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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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16 First kill

as I was going in their direction, they probably sensed me and stopped right there. I reached them. can't identify them so there are all insignificant ones, judging by their forehead protectors it seems they belong to iwa..he looked at me and frowned "you aren't itachi uchiha, tell me where he is, probably we'll give you a nice death".

I laughed "wow, iwa sure are arrogant when they get their a** kicked by our fourth hokage now that he's no longer alive, you dare to be arrogant again". his face got black I guess I really sprinkled salt on their wound, "kid, you would really wish for death at the end of the day". I provoked them even further "hmpf, anyone can be arrogant when they face a mere genin like me. as a konoha shining I formally challenging you a jounin of iwa to a battle to death." a chunin who was in the back sneered "kid, do you think you have a option here and you could do what ever you wish"

I replied "hmpf, I guess all I iwa shinobi are p*****s after all their joining can't even have the dare to fight a mere genin" the idea jounin "kid, you really infuriated me, today your death will be so gruesome that the kids there would be frightened to even graduate..I accept your challenge."I then bowed down and removed my all weights.its been 6months since I removed them, at that moment I really feel my legs and my hands too light..

I smirked "well, let's the race begin" and I run further away from them they were a bit dumfounded they were expecting me to fight them, they think I'm a fool or something...

I just ran very fast inside the forest I'm not sure where am I going. well, I dunno this place after all.. after I went some far I heard a loud scream "f**k" I laughed..well..if he's some any level I would be caught by now..but he's just an ordinary jounin and iwa basically are slower because they never practise speed as their all Justus are basically earth type..so they just need to stand and defend and attack..so it's pretty easy for me..to escape.

still that jounin speed is quite fast but unfortunately he's no sensor I think the chunin's the sensor I just went around circles I created wood clones and scattered them all over the forest..soon they were separated.my first target is those those two chunin..the sensor one is quite troublesome so I chose the other..I swapped with one of my wooden clones which is currently spying on my target..just then I was quite dizzy as someone landed a heavy hit on my back..dammit..the one which mg clone absorb was just a earth clone the real one is hiding in the ground.

I was crashed into a near by tree..I stood up.. he isn't calling any type of signal to his other teammates it seems he wants his prey alone. we started the taijutsu fight. a while later I figured I may have the speed but his strength is amazing. he's too slow, but one hit of him really the strength of ten hits of mine. sigh..I thought with this strength I can be at least as good as a chunin, it seems that's not the case. well it's naturally he has the experience in a battle while I don't have much. I didn't have kenjutsu techniques right now so it's impossible to defeat him right now. I guess I should just hide..hmm..by the way where is itachi right now. before I sense him there's a huge fireball coming right at us. we dodged it and and I look towards the source sure enough it's Itachi I grinned "thanks itachi, you are a life saver" well he's still a bit furious I guess because I deceived him. he's about to say something I interrupted "we'll talk about it later first we need to finish him...by this time it's already midnight." I looked up in the sky and said "see, the clouds are about to cover the moonlight, we can take it as our advantage.., can u hold him for a few minutes. while I recover my chakra" he nodded well, my chakra is being almost depleted I have may wood clones being running here and there. I sat down and took chakra pill and began to recover my chakra, it seems itachi seems to be can't hold any longer.. a few seconds later I shouted "itachi now" and he distanced himself and found a tree and slowly climbed up..

I activated my senjutsu and I'm sensing him. the clouds are now completely covering moon I've got maximum a minute so I took my kunais and shurikens and began to attack him..there's only sounds like argh...with pain coming from him he doesn't have any fire jutsus so he's pretty much blind..I took my sword silently approached and just when I'm about to pierce his chest the clouds are gone and moonlight is back..his reflexes are awesome..

