are off, she's already asleep..while I'm thinking..the little itachi nicely opened the door with a needle..I was stunned and he looked right into my eyes and said "a ninja should know every skill" but I wasn't convinced and stared continuously he turn his eye away from me and replied "fine, I just had the habit of snuck into the uchiha clan library in the night it was locked so..." "anyway we're in"..and when we reached her I really had the urge to smack her head, we're here hard-working and in the tension of assassination and she was soundly sleeping like she doesn't care and those three puppies of her" itachi try to woke up her but she isn't waking..damn it's only been 10-15minutes we reached you have already completely slept..he just asked me what to do I just told him lift that puppy and throw her in her face..and he really did that..you idiot I only told you casually...he's really suited for root..probably that's why Danzo ordered him to kill uchiha clan not any other.

well anyway that sudden falling wake up the puppy and it began to scratch everything near it.. unfortunately we have already backed up poor Hana..she suddenly woke up screaming and i just hurriedly went near her and closed her mouth "hey Hana, it's us" she was surprised "hey what are you doing here" I replied "first calm down and listen carefully "first we're going to escape this place now, it's a trap" she looked puzzled "trap, what trap?" I replied "just trust us and come with us now" Hana replied "ok.....wait where's sensei" itachi replied "sensei isn't here..come hurry..we have to go fast and go into that forest"..from her window a bit far there's a forest located there..

she looked in the direction "forest? what forest this is a town I can't see any forest there are only buildings" I smacked my head it's a genjutsu obviously..I put my two fingers on her forehead and "Kai" it dispelled for her..she paled "what!!! forest how come..it's a genjutsu" I helplessly replied "yeah, I didn't realise it till now" itachi frowned "you didn't know it was genjutsu?" I shrugged "I'm immune to most of genjutsus so I was never caught in it" Hana was surprised "then why didn't you tell first, it was obvious there was no forest in town" I didn't say anything how the f**k am I supposed to know a small town in Naruto world looks like...there are forests everywhere..

I changed the topic "c'mon let's hurry and we jumped out if the window and ran towards the forest we carried each of Hana's puppies and went to the forest.and my wood clone went to down and ate something and started to go out..when I went out my clone sensed there are three ninjas following him..he just strolled around and our connection was cutoff it indicates that we're very much far from each other.. I ordered my clone to drag to the situation like this so that it may give us enough time..

sure enough the connection was cut off and so the clone disappeared..it surprised the ninjas who were following and cursed "f**k, we're being fooled and our plan being exposed..hurry before they totally escaped" and by the time they reached the Inn and told them we already reached the forest..itachi then asked "we escaped temporarily but what now" Hana who was in dark till now asked itachi "tell me, what's going now" itachi was silent and she's caught his collar and keep asking questions..poor itachi..I hurriedly calm her down and recounted the whole story..she paled "so, sensei was never with us from the start.. we're going to die on our very first mission outside the village"..she lost a bit courage and hope..well inuzukas were very fierce but unlike itachi and me she didn't faced life danger till now..or should I say she's just a pampered princess in her clan..but I shook my head remembering the day of our test.m

I comforted her "don't worry about it, we still have our protection, there are two root ninja following us from the start" she looked relieved though, itachi on the other hand frowned "are you a sensor?, now I get it how you found her while we have test at the same time as me" I replied "we can talk about my abilities later, first we should contact konoha about our location, we don't have any summoning creatures, I can send one of the root to really the message to hokage about our location so that sensei or any backup can come and save us"

I shouted "I know you are here, come out you two" well I don't know their numbers..so I just shouted like that but there's no movement so I just said again "I, Diran Shimura son of Danzo Shimura here by order the root ninjas..to come before me" well, it's a bit embarrassing to read this sentence but when I asked Danzo about how should I make them appear before me if want to specifically order them something..he made up this line on the spot and told them the same..so if I spoke out this sentence they are to abandon all their duties and should come and kneel before me to take new orders.

well, it worked and two ninja came no.45, and no.63..looks like one's a special jounin level and other a chunin..level..I turned to no.63, I ordered him "you are to immediately go to konoha in your fastest your speed and give this scroll to hokage, how much time do you take" he replied "Diran sama, it would take 3 hours minimum" I muttered "dammit, we don't have that much time" and I turned towards.. no 45..I asked him the same question be free he replied Hana said "why are you trying to send him, if that guy were to send we're doomed" and even itachi said "yes, it would better if we send this guy and wait for 3hours"

I turned towards "are you idiots, if this guy take 3hours to reach konoha, how much time would it take for the back up to reach us..by the time they reach here..we would be corpses." Hana replied "why don't we just go with them back to konoha they can be our escorts"..itachi and I looked towards her like seeing an idiot..I sighed and asked again "how much time you need to go konoha" he replied "if I hurry I can make it in an hour" "Diran sama, how about I use my summoning and relay the message to Danzo sama, he'll send some backup and we'll protect you until they reach here.." I sighed and there's a suddenly a bulb lighted in my mind "hey, do you know what place is this and tell me about this place" no 63 replied "Diran sama we're near the place called gambler den..it's a very small town, this place is generally full of small time criminals, and outcasted ninjas,etc.."

