Transmigrated into Naruto World
21 ninjutsu training
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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21 ninjutsu training

after our break was over..we were told that sensei would start our training..I'm excited to finally start learning wasn't supposed to be taught this early but because of previous incident the hokage ordered nagato to teach us early...just as everyday in the morning...we met and run a few laps first..then nagato gave us each other a paper..probably the chakra paper.. afterwards he said "OK, this is the chakra paper which will tell you what kind of affinity you guys have..insert the chakra and we'll see the results"

after a while we found our results... itachi had fire..Hana had water and I had three affinities water and earth are because of mokuton I guess..and the other one is doesn't surprised them as they already about my mokuton..probably from now onwards it would be treated as kekkai genkai not as some ability..inuzuka aren't suited for ninjutsu..they have their own sensei told her to train in iryo ninjutsu..well..tsunade isn't here anymore so..over the years the medical ninjutsu in konoha quite declined..well..there are still she went to train under Obi Kiyo san , the head of konoha hospital...

1 year 6 months later

at the outskirts of konoha, there's a small unnamed village..the houses seems destroyed..and there are two women tightly hugging their two small kids..there are 4 bandits in front of them..they about to come near suddenly it's all blur but there's some spinning things attacked them..they don't even know what happened and they were completely blown away and crashed into the wall..and it stopped...there appeared a girl with her three ninja dogs..then after a second..a tall purple haired boy with a bit muscular body ..and a black haired boy who was a little bit at the same height as the girl appeared..well..that was us..then following us..two figures appeared.. nagato sensei and konan..

Hana smiled towards them "mission accomplished"..itachi protested "not was supposed to be my turn today".Hana put out the tongue.."early bird gets the worm"..he snorted and turned his away "hmpf"..I helplessly said "c'mon itachi.....fine..2 dangos my treat"..he instantly turned his head "5"..I shocked my head "3, that's final"..he replied with a smile "ok"..sigh...when did he became cheeky brat...seeing our actions..konan and nagato are's been 18 months since we started our training..and I became the clan head..there are lot of changes happened in the team as well as in konoha.

first Hana..well..she became more beautiful since her training in iryo ninjutsu....or may be it's just me..we have become quite close.. her personality is the coming to I have said before..his personality was completely changed he was like a normal cheerful kid but the only annoying part is his boasting about his little bro sasuke..I really had the urge to smack him on the head..but the job will always be done by Hana as she didn't have my patience..nagato sensei is same as always..but the konan did changed she smiles now more..and she's good to me now..treat me just the same as everyone..actually this change has got something do with me

some time ago I found out from nagato that yahiko wasn't brainwashed at all..he was just given the the standard seal on the tongue so as to not to betray danzo..he just acted like it and kept his distance from after I found out I insisted him to meet her...and later it was completely fine..well..she still does hate danzo..but didn't hate me at all like before..reason may be because I'm a senju not related to danzo or may be because I told Yahiko to meet her...whatever the reason..for now all is fine..and coming to the village

the major change is that a few months ago naruto was shifted to orphanage..Danzo protested that hokage keeping the jinchuuriki to keep himself.. well..fugaku supported it ...fugaku may hate danzo but it's personal..and he hate hokage as the uchiha clan head.. because the village were short on funds and daimyo had a bad opinion on them..they weren't getting enough funds they least that's what they believed..probably the plans for coup had already been started by now..

as danzo had majority, hokage helplessly gave naruto to orphanage..another change is number of admissions in the academy increased.. fuinjutsu is very hard to learn..but it atleast safe as you don't need to go out of konoha and kill people out there..and you can earn quite an of the senju clan shops has huge profits as storage and exploding seals are quite popular..

after we reached the village..sensei told us chuunin exams are up next month..well...we aren't chuunin the last year it was conducted at iwa...this year it's going to be in konoha..I wonder who will be our opponents..well..before last year..because of kyuubi incident..konoha didn't sent any this year..there's going to be a lot of competition I guess..

after telling us about this news, sensei told thus one month he can't they will be busy..and he told us to do self training..well..itachi will train with his father, Hana will train with her mother...but what about me...I have whole senju clan library and have ton of Justus I can learn but what can I master with in this one month..first thing u thought if rasengan but later I shook my head it would be suspicious so I decided to develop mokuton..after all...many people would come this time on my participation..then suddenly in my mind a figure appeared...yes...why didn't I think of it before..I went to root and met danzo

I greeted him and told the whole situation and just as very time I reported itachi's was the only mission I was given after all..then I asked "father, can I train with shodaime sama?" he smirked "come, let's go.."..we are walking together a while after I asked "by the way father, where's tenzo, I didn't seen him for a long time" his face turned black " a while ago before you were still training here, when I was out of konoha root was raided by any and they accidentally found him and was taken away..don't you ever wonder why hokage announced you as the senju heir when he can think youas an experiment material..I faked surprise "but I was a natural".he smiled "well..but we lacked enough evidence to prove it..and while you were in the hospital...your medical results he compared it with tenzo's..then he came into the conclusion that you were the real senju."

so that's why he was fooled..I shrugged and then asked "father, I also need information about who's coming and who to watch out for in and outside the competition"..he replied "don't worry about the time you complete your training, the information will be in your hands..but I need to warn you..this chunin exams will be quite a bit dangerous for careful"...I bowed..then I met with the first hokage after 20 months....later I met with Hana and told her I won't be in touch with her for the next month...I didn't tell to itachi as I was banned from entering the uchiha compound...

I hope by the next month I can master some high rank Mokuton Justus


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