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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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25 Samui

he activated his lightning armor he said sternly "I need an explanation now.."hokage had a bitter face "A, calm down for a bit..let obi san check her condition first"..obi san came and checked her face was black "her mind was affected....and even her bijuu was affected..she went into a temporary coma..probably it would already take aleast a week to recover if the bijuu inside her recover but there's a chance she may never wake up..." raikage looked towards hokage "our deal will be put on hold for now and if anything happens to her..."then he looked towards itachi "I'll remember you kid"..he shrugged "she got what she deserved"..

he looked coldly and about to say something..I interrupted "raikage sama, when she brutally injured the genins in the competition..you told hokage sama..it's just a competition..and when your precious jinchuuriki git injured..you were thinking of revenge...what next..you give assassination missions to kill him then..if so..I would rather break up the deal rather than to put into hold."

he turned towards me "kid, you better control your mouth"..hokage then "Diran, don't make the complicated"..I turned towards him "hokage sama, this man here raikage who is currently in our village..threatening us to start the war..and indirectly threatening the uchiha clan heir in front of you and you are doing nothing again"..I looked towards fugaku...I thought he supports me..but he didn't supported me and said "I accept that itachi was at fault here..the Justu he used is forbidden to use in a friendly fight..so I apologise on behalf of my son"..

hokage turned towards me...I sighed "fine, my previous statements I won't take back...but since since even fugaku san said it's Itachi's fault...I'll make up for it.."..I concentrated a made a small red colour wood block from my own cells..hana grabbed my arm "don't, you know the consequences"..I smiled "well..under sensei's absence I was the team leader and your mistakes will be my responsibility.. I told "please put her down"..he was confused but still laid her down..I sat on one kneel..I inserted the wood block into her chest and it disappeared into her body..hokage asked "what did you do"..I replied "hokage sama wait for a few seconds"..after a while..yugito woke up by coughing and holding her with her two hands..I turned towards raikage "it's done..after taking rest for a day".

he was genuinely surprised..he hugged her and thanked me..I guess.. she's very important to him..then he asked me "what did you do"..Hana replied it for me "he used his forbidden technique..by this technique he can make a special wood block from his own cells..and put in inside other people body...it completely purifies targets body..whatever illness or injury will be instantly healed but the price will be his life force..his life force will be permanently decreased by a substantial amount.. earlier...I guess by its colour is at least 2-3years"..I corrected her "5years of my life..that's the price I paid as she contain bijuu inside her..".well..I don't tell one fact that it's actually only temporary my cells can regenerate themselves..because if I say complete truth..danzo would probably plot something and will make me a test subject..

I continued "but I guess I underestimate nibi..my 5years won't also be enough..sigh...well..anyway since she already woke up..I guess whatever deal you have with hokage sama it'll be done"..he apologised for not controlling his emotions..and said the deal was made and from now onwards the kumo and konoha are allies...and not just villages..he proposed on behalf of kaminari no kuni daimyo to Hi no kuni daimyo..to be allies and proposed the trade and the rest will be discussed later..once again hero saved the day.. hahaha *Cough* Cough*..

I'm not sure what details they have discussed...the only thing I know is that three members of them will be sent to konoha..and collaborate with us in the missions for at least 3 years..and it's the same with us..on behalf of us..asuma, kurenai and a jonin named nagai norio..and from them Samui, Darui and a jonin Esumi Jou..

it was discussed that they'll do missions with my team..oh..I didn't informed about the chunin exam results..well..nothing unexpected..all 8 who participated today were promoted to chunin...next day I went to our training ground..I'm practicing kenjutsu...a while later..a girl came there while I was training...she wasn't disturbing me..just watching my practice..I quickly sensed her.. stopped my training..greeted her "hello, samui san good morning"...she smiled "good morning senju san"..I smiled "please, we are kind of teammates from today onwards, you can call me Diran"..she nodded "do you practice daily at this morning?"....I wiped my sweat..i sat on a branch then I gestured her...she sat next to mine..then I replied "yes, what about yours..you woke up pretty early.." samui replied "yeah, I'm not sure can't get sleep yesterday..well..you know.. suddenly we were told that we were staying away from our home for the next 3 years"

I asked "you miss your home?"..she sighed "not really, there weren't anyone to return..I do miss some of my friends though...what about your life..tell me about yourself"..I looked at the sky and said "my story?... it wasn't something worth to remember..I was told my mother died when I was born..and then my father took me in..and officially adopted me when I'm 6..then, I never went out..I didn't have friends till 18months ago..I found my first friend Hana and itachi....".. and told her my experiences..till now...then she started to her life..from her childhood to now...well..there was nothing impressive that I can point out..I didn't say anything though..and then we talk some non sense..and she slowly fell asleep on my shoulder...wow the development is quite fast..we quickly became friends..she even trusted me to watch over her but unfortunately when a person sat next to you and slept..and you can't move because her head is on your shoulders..you bound to fall asleep..it's natural..so..I fall asleep..two hours later..suddenly I felt a heavy killing intent..I opened my eyes..there is a person who's staring at us while folding hands together..I comically felt down the tree....samui woke up and balanced herself and jumped down..

she gave me a hand..well..I stood up..I'd didn't took her hand though...samui then greeted Hana..she greeted back with a slight discount on her face...then I greeted her, but she just turned her head away...now..what was she mad at me for...anyway..sometime later everyone came...Esumi san fought us one by one in order to gauge our ability..I didn't use any ninjutsu only kenjutsu though..I want to improve it..but he uses tanto...he can teach me some tricks but I need a sword master.

on the other hand darui was very skilled..especially his black lightning..it's very powerful than a standard lightning attack..if sensei didn't have the power to absorb ninjutsu..he might really get roast.. Esumi san was completely stupefied upon seeing there's a shinobi who can absorb those black lightning attacks..I told him "sensei can negate any ninjutsu attack no matter how much big or strong it is"..he exclaimed "konoha really have exceptional shinobi, no wonder raikage sama agreed for the alliance even after kyuubi incident"

later we went to ichiraku to celebrate..after a few days..we were given a B rank mission, escort for the princess of waterfall country..she's currently staying as a guest at fire country daimyo's palace...she came with an envoy to do business...after signing treaty...this treaty may bring danger to turn by their other neighbour earth country..so..she asked for our help..

we got ready and our team of 8 started out journey to the capital..


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