Transmigrated into Naruto World
23 Chunin Exams Part 1
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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23 Chunin Exams Part 1

While we were busy in observing the participants, a group of three came forward to greet us..they all have the kumo hitae..a boy and 2 girls..the boy came forward extended his hand..and greeted himself "hello, I'm Darui..this is..." I interrupted with a smile"samui, I know and she is yugito, nibi jinchuuriki, the pride of kumo"...I spoke in a low voice so apart from our team there's hardly anyone heard it..they were completely surprised..yugito came forward and asked in a cold tone "how did you know about it"..I chuckled "don't underestimate konoha shinobi...oh..we forgot to introduce ourselves.."I'm Diran senju, this is.."..this time Samui interrupted "Hana izunuka and itachi uchiha..the genius who unlocked the sharingan at the age four...not only that we know everything about your abilities"..I smiled "I'm impressed"...Hana then asked me "what do you mean by nibi jinchuuriki"...I looked towards yugito..she nodded "it wasn't a secret anyway"..

I told Hana "well, you know about kyuubi..right..just like that demon..there are eight others like it..they are called they are too strong to control..they were sealed into a human vessel using different methods..the human vessel which is a sacrifice called a most villages..the higher-ups treated jinchuuriki as a weapon and the villagers treat them as a pariah.but not the kumo..the villagers treat them as heroes...I'm not sure about the higher ups though..and you know the most amazing thing is that kumo had another jinchuuriki..I think hachibi..who's also raikage's brother is also called perfect jinchuuriki who can transform into bijuu at will.."

Samui smiled "wow, you really know the stuff"..I laughed "not much as you know about us as probably have many spies in our village"..Darui shrugged "well, it's normal to plant them"..Samui then came forward and extended her hand "anyway, it's nice to meet you, I hope we meet each other again in the finals"..I laughed a bit and took her hand..after a few seconds..we seperated..and they went on their way and stood somewhere..I look at the clock there's still half n hour so..we went met everyone we know.. I and Itachi didn't have friends..Hana sure have we followed her.she introduce us..even though it's the other way around..after sometime..exam proctor came and we reached the examination hall..and sat..a paper test..well..naturally we passed and then the phase two just the same as in anime..the forest of death..we have heaven scroll..after we went inside we decided that Hana will have the scroll and we separated..well..we are strong on our own so, there's no worry about going alone..

after I travelled for a while..I tried to sense people...luckily I found a group the team is from the hidden grass..all are weak..I just went there attacked them..pretty much it was over in a minute..they just gave up and give me their scroll..but I guess I'm not lucky I got a heaven scroll..I again started to hunt down the weaklings..after 5tries. finally I got one..I didn't continued my hunt..just killed a couple of beasts along the way...later I met with my seems Hana was very lucky..she found quite a few earth scrolls..and itachi just returned with one earth scroll and a few heaven scrolls..well..there are more than 100 teams this it's normal..we reached the tower..there were quite a few teams we met..some teams fought and lost and some teams gave us way..we didn't met kumo on the way...we reached and rest for the next two days..and the by the time test was over there are over only 21 teams left remaining..all the remaining were eliminated..

the next round , it's a simple 1v1 opponent was some no name need to guess about the outcome..pretty much obvious that I won I didn't even get use any jutsus...after selecting for the finals..the the remaining 32 draw numbers..I got number fight is the last of round 1 in the finals..and Hana and itachi are somewhere in the middle..strangely no two I believed strong met at the first round...I guess the real fight starts from round 2..hmm..if I win I would probably meet hayate...

we parted away later and I went to my clan compound..and found first hokage was meditating..I went near him he woke up and asked "Diran, you applied these seals?..earlier when we came in..I didn't observed it..mito once told me about it..these blood barrier seal is extremely difficult..but it was applied all over the compound surely the fuinjutsu master must be a very high level ."

I nodded and replied "sandaime said uzumaki san mastery is higher than that of jiraya, the gama sennin...."..he said "oh, you mean tsunade's teammate one of those legendary sannin"..after a moment of silence he sat down and started to draw circles on the ground..and said "say, you where tsunade is..I want to see her...and also I want to see hiruzen.."..he chuckled "the kid now probably has gone old"..

well..I was taken back by his request..I said "well, you are not my prisoner shodaime are free to go and meet wherever or whoever you want but you were my responsibility.. I'm currently not strong enough to say anything against my father's orders..I'm very sorry...but I'll try my best to full fill your wishes"..he sighed "I understand..don't worry about it kid..I guess in the mean time I'll just train you"..

I nodded and we day morning..I gave all the types of plant seeds we have in the clan's storage the first that he can plan a different type of plant and time the finals round 1 will be start..well..there are no special guests coming today one by one all finished their's already afternoon now..I got my turn..but my opponent was absent..I guess he already gave up...I was dejected and went to the clan compound...near the clan compound gate..a root ninja stood..I asked him what is it..he gave me a letter and he's from Danzo..stated to meet him now..I went to root headquarters to meet him..shisui there who was with him asked me a bit coldly "Diran, where is first hokage?"..I replied "he's with me.."he looked at me seriously and said "then bring him back here"..I turned towards danzo "father?" he replied "we've got information that someone stored to stole both the first and second hokage bodies..I think it's orochimaru..if my guess is now second hokage is already been resurrected by Edo tensei..and if the first hokage ever disappears..there's a high chance he'll be in the hands of orochimaru..".

I sighed "well, he's currently safe at my clan compound which is surrounded by blood barrier seal..if you want I can bring him back but I should warn that you may no longer control him like a puppet"...shisui asked "what do you mean?".. I replied "I mean while you are away, he came to his senses..and considering his power I'm not sure whether you have the power to control him or not"...he narrowed his eyes "you mean, I'm not strong enough?"...I shrugged "I'm not sure about that but I'm definitely sure that orochimaru level in fuinjutsu is higher than you..if you want to control, you need to create a seal which will control his mind.." danzo nodded and asked "Diran, forget about shodaime for a second, did you become stronger while I was away"..I smirked "father, how about you let me fight shisui, I'll show you how much I'm improved in my mokuton"..he thought for a second and replied "nope, not have chunin exams..I'll see your performance in the finals"..I nodded and went to my compound...upon my exit..his face turned serious "Shisui, you are right..he's slowly slipping away from our attention to him..I need every report on his activities from day to night..

next day..I went to the arena..I met my team mates..and the matches started..there are only three significant is me vs hayate.and the second is yugito vs kurenai..and the last one is torune aburame vs Darui..


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