Transmigrated into Naruto World
19 Senju Clan head part 1
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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19 Senju Clan head part 1

after I woke up next morning, I went to the hospital to see itachi..when I reached the hospital while I was going to room where itachi is.. the hospital staff were murmuring to each other upon seeing me..and they bowed to me after a while but didn't say it because I saved the uchiha clan heir or because I'm danzo's son..I went to his still 5 A.M in the morning and he's sleeping... there is a woman who's sleeping near him on the chair...hmm..she's mikoto uchiha isn't she..itachi's mom.

I wanted to wake her but it would be rude so I just stood there...I activated senjutsu didn't go into sage mode though..just checking his life force..hmm...seems he'll recover by evening..with both of them are sleeping I left there helpless and when I was about to go out the door opened I saw shintaro san who is the vice head of the hospital..and secretly root main doctor..when he saw me he smiled and bowed "good morning senju sama, you remember me?..we met 7-8 months ago when you....." I interrupted"yeah, I remember you shintaro san but this isn't the right place to talk.. we'll talk later"...I left him because there are two people behind me sleeping..and according to everyone..I was adopted 7 years ago..talking with him will expose one big secret I joined the root only 7 months ago..and the aftereffects will give pretty much big headaches..

but wait senju sama..huh?..I turned back and went to the room he was just checking the reports..I called him "shintaro san"..he turned "hmm, what is it senju sama"..I said "don't talk loudly, there are patients sleeping. come here.." after he came near me..I asked "just called me senju sama twice..what's the meaning of that?"..he was surprised "you mean you don't know" I asked "what should I know?"..he again questioned "you mean, danzo sama didn't told you?"..I frowned "quit asking questions..and answer me straight"

he showed a tiny little bit of fear when I was displeased "Diran sama, you are the current heir of the senju clan"..I was looking at him like does his brain damaged?..then I remembered he asked me doesn't danzo tell you..' what are you scheming this time'..I need to ask him what plans he had for me this time..

I went to the root headquarters..the root are behaving the same as every time..I went to the hall and saw danzo who was sitting on his seat..and reading some documents..he probably sensed me coming so when I reached he turned his head and I greeted first and asked "father, I met shintaro san in the hospital, he told me that I became senju clan heir..what's going on.." he put a slight sad smile.."sorry son, I hid it from you all this time..I just don't want you to think that your father adopted you just because you are senju clan heir".

I was like wtf..danzo acting like a father in front of me..even after altering my memories there's no instance he behaved like a father or I behaved like son..moreover there's no change except the fact that mizuki was adopted at age 6 and later joined the root at 9..afterwards..I didn't have any memories of root or a father son bonding with danzo and it was just as is it as according to my original memory..wait a minute I didn't have any memories?..don't tell me even shisui's kotoamatsukami didn't worked properly and only affected me a little bit and only altered mizuki's memory too little..probably he didn't used it in full power..or may be because he only had one eye..the power was halved...hahaha..danzo it actually didn't work on me..but what might be the reason he wants make me senju heir..didn't he know that way I would be free from root..I should play his game for now...

"what do you want me to do father, should I accept it or reject it"..he replied "accepting it is the right thing to do" I faked my sadness "but then..." he sighed "you should know what's the first rule in our root"..I replied "village is before everything that includes you, your friends, or your parents"he replied "yes, the reason you are doing for the village..and it would also make your father's dream near."

I said "ok, what are my orders"..he smiled "first, I managed to make you the clan will be announced today..since you are not adult yet, you need to appoint temporary senju representative as me..and the rest, I will take care of it". I bowed "yes, father"

I went to my apartment and had breakfast..I was informed then to go to hokage office I know what's it's my big I put the clothes which are the best ones I have..well..we have off days I don't need to put forehead protector today..I went to hokage office..there he's doing his usual paperwork..I greeted him "good morning hokage sama, you summoned me?"..he smiled and replied casually "come and sit"..well now I'm the senju clan head so I can sit before him but I didn't move and replied "hokage sama, only a clan head, a council member or a client have the right to sit"..he chuckled "you follow rules a bit too extreme..just like Danzo..ok do you know the reason I've summoned you?"..

I replied "yeah, I can guess"..he frowned a little bit "when did you found about it"..I replied "just now, an hour ago"..he was relaxed again..I still have my doubts how I became the heir..just because of mokuton I wouldn't become hashirama's descendent..the hokage isn't a fool..I didn't got my answers from Danzo, so I asked the hokage "hokage sama, just what's going on..I went to ask my father about it but he was busy"..hokage then retold me the whole story about my abilities and DNA match..well..the regeneration is a God's they can't found the source and coupled with mokuton..probably thought I have them all cells are dormant till the experiment on me and the first hokage cells woke up mine..

hokage said to me "Diran, so what are your thoughts"..I replied "I'm not's a bit too much to take" he then changed the topic "Diran, I've read report about your team's said you hate Danzo's twisted ideology and one if your goals to reform the root organization..say why do you hate your father's ideology"..I shrugged "because, he thinks more about konoha village than it's villagers..he always think about the best for konoha..but not for the people..and he thinks hokage is the king, the clan leaders are his generals..the jonins, the chunin and the genins are his soldiers..but I think konoha exist because of it's people...the hokage isn't the king but the people of the konoha..and the hokage is the general..and his loyal soldiers exist to protect their king..and because of the people, peace still exist..even if the entire village razed to the ground one long as people exist konoha can rebuilt once again..I apologize if my views didn't meet your expectations"..

