Transmigrated into Naruto World
22 Hashirama Senju
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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22 Hashirama Senju

the next day, I started my training with the shodaime puppet.. I'm telling the jutsu name and he started to show the signs and do the justu like a would be good if it was someone else. but seeing first hokage like this, I felt sad..he was a great man who fought for peace..for the sake of peace he built the konoha with their most bitter enemies uchiha..for the sake of peace with other hidden villages he gave away the bijus he caught with so much difficulty...I sighed and started to train..well..till now..apart from the wood clone and wood dome I didn't practice any mokuton jutsus till now..but my profiency in using the wood has been mastered..and not to mention I can extract wood from living things...when I tried it on trees..nothing happens...but when I applied in on small animals..they die..when tried on dead shinobi or animals..they get decayed quickly...and once I tried it on a deserted mist captured shinobi..he became completely tired and exhausted for some reason..I did it once again and he died right that time Hana and itachi weren't there with me only nagato..he then upon seeing the results...he forbid me to use it ever again...I promised him..then I remembered wood is indirectly related to life force....

now coming to the training with shodaime hokage..I'm learning quite fast with his help....after two weeks one day danzo and shisui went some where..he gave me the information which is the file and he said he would return by chunin exam finals time..but after he gone for a day..there's something happened while I was training with Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Koutan..Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland..A technique where the ninja uses his or her chakra to create the sapling of a great tree, and then continues to use their chakra to feed the root of the sapling. It grows, twists and winds through solid obstacles, and wraps around the ninja's enemy, trapping them in its's quite hard to control it..I thought it would be my hidden card..when I first found the jutsu..I hesitated to learn ..and thought.. I can't do it as I can only do wood style like yamato i can't control trees but later when I found out that I can control some branches of trees around me when I activate senjutsu..after sometime I guess my cells evolved and I can control branches as I wish..then I started to learn it..but at that time I didn't have any I didn't succeeded..

suddenly the puppet hokage came to life..he started to look around when he seen my practice he suddenly exclaimed "wow, there is an another user other than me"...suddenly I lost control..and it went in all directions..I stopped giving it chakra and stopped it..sigh it failed...and I turned towards the voice I heard..he was looking at me in an excited face..I was surprised and asked "shodaime sama?"..he replied "yes"...instantly my eyes lit up "you came back alive"...he was confused and looking his surroundings and asked me a ton of questions with an excited face like a kid ...I answered all of his questions about how he was reanimated and how he was being used a support for training me and told about danzo, root.. he frowned upon hearing the deeds of him..he sighed "I can't believe tobirama's pupil turned out like the way who are you"..I introduced myself "I'm Diran Senju, current clan head"..he exclaimed "wow, so you are my great grandson?..tsunade's son? but still making a kid like you a clan head.."..I replied "no, I don't know who my parents are....and tsunade san deserted the village and currently I'm probably the only living senju in the village"..he was depressed and after a while got excited "anyway, it seems you inherited my you know there are lots of secrets..according to tobirama....."and he's speaking like that for an hour...I was patiently listening..and after he stopped his complaints against his brother..he sat on the ground and asked "tell me what happened after I died"...I told him about the history about the shinobi wars, how tsunade become one of the legendary sannin, kyuubi incident..etc..after we talk about all the events....he was a nice person to talk..he can easily become your friend..afterwards I started training the jutsu...he helped out how to control it..a few days later I mastered it..I still have 10 days..and since I have already completed my goal..I began to train in another Mokuton: Itten Koba, where you slams the ground with a fist, releasing large trees coming from underground capturing the opponent..I didn't mastered it..just can bring some a small to medium size trees..but controlling them is quite difficult...the next is Mokuton: Yanagi -Wood's a Justus where you can erupt several wood beams from the ground to high in the sky and then crashing down the opponent..and there's Wood release : prison long you provide's quite hard to break it..but the most thing that improved is control..when you can master in controlling any element you can create number of Justus..that's what shodaime told me..

soon, my training come to end...since he didn't had any coffin to sleep now that danzo went away..I asked him to come with me to live at our clan compound...of course there's mokuton henge jutsu where it's impossible to tell whether he's a henge or not..we ate ramen at ichiraku..and he started again with how his wife likes it and his blabber goes somewhere and end with complaints against his brother. it's quite an headache with this old man...after we went to the clan compound he stood there like a statue it seems he was reminiscing about his past..then he started to plant seeds and started to grow the trees and hugging them....what the f**k..was he a mentally disoriented or something...sigh..let him do what he want...I went to my room and started to read the the there quite the number of participants this year..hmm..there's asuma, kurenai yugao hayate there's torune aburame..oh..he wasn't in the root like in the anime...oh.. iruka...I forgot to even talk to him...kumo..hmm..samui, yugito, Darui only one team huh...yugito...isn't she a jinchuuriki why would they risk it...I guess I will be a chess piece for hokage to get peace treaty with the raikage..and from the sand..there's no one significant...forget about the opponents..let's rest for now..

and the next day when I got fresh up and ready and went out of the house...I really got the urge to smack him..if I'm stronger than him...I would really give him a good beating... I'm seeing a mini forest inside a senju clan compound full of bonsai trees..and the person in question was inside somewhere..I sensed him and found him quickly he was soundly sleeping...I sighed and woke him up and said that I'm going to the exams and told him to stay here...after I went out I activated the one can enter it..well..previously I upgraded the security seals..and I took the help and applied it all around the compound such that only a senju can enter and exit the compound without my permission..but in reality only my descendents would be able to enter without any was hell of money to do it..but I gritted my teeth and did it..and paid 50million ryo for it..and half of the blood in my was worth I thought...

after exiting the clan compound I reached near the examination centre...I met with Hana and itachi...and we went into the waiting hall..there I see some known ones to me many are unknown..then a group of three greeted us..


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