Transmigrated into Naruto World
24 Chunin exams Part 2
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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24 Chunin exams Part 2

as always mine was the last..I just sat there and observe other people abilities especially the ones from darui vs torune match..because of Darui carelessness, he lost quickly as torune insects contain one knows about it.. Darui was almost that nano sized insect named rinkaichu..upon skin contact with them you would feel pain..but i guess he can't control it he released too many if them..and it endangered Darui life..well..he was saved by kiyo san.

actually there's a simple weakness of his that it can't stay long span is too all you do is to dodge or block with earth jutsus..and over the time they'll die by coming to yugito vs was pretty much one sided..kurenai is a genjutsu type and yugito is the jinchuuriki who have friendship with the naturally..they are mostly immune to most of genjutsu..well..sharingan can do the job as it can even trap the bijuu..but kurenai..sigh..she was beaten badly probably because of darui..proctor stopped the match midway and gave win to her..asuma was fuming with one dares to go near him at this situation...soon one by one the matches are over...there's only mine..after my name being called..I went there and stood up..all people there observing me..then hayate came out..I asked "Are you a kenjutsu user?"..he nodded..I took my sword and stood in my battle stance "then, how about sword battle"..he nodded..

he leaped forward and thrust the sword towards my chest..truly it was pretty much slow..I shifted my body and blocked it with my sword and counterattacked first a feint towards the chest and then a double feint towards the stomach and attacked use triple quick thrust technique..where you attack the same spot three times very fast that it's generally seen as only one or two attacks..the first and second was blocked but the third injured his shoulder..I said "hayate, the battle was over..there's no need to continue give up" seems he was reluctant to give sword made of chakra metal..I infused my lightning chairs in the sword..when he attacked me in his fastest's coming towards the part between the chest and the neck..i bend my body...and when it reached me..I just slashed my sword toward the other one..because my sword was infused with the lightning the time he comes into his senses..his sword was already broken into two..

I said "for a kenjutsu user, losing his sword is the same as losing his lose"..he kneeled down on the ground and his hands on the ground..and said "I lost"..the proctor's no surprise for my teammates as they know I was highly proficient in sword...but other people were quite surprised especially the hokage.

after a while...hokage gave some speech about the importance of the chunin finals..he further said there will be important guests come to the finals..which is going to be held a month from now..then our matches were decided..the first match Yugito vs torune...Hana vs yugao...itachi vs asuma...samui vs Diran

I trained with the first hokage for the next month...learned a new jutsu..which is my second hidden card..after the month...I went to the arena...I was the last to stadium packed with so many members...not only konoha...many people from nearby the guests..I saw there hokage, raikage, there's no seems kazekage also didn't attend probably because there were no sand shinobi in the finals...and in the middle of everyone...there's the daimyo..I guess.. hokage wanted to use this opportunity to get funds for the village..

the first match Hana vs yugao..with her three niken..she pretty much won the yugito vs torune..well..yugito nii is a fire it's pretty much decided that this match was hers...while she was attacking her special technique the mouse hairball technique..flaming ball of hair, surrounded by fire, that turns into the shape of a mouse and then breaks up into several single hairs on fire that can pursue the target before exploding, once they come in contact with an object. When using the two tail's power, she could create a massive fireball that was powerful enough to destroy an entire building in a single shot.and then long nails appeared on her fingers..she's tearing his flesh from time to was quite a bit brutal..but nevertheless he didn't die in the end..and yugito won the match..and then was itachi and Asuma's match..for some reason he didn't use his strongest Justus at all..itachi won at the end but only narrowly but I know that he didn't even use 50% of his power..and lastly me vs samui..

we land on the ground at the same time...well..last time I didn't checked her out properly but now that I see her..surely a beauty..hmm..a tanto..I forgot she's a kenjutsu user..I guess she would quite good at it..and that weapon is a chakra metal..I greeted her "hello, we meet again"..she nodded..and raised her weapon..I said again "please give up the match, I don't want to hurt you"...her smile faded away and a cold look appeared "are you mocking me"..I replied "nope..but this will no longer be a kenjutsu battle as I clearly know you are superior to me in that..and if I use ninjutsu the match will over in a second and you'll feel humiliated"...she snorted "hmpf, we'll see about that"

she changed into her battle stance...I sighed and unleashed Mokuton : Yanagi..suddenly the wooden beams erupted from the ground and risen to the sky and stopped there..I raised my hand..and smiled looked at her "be careful" and motioned my hand down..the wooden beamed crashed on her one by one..all the people were very shocked seeing the jutsu..well..many people of the other nations didn't believe the fact that I've inherited mokuton...even in the village so.e people have doubts as no one see me using many people believed it was a lie...and the event for the people who believes the truth..they were shocked as hearing about it and seeing it directly is completely different..

especially daimyo..I chuckled..I bet even Hana sensei and itachi would be surprised..this is the fruit of my hard work in these past two months..

well..she's dodging it one by one with extreme speed and by the time she dodged the last one..I don't give her the time..I slammed the ground with a fist and unleashed Mokuton : Itten Koba..after I slammed the ground, several trees erupted from the ground they are moving in random direction but a second later samui, hands,legs and her body were tightly captured by the trees..she can't move anymore..although this jutsu looks awesome it's actually first hidden card unlike that jutsu..this one can be broken..currently the trees are bit a short and thin ones..but it's enough for some like her..she's struggling to get out..but she can't this time..many shinobi were completely stupefied..even danzo was very surprised who was observing this from shadows..the daimyo eyes completely came out..even raikage stood up from his seat...especially hokage..he was so excited...although he was certain..because of yamato he still has 1% doubt that I may not be necessarily a senju..but completely manipulating trees is something only a real user can use..

I chuckled by folding my hands, "so, now you give up?"...she nodded..I released her..and said "like I said before..if it's was just kenjutsu would probably won."she smiled "well, you win..when I become strong..I'll battle you again..see you again next time."..I extended my hand and shook her hands..after I'm being announced as winner..the audience cheered loudly..after an hour break..semifinals I was against hana and itachi was against and Hana together decided to give up our match..well..the only people were surprised about it were the daimyo, the other villagers and the kumo shinobi..

so it's pretty much decided that the next match would be the finals..I told itachi before he goes down "don't be mercy towards's OK..leave her alive..she can being out her bijuu be careful.."..he smirked "'ll be done in a few seconds"..I smiled..Hana was confused asked me "what are you talking about"..I replied "there's a jutsu itachi's so's almost impossible to'll see about it"

he went down and yugito..smirked "hmpf, you little kid think you can beat me..against my partner not even your friend over there have the chance.. you'll be the same result as my previous opponents.."

itachi didn't speak anything and looked at proctor..once the proctor said go..he looked into her eyes..he activated his three tomorrow sharingan and it's the tomoe goes circle for a while..and after a second yugito collapsed..fugaku stood..mikoto who's sitting beside him asked "what happened"..he replied "tsukuyomi, recorded as the most powerful genjutsu along with koatamatsukami..for us..only a few seconds passed but for the girl probably 2 days passed..she was tortured and probably would broke..but it can only appear in mangekyou sharingan that mean our itachi awakened it..he evolved his sharingan at age 11..our son will probably one day surpass madara uchiha..but getting it the only way is.."..she asked "what is it"..he shook his head "nothing, I need to talk to him in the evening"..

well..except him and me...everyone was surprised what happened....raikage suddenly dashed towards her..and reached there..he checked her pulse..she was alive..he coldly asked "brat, what did you do to her"..the hokage then appeared along with fugaku stood beside and Hana also went there..


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