he was really surprised on hearing my reply and it seems he was very satisfied..and he smiled and asked "and what are your thoughts on root..why do you want to change it..they are doing nice job in what they are doing" expression became cold "i apologise for my rudeness..if you think they are doing nice job..then in my view you are no longer fit to be a hokage.." he frowned at my statement "why do think they are not doing nice job..they are eliminating threats in the dark..which are against konoha..they aren't even getting any rewards for the job they have done and neither people ever know that the fact one of the reasons they are safe because some root ninja eliminating threats there by protecting a hokage I think they are doing good...and you even want to criticize them...give me a good explanation"

I shrugged my shoulders "hokage sama, can I ask a question, I want an honest reply" he gestured to go ahead I asked "if you think root is doing a good job then why don't you give your son asuma to root, I'm sure my father would happily accept him and make him a excellent root ninja"..he frowned "kid, it would be better if you control your mouth"..I chuckled "see, if it's in the case of your own son, you were angered just by some kid's words..but you did nothing when it comes to other people loved ones for example Shisui uchiha.."

upon hearing that name his face expression changed..probably this was one of the biggest failures of him as a hokage..I continued "the uchiha clan are protecting the village and you didn't do anything when the clan leader ask to return his only nephew when he was abducted and you betrayed the trust of uchiha clan." he replied "Diran, you don't know the's not as simple as you was complicated"..I chuckled "probably, i don't know about it full and even if I knew I can't do anything about it..but you are are the hokage ...and you have experience and your knowledge is far greater than anyone in the village..surely if you really care about can find an alternative solution..but you didn't do it.."

he has the expression of sadness.... I said"I really apologize hokage sama if you are hurt by my words"..he waved his hand "no, it's are right...there are number of things I really regret till now..for now I didn't really have any solution to the root..I was fine with it probably because I never thought of them as my own shinobi...thank you..sometimes elderly need to learn from the young..sigh I'm really getting old .I'm really hoping someone capable will succeed me..I sent the letter yesterday evening to your aunt by relation tsunade to come back ..."just then a while slug was suddenly appeared...well it looked small and cute though..katsuyu mini clone said "sarutobi san, tsunade sent you a letter and some thing"..he opened it and read the letter it said "sensei, I received your letter this morning, Diran is really matched with my grandfather DNA..but according to the report he should be a direct descendent like me..and that's only possible if either my father or grandfather have affair with other isn't my problem and I'm sending the scroll which upon signing he'll be the new clan head and for other matters I'm also sending senju clan head insignia..and I hope you wouldn't bother with me again and neither does the brat"

he sighed "I guess, she won't come back after all even after learning that she have a living relative"..he thought 'i leave this you jiraya.i hope you would convince her'..he looked towards me and said "ok, Diran senju, sign on this scroll"..I took it and look over it there are many senju head names inscribed on it..I bit my finger and when I was about to regenerated..I helplessly looked over the hokage and said "can u give me a kunai and something like a bowl and a brush"..he was puzzled "what is it for"..I replied "my regeneration ability doesn't allow me to spill my blood too much and how can I sign on this scroll.."he sighed and gave a kunai, brush and bowl..I cut my left palm it seems I used a bit more force..I forgot to put was cut pretty deep..I poured the blood into the bowl..sure enough after a few seconds my palm was recovered though and I took the brush and sign it on the scroll.then the scroll was given to me and hokage told me to keep it safe and I have to pass it to the next clan head when the time comes..he gave me a storage seal and he sealed the scroll in it and gave it to me. I didn't do it because I didn't know how to do it..

he then told me..."ok..go and rest for now..after an hour I will announce to the village..just come forward when I called out your name.."

I left the hokage this time..itachi would have already awake..I went to the hospital..and saw Hana there talking with mikoto san...and itachi sat there listening to their seems to be quite painful to him..I greeted them by opening the door and closing it "excuse me"..I introduced myself to her "hello uchiha san, I'm Diran"..she smiled "it's nice you meet Diran san, I heard about you from itachi and my husband..I was told you saved my son..thank you"..I waved my hand "it's not much uchiha san, after all he's my teammate and my friend I would save him"..Hana smiled and grabbed my hand as always and asked "my mom said there will be a surprise you gonna give me today what is it"..I was taken aback "she didn't told you?"..Hana replied with excited face "what is it?"..I smiled "well, wait for hour then, you will know then"..she pouted "hmpf, not funny.." I turned towards itachi "how do you feel now"..he replied "ok"..I replied "well, there would be no missions till we'll..then"..I talked with them for sometime..and then anbu appeared and appeared and said to all "hokage sama informed all of you to be assembled at the administration building" and he disappeared..I nodded and said to Hana "it's time..come let's go" we gone together..well..mikoto and itachi stayed because itachi didn't recovered full..we reached the place..there are many people standing and waiting..I saw some clan leaders standing behind hokage like yamanaka Akimichi inuzuka etc..well..hyuga and uchiha clan heads aren't there of course..they have far more important matters..

hokage then announced "people of konoha, two days ago we found something important....after confirming our suspicions..we have found that a senju kid who is alive."..upon hearing it there were murmurs among the people..he continued "he's not only a senju but also inherited first hokage abilities..we have discussed with some matters with senju tsunade who is the current clan head and since she wasn't able to return to the village she made him the senju clan I proudly announce the new clan head of senju...Diran Senju"..many were surprised when I go forward and stood aside to the hokage.. especially Hana..she was completely stupified...well...I dunno what to say in this type of situation neither they told me what to say so I just said "hello"

then hokage said "and second thing from this year we are going to conduct basic classes on fuinjutsu in the academy..the admissions are open"..I was puzzled are there fuinjutsu users in konoha?..even if there can only be taught by an uzumaki..I guess..there must be another uzumaki..

else where a middle-aged man can say he is a bit old he has a natural spiky white long hair..who's reading a letter..he thought 'hmm, sensei you really give me trouble missions..sigh'


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