Transmigrated into Naruto World
18 Senju heir part 2
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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18 Senju heir part 2

as Danzo was busy in scheming behind hokage's back using me.. hokage was busy with discussing with the temporary Nara clan head gaen Nara who is the uncle of Shikaku Nara, just was filling in until shikaku reaches adulthood..he wasn't as smart as shikamaru or Shikaku but still a Nara's a Nara..

Gaen after thinking for a while "hokage sama, I think there are two possibility is that Danzo probably thinks because he raised him, and probably the kid would listen to him more than anyone that includes even the hokage..after all he is his son.and if Diran were to given senju clan he's still a kid..and tsunade is out of the village..he gets to represent the senju clan seat in the council and the senju clan seat vote have a much heavier weight than other clan leaders..and probably some clan leaders would even shift towards him...and if by chance you make a huge blunder he can immediately make you step down from hokage.."

hokage sighed "do you think I enjoy being the hokage, I have already retired once. I thought one of my students would be my successor but one turned traitor, other turned deserter and the last one sigh..he hate being tied to something. although danzo loves the village probably more than I could..but he only loves konoha not it's residents..he don't want to realize the fact that there's no village without people. ok what about the other possibility?"

gaen frowned " as you already know Diran didn't have seal placed on him but still danzo still took the risk to let him away from his's extreme unlikely but there's a small possibility that when danzo gave him false memories." hiruzen was surprised "no, that's not possible, we can erase the memories but creating and planting a new can't do them in a traditional way but if we can create a powerful genjutsu to alter someone's memory in our's possible but in my many decades of experience there's nothing like that sort " gaen replied "but you forgot one important factor back before the shinobi wars what make all other elemental nation fear konoha so much"..hiruzen was suddenly exclaimed "uchiha madara"..gaen continued "yes, or rather uchiha clan and their sharingan, because of clans secrecy we don't know much about it, but you should have seen in previous wars, above sharingan there is one more, whenever this uchiha activated it,they would become a bit far powerful than's like evolution..and we can found in the records that all uchiha before have different eyes..that means different abilities."

hiruzen frowned "yeah, but danzo didn't have any strong uchiha.... wait..." gaen replied "remembered the baby uchiha fugaku's nephew 15 years ago when danzo took him away from him and you did nothing to stop.."

horizon sighed "what can I do about it, that is the time when the war ended and people are still in distress..sigh..and danzo have many supporters than me...then I made a deal a deal with danzo but he asked for minato who was a genius and just graduated from the academy... instead I allowed him to take away shisui..and broke the relationship with the uchiha even further.."

"OK, the second possibility may not be true...first we need to think what clan leaders will think about we need to think about uchiha..sigh..this old man needs some rest.."and after dismissing gaen..he wrote two letters he made some sign and a anbu appeared and he gave then to him "give this two letters to them"..after anbu disappeared he sighed "I hope they would come back..oh..its time...I need to check on naruto" and he walked to wards his clan compound..

while these two people who are busy in planning their own agendas..the one who's in the middle of it quietly enjoying the date with my girlfriend *Cough* *Cough* I mean my teammate..we went to the shopping, and then to the movie then to ichiraku and later went to the park and just sat there on the grass and was talking some non sense..

in the evening, soon we parted our ways, and I reached home..while I was on my way..I found out there are many shinobi following me..I first thought of spies but when I found out a similar chakra in one of those shinobi I thought probably Danzo increased my security..after I reached my apartment and just as always sat on my bed and entered into sage mode..I still don't about the marks appeared on my face though..I saw about 7 people just observing me in the shadows. I think it's not just root, there must be some anbu as earlier I showed mokuton ability..people doesn't know about it but sooner or later the news would be leaked..nah.. probably my dear scheming father would definitely cover the news..

meanwhile at the council room meeting all clan leaders were being summoned and fugaku seems to be on fire..all sat including the hokage and the elders..but fugaku didn't sat yet..he put both of his hands on the desk and shouted "hokage sama, I need an explanation before this meeting son itachi is in the hospital.i heard that an assassination was being attempted on my son itachi..he had grave injuries..and why the hell their sensei nagato isn't with them..and not to mention Danzo's son seems to be fine with no injuries or so whatever and tsume's daughter is also fine.." inuzuka tsume then fiercely asked "what do mean by you expect my daughter to be injured and be killed ..fugaku.." fugaku narrowed his eyes "I heard that your daughter was being rescued by a root ninja..did you join Danzo side tsume?"....she slammed the table and was about to reply but the hokage interjected "calm down tsume, and you two fugaku...this meeting is about be patient and sit down..and listen to me carefully"..