his figure was quite bloody now. there are several cuts and blood flowing out in different parts..before he further attacked I suddenly remembered about the day when I was trapped in some kind of dimension that's connected to my mindscape. I just stood there. and I shouted to the itachi who was behind me "no matter what stay there, don't come to help" he was puzzled but stayed silent the idea shinobi leaped forward and he released a jutsu that's quite similar to my moku no jutsu..no it's not the same but the principle behind it is the same..it's also the same as akimichi's partial expansion jutsu..his right hand turned into a rock and he punched it in speed. but he's already slow. when I activated senjutsu and the sage Mars appeared near my eyes but this time it's not the same as first hokage's it's more like mixed with tsunade yin release..I mean the marks appeared near my eyes and they are extended up to chin..I can see clearly his movements but in slow time, it's like the world is moving so slow. I look around itachi is running towards me in a very slow motion..wow this is really awesome. and after distracted for a second I sensed there's another guy coming in this direction he's one of special jounin..I looked towards the chunin who was in the midway I went to him and I concentrated all my natural energy on my right arm and with it the marks disappeared, this time I feel like I can defeat him..I'm not sure how much strong this punch it would be but it would already defeat this guy right.but suddenly time isn't as slow as much as before it's going faster and will sooner the natural state..the punch reached me but I'm faster I bend my upper body in left and I leaped forward with a huge cry I uppercut him with all my strength. what happened next is the moment I would probably remember all my life. his head completely blew up and his body turned into a pound of flesh and the blood scattered all over body..I was shocked and I'm seeing all blood here and there. my mind is currently in a mess. my body is shaking.

there's a scream coming from right just ahead I observed my surroundings there's no itachi there. I tried to sense him..I found a faint life energy..it's strange I tried to sense chakra but I'm sensing life force...senjutsu is really mysterious. I will think about it after we went back to konoha. first need to save itachi..

no matter how much itachi a genius, he's after all a 9year old kid, I hurriedly reached him, I was dumfounded...he's hurt but he's completely fighting evenly with a special jounin..wow..no wonder he can kill the entire uchiha clan at a mere age of 13 or 14..not sure but but many forums said so. he is holding out pretty well..just an unexpected quick strike from that guy with kunai appeared and it was about to slit itachi's throat I sprinted up and just in time my sword blocked the his kunai. and I launched a kicked towards him it connected?..hmm..I was puzzled was he weak or something..I then remembered previous fight with that chunin my strength is weak but all my attacks are connected unlike before probably because of constantly activating senjutsu or removing weights..who knows. unlike previous chunin he's quite skinny for a iwa shinobi but then it isn't necessary that all is should be bulky..anyway..I turned my head towards itachi and saw he has awakened mature sharingan i.e three tomoe one

we started to attack together I'm kicking and punch while my senjustsu is active all the time.. I'm continuously absorbing chakra and attacking him. itachi was attacking him with fire jutsus..but after sometime probably because of continuous usage of sharingan. he was out of chakra and I told him to stay away for a while recover chakra but it seems this special is hell bent on killing itachi he's ignoring me and attacking him. I'm shielding him from time to time I was regenerating fine..then I looked at him and he was in daze I thought he was again surprised at something but when I was crashed to the ground and the guy kicked him. he was still in a daze and just flown all the way and crashed into a tree and didn't wakeup I found out he still has life force and his chakra at minimum any more jutsu he will die..I relieved for a second..but that guy seems he isn't stopping he's going to the unconscious itachi and used Doton: Dosekiryu- Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon ...damn this would really kill him and I ran all the way with my top speed to him and I was to take him away bit the attack was already near a huge dragon shaped rock attack is coming and I mustered up all my will and released "Moku Shouheki no Jutsu - Wood Barrier Technique" the huge wood dome once again appeared after the last time with shisui. everything is dark around me..I didn't try to sense outside as continuously producing senjustu chakra is hard enough to concentrate..I'm just trying to hold on but I'm not sure how long. for a few minutes a few Justus kept attacking the dome it's getting destroying and getting repaired again..sigh he's really strong I guess he's just playing with us earlier I was foolish to think I can defeat a special joining who have way more experience...half n hour later..there are no attacks coming towards the dome..I didn't dispersed it and sensed the outside situation..I was surprised to found out there are 7 people outside the 4 are those iwa ninja there is one I didn't identified yet one is of a root ninja I'm familiar with but when I saw the last chakra I got relieved and 10 minutes later there are no sounds signalling the fight is over and I stopped using senjutsu..and the dome quickly crumbled. actually my chakra reserves already depleted long ago. I was holding out till now with my senjutsu chakra..all my wood clones are dispelled..the two konoha shining were very surprised when they see me and nagato smiled..I smiled in return and my consciousness faded..sigh..

I woke up in a hospital next day. I didn't have any injuries so I guess probably they checked for my DNA and did some tests and this is going to be busy day. when I woke up there's a girl who was sleeping near me while sitting on the chair and she's tightly holding one of my hand..when I saw her..a smile appeared..'i guess she was really worried' I can't help but stroke her hair but quickly took my hand back. who would have known soon that smile will be taken away from me for a very... very long time


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