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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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17 Senju heir?

after I got discharged, we went to itachi. he's still sleeping. it seems he hasn't recovered yet. well it's natural since he has a normal body unlike mine. sigh.. the first C-rank mission was a failure. then I remembered my fight and when I remembered that headless body which I smashed it, my stomach began to burn. my mind totally a mess. I killed someone with this hands.i involuntarily clenching my hands and releasing them. I don't know what kind of expression am I wearing but it sure worried Hana she asked "are you alright?". I came out of thoughts, "ah, Hana no worries, just thinking about something"

we walked together for a while in silence. she stopped and I turned back she's looking down grit her teeth and clenched her fist. I asked "what happened?" she replied "I'll become stronger, so that I can no longer be a burden to you guys anymore" her voice almost looks like she's about to cry "I...I don't want to be left behind".

My heart soften a little bit and I walk towards her and stood before her. I said "look at me".her head was still down I lifted her chin up there was tears in her eyes .."I'm sorry but I never once thought you were weak..neither does itachi think. you are a strong kunoichi...OK?" "now now see this tears doesn't suit you" I gently wiped her tears with my hand...she just came forward a bit and tightly hugged me "promise me that you'll never go off on your own and think about sacrificing yourself for us"..I replied "well,that's a bit heavy promise for me. I'm not sure whether I can do that..." she sternly said "do it"...she increased her strength in her hug..seriously girl do you want to break my bones or something.."fine, I promise...now would you please spare me or else my bones will be crushed ow..."she suddenly left the hug and began to smile...

'wow' I went in a daze and thinking about some useless things...she woke me up and ask "what happened?" I said in reflex"you were really pretty when you were smiling you know.." she blushed and a few seconds later I realised what I have said and I blushed and looked away..after a awkward moment of silence..we just strolled around the town..meanwhile

at hokage's office sarutobi hiruzen, the third hokage is looking a bit furious at Danzo who was also sat with other two council elders koharu and homura who were originally in team tobirama which was dissolved later..the hokage have reports on his hand and he slammed the desk before him and ask loudly "tell me Danzo, why is your son's DNA is matching with the Lord first hokage's..koharu replied "hiruzen, you already know the fact that Diran was injured in kyuubi attack and he was being given shodaime sama's cells for his treatment..so what's wrong with him having it"... homura supported "yeah, hiruzen it's not like he's the first one...many people who were gravely injured before were saved by shodaime sama's cells.."Danzo is silent but has a light smirk on his face..

horizon gritted his teeth and said sternly "I didn't said anything about having first hokage's cells..I'm telling his whole DNA is matching with hashirama sama's DNA..we didn't even find any first hokage's cells in his body.." koharu who was surprised replied "are you telling his cells completely absorbed first hokage's cells completely and evolved?" the hokage replied coldly "first I thought the same but found out that's not possible..and that gives me a conclusion towards a second possibility which reminds me nagato reported me on their genin team test, when he saved his teammate Hana inuzuka, his back was burned but was completely healed in a few seconds..instant regeneration capability, only two people have it one is senju hashirama and the other is my student senju tsunade who still needed a seal and will experience after effects later but nevertheless the same ability..but then I thought it was just a coincidence..he probably would have gotten it by accident...but I have my suspicions and I gave a mission to my trusted anbu about finding his origins since danzo mentioned me he was being adopted at age of 6..so after searching the entire fire country orphanages I found there's no child resembled him"

danzo laughed in the inside 'he was never existed...poor hiruzen you probably would never know that his face is just the result of my experiment'

the hokage who's still in angry mode continued "then the only thing that got to my mind is your root Danzo...and nagato and the other jonin reported me that yesterday Diran used mokuton jutsu to save himself and Itachi's life..having regeneration, using mokuton and had a DNA match with the shodaime it's not just a coincidence"..he slammed the desk again..it broke into pieces, he shouted "tell me Danzo, why is the senju clan heir is being raised by you, and you never bothered to inform neither the council nor even the hokage and knowing you, you would know about it all this time as you even made him your successor"

koharu and homura were stunned by the analysis of third hokage that senju clan heir is alive..they turned towards him and koharu said "danzo, I'm surprised that you intended to keep this big secret all this time..we may have supported you all this time but if the matter is of senju clan heir, I'm afraid we have to turn against you. we need some explanation now"

Danzo from the moment hokage telling the story already started to formulate a new plan..he thought 'first I thought I should place Diran in anbu and make him spy but that wasn't needed at all..hahaha..hiruzen, you really dug your grave by even giving me a better plan.'

Danzo who was silent from the start opened his mouth "hiruzen, you really deserved to be called professor, fine I'll give you the truth..he's an orphan that I found on the streets of konoha 12 years ago..a one year old child abandoned just crying in the winter..nobody cared about him so I felt pity and took him in...well, I was a never an emotional type so I didn't inform anyone.so I raised him alone..I found out later from his DNA that he's indeed a senju, he didn't have any abilities till an year ago though..hiruzen, he's my son..I don't care whether he's a senju heir or not...after age of 6, I officially adopted him..and began to groom him as my successor..hiruzen, the village doesn't need some senju clan heir..they only need shinobi..and whether it's a hyuga or uchiha or a no clan one they are shinobi..and they will die to protect konoha.."

koharu and homura apologized "we're sorry, we know that you care about village more than anyone, we apologize for doubting you have selfish motives" the Danzo sighed "but still hiruzen, i hate to say this but now the truth is out we should inform the village that senju clan isn't dead..your student deserted the village and she was practically dead in villagers eyes..she no longer deserves to be a senju clan head...due to the kyuubi incident, there was already distrust towards uchiha..and I got the news that they may start to rebel against sooner or later. if we let this go on like this they will start to lose trust in the hokage and even in shinobi system and we may even face problems with daimyo"

koharu continued his words "so, if we announce senju clan heir is alive then the villagers will regain their hope, uchiha clan can be suppressed for atleast a few years..hiruzen what do you think about it"

the hokage sighed "I actually thought about only informing clan leaders but after hearing your thoughts, I think it's better this way having three clan heirs together and that too an uchiha and senju clan heirs together, I don't think it's a better idea" Danzo replied "no actually it's better that's why I purposely asked you to put itachi with my son as this way we can check on uchiha heir and not to mention we can't afford to put all anbus for each of them..don't worry about their security..assign a few anbus, I'll increase my root ninjas and you already assigned a jonin and a special jonin as their teacher"..koharu replied "yes, it's a good plan..ok...conduct a emergency meeting today in the evening," a while later they went..and after sometime..homura entered the office alone..the hokage said "homura, today don't you think danzo is a bit different" homura was puzzled ...hokage continued "he's a bit too cooperative today as if he planned everything happened in the meeting..can u keep an eye on him as always and find what's his scheme"..homura replied "sure"

Danzo meanwhile who was walking leisurely with fuu yamanaka in his root headquarters...fuu asked "danzo sama, why did you let Diran away from our grasp..we didn't put any curse seal on him...now he's already becoming heir to the senju clan..what if he sides with hokage"..Danzo who replied with smile "diran is on our side, as for why..that you don't need to know for now..and if he's heir to senju clan..until he becomes 18..he can't take the council seat of senju clan..till then as his adoptive father, I can be representative i.e temporary clan head for five years..and that's enough time to take everything our control..and even if I fail...with Diran's support along with the rest our supporters my voice would be greater than hiruzen.the hokage seat would be mine sooner or later.. hahaha..I really need to thank him for giving me an excellent opportunity to proceed with my plans..the only problem is to transfer the rights to him by tsunade without making her come back to the village"


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