he continued "ok, something came up and I had to call nagato here and in the meantime..someone had transformed into nagato...and laid a assassinate itachi. thanks to his teammate Hana and itachi are alive..and now to the main issue..we have found out previously that Diran seems to have instant regeneration ability..and after yesterday he saved itachi life by releasing a wood barrier.."there's seem to be murmur and discussion among them..he continued "so, when he was brought up into the hospital yesterday..we did some tests..and this is the report".and the clan leaders were given medical report..which indicated he's hashirama's descendent..

they were all shocked and fugaku said "no, it's impossible..senju were extinct..tsunade didn't have any"..well..many clan leaders were in the same thought..then tsume asked "now, we need explanation why a clan heir is being posed as your successor kidnapped him??"..fugaku then turned to Danzo "you not only laid your hands on my uchiha clan but also the senju you think we were same as every civilian that you can do whatever you wish and we'll sit and watch and do nothing."

Danzo scoffed "hmpf, uchiha doesn't rule konoha..the hokage rules and the council make senju or uchiha or any non clan is only a protector for konoha..nothing more"..fugaku got furious he activated his mangekyou.."don't you dare to compare our uchiha with commoners....only because of us..the other villages don't dare to attack konoha....even when we were in critical situation..not because of your root nor the one of the foundation clan of konoha..even in the council..we have much weight than these second rate clans"

the other clan leaders got furious when he mocked their clans...and Danzo smirked who was waiting for this opportunity to say this for a long time "not anymore that senju clan heir is alive, uchiha were no longer have the weight they have in the past.." fugaku replied "hmpf, he's just a kid, what can he do"..Danzo smiled "precisely as he's still a kid..until he reached 18, as his adoptive father I would from now onwards also represent the senju clan.."..all were surprised and some were shocked fugaku replied "so, this was your plan all along probably would even have planned the entire scenario..involving my son, Hana and the senju kid and made him release the ability at the right that you can become senju representative"

Danzo scoffed "anyone with mouth can make allegations.." the hokage calmed them down and at this two takihara, the civilian representative spoke "hokage sama, now that the matter is settled can we proceed with next issue with senju sama"..the hokage was quite surprised "what else is there to talk about him"..and so were clan leaders thought..takihara replied "since, senju sama is the only surviving heir, then wasn't he supposed to be put into C.R.A?."..all were surprised that they once never thought about it..the hokage frowned "tsunade is still alive..he wasn't the only senju it's not applicable"..then he replied "but she has deserted the village hasn't she.." hiruzen replied "she surely have but she wasn't expelled from her clan..she's still senju tsunade and she's still the clan head..I only accepted Danzo being representative becasue she won't come back to the village..but nevertheless unless she gave up her position long as she came back..she would still be senju clan head and the senju representative"

then fugaku said "then why didn't you inform her about one of her clansmen was alive and well and he was also inherited mokuton..I would happy to welcome her back." tsume teased him "wow, dont tell me you have a crush on have a wife and children..don't be a bad example for your children"..fugaku frowned "tsume, shut your mouth, I would rather see a real senju as a senju representative not a mere common Shimura clan who thinks they can represent senju clan.." Danzo face turned black and he replied "we'll see about that"

the next day the whole village was in uproar of that fact senju heir is very much alive...and a few days later probably all elemental nation's will be in uproar that there's finally an inheritor of the first hokage's mokuton. and the person in me question in sleeping nicely on my comfy bed..

elsewhere in the land of tea, senju tsunade was enjoying nice cup of tea in the morning....but her face says otherwise and a 14 year old girl sitting beside her. scolding her about not to drink too much blah blah blah..then a anbu attired person suddenly appeared and half kneeled..tsunade suddenly got up from the chair in surprise..he gave the scroll and a envelope and quickly went away..the scroll have the hokage's insignia ok it..she opened and read "dear tsunade I hope you are doing well, I know you don't want to associate anyone from the village but something came up we have recently found a senju..the kid his DNA matches with first hokage''s in the envelope.." she quickly teared the envelope and read the reports..and she was looks like it's real..but strange..according to the report he should be directly related to Grandpa. but that's not possible..anyway let's read the rest...

"I know you would be surprised to see it..I know you don't want to see the I'm not gonna force you to come back...but after the fourth hokage died last year..the villagers are in dark..they need some's the best opportunity to give them the hope now..I only would recognize him as the senju clan heir now..and transfer him the clan headship as you know we have many problem with uchiha clan now.."

so sensei wants to transfer my clan headship to my supposed nephew?...fine, it's not like I care about those politics anyway..

at konoha, root headquarters Danzo looking at a root ninja asked "did you finish your mission.." he replied "yes".Danzo laughed "soon, you will go down hiruzen"


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