Hana screamed at them "then, why the hell you didn't warn us before"...I replied to her in a cold tone "because it's not their job Hana, please remain quite for a while" she instantly shut up and I began thinking "wait he did say this is gambler's den right..that means we would be near keishi" I asked them "how much distance is keishi from here?" no.45 replied "around 5hours" I frowned "if you carry one and run in your fastest, then?" he replied after a while "if I'm alone and I'm carrying any one of you and running at my top speed "1hour" and I further asked "if you are to make a shadow clone and carry two persons?" he calculated for a few seconds and frowned "2hrs and 3hrs at maximum" I smiled "good" I turned towards Hana and itachi"you two are going with him to keishi", I turned towards no.63, "you take this letter and do as I said earlier if you meet any konoha shinobi especially any jounin relay the same msg to them, as for me I'll be a decoy till then"

Hana screamed with a bit tears "no, you can't.I..I..why don't you come with us?" I smiled helplessly "because it would take at least 2-3hrs for your safety and going back to konoha isn't an option by this time they should have began to search the town and will come to the forest..the road to konoha probably already blocked.only option is to take the route of the narrow path that way and reach keishi and it would take too much time if there are any members"

itachi then asked "why?.." before he continued I replied "because you are my first friends.." no.45, then "Diran sama why don't I stay behind and drag the time..our mission is to protect you..and by the time I was defeated you would already reached keishi" I frowned "there are 2 jounins, whether you or me, it's the same, this is my order and you have to follow it" I went to Hana and took her hand and said "don't worry, I'll be alive remember that I have regeneration? I can stay alive so and deal the time for you guys, I'm best person for now..now don't waste the time and go and be safe for me"

itachi who didn't finished his words "why do you want to sacrifice yourself?, can't you just abandon us and be alive" I replied " this is my conviction to protect you guys even at the cost of my life" itachi got a bit stunned hearing similar words just as an year ago..he then firmly said "I'll stay here with you" I got a bit surprised "but.." seeing the look on his face face..sigh I sometimes wonder what is his mental age...I helplessly agreed "fine,. then. bit change of plans..no.45, you take Hana and go to keishi..and stay and guard her..I don't trsut anyone..so you don't have to come back..no 63 will do just like before..but we have Hana's triplet ninkens.. since they are triplets they can track each other even better than us..so Hana and you will carry one, me and itachi takes one and and the last one will go with no.63." I turned towards Hana and asked "is that okay..I mean I'm putting one of your ninken in life danger" she sighed "it's ok, I can take it" and then we separated before separating she tightly hugged itachi and me and reluctantly went with him as she clearly knows she will only drag us down..

I sighed 'damn this stupid hero complex'..I turned towards itachi while we we're running all around forest I asked him "why did you stayed, you know, because of instant regeneration I'll be alive as long as I'm just fleeing" he didn't reply anything..I just said "fine, stick with me around and don't you ever lose that puppy.." that puppy was quite pitiful though..he was separate from his siblings and Hana..and we didn't have the time to care about it's feelings..it was quite harsh..but what can I say..that's the type of world it is..

I'm not a natural sensor so I need to use senjutsu to sense people chakra.. fortunately it's the forest, it always boosts my sensing capabilities...

I then sensed and there are 5 people who are already in the forest..it seems one of them is a jounin two are special jounin and other two are chunin..damn..Danzo..damn nagato why didn't you taught me any ninjutsu..and my mokuton is useless..can only defend at best and can produce clones.

I sighed and said "itachi,the enemy has already caught up to us.." he replied "how many" I said "5, one jounin, two special jounin, and two chunin, you go and I'll delay him and for a while" he hesitated "but"..I calmy replied "don't forget you are the heir to uchiha, if you die, the village won't be at peace. especially the uchiha..we've already suffered much an year ago." I continued "this is why I said you should have gone with him..sigh..ok if you want me to help just go in that direction, there is a chunin 560m 10'o clock and jounin is at 350m 6'o clock , the rest are quite after it'll take time to reach here..only the jounin know where we are and he's coming alone...I'll give you some time till you finish the chunin..he's the weakest one here..and after you signal attacking the jounin with a giant fireball enough for me to escape..understood?" he replied " yes," and he began to Sprint in the chunin direction.i sighed deceiving people really makes you feel guilty well as long as he's safe that's fine and I began to Sprint towards 8'o clock in the exact opposite direction itachi went towards..there are five ninjas who are coming towards me


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