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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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27 destruction

Han, the five tailed jinchuuriki was killing the samurai one by one...and the daimyo is being protected in all sides by his personal bodyguards and slowly retreating back somewhere..when the both of us reached the battlefield I got the urge to puke..as I didn't see this much blood splattered anywhere..

Hana then "shirou is afraid of that guy..we can't take him on"..I replied "yeah, I know.. he's the jinchuuriki of the five tails Han..be careful with his boil release.."

she took a battle stance ready to attack bit I stopped her "what are you doing?. we can't take that guy head on and we don't need to attack him we only need to take the daimyo and flee from here"

she almost shouted "what?"..I replied "once he released his bijuu we won't even have a chance.remember the kyuubi".after hearing the kyuubi word her face completely paled..and nodded..while he was busy in killing we slowly made it to the bodyguard..it seems there's a sensor?..suddenly we were attacked and I blocked with Moku Shouheki no Jutsu - Wood Barrier Technique..

I shouted "stop, we are konoha shinobi, we are here to help you"..a samurai shouted "stay away shinobi scum"..I replied "we're here under your princess Reiko's request"..then a voice came from the back "stop it.."

and a man revealed..he's the daimyo here..he stride forward towards me hold my shoulders "Reiko, is she fine?"..Hana replied "she's fine..she is currently safe at the border right now waiting for you"..he shouted "no, why is she here..she should be at fire country dalimyo's palace right now..she has to go..please take away her away from here.."

I was suddenly taken aback by his words "you aren't coming with us?"..he replied "no, I can't..if my nation is destroyed..I too will die with it..I request you guys..please take away my daughter to konoha"..

then I figured it out..the deal probably was a lie..I replied "don't worry, our sensei is here..we can help you out"..then suddenly I sense something and I took him and Hana jumped to aside..a punch was landed on where we were..all the samurai standing there were flown away many were smashed and turned into a pool of blood..

he's looking at us..them spoke upon sewing me "oh, how lucky that I get to meet you..now tsuchikage sama will be double happy upon hearing that I get to finish an extra mission at the same time"

a group of samurai stood between us and one shouted "daimyo sama, run we'll hold him"..he stood up weakly.."no I won't leave you guys"..I sighed and looked at Hana and said "I guess we don't have a choice now"..she nodded and we took our battle stances I started to attack him with moku no jutsu..his physical strength is very high..the wood attacks are getting broken by his taijutsu..because of his boil release his chakra burns very quickly and does enhances his strength very much..if it was anyone else..they would be easily defeated if the fight can be dragged over time but he's a jinchuuriki who have massive amounts of chakra..so that option is unavailable..

now Hana is fighting with him with her own clan techniques.. she's behind but it seems she's managing on her own..and I'm attacking with kenjutsu..but my techniques are a bit sloppy and since kenjustsu attacks are all lightning based and he's fire and water..I didn't have any advantage over him..it seems like we would get defeated if this goes on

then I prepared the necessary seals and shouted "Mokuton: Jukai Kōtan"..then after a second later instantly the land was completely changed into a vast forest..

then I senses Hana and daimyo..later grabbed them and started to run towards sensei's direction.. because he was the only one who can defeat him..I don't have confidence in him but in rinnegan..I know in the anime all because of plot armor he defeated naruto..and naruto defeated him mostly because of senjutsu..

the trees are getting destroyed in the back...a punch almost landed on my back..I put them down..and saw him and said to Hana "take him to the sensei.."Hana then worriedly "Diran..".I narrowed my eyes in serious "don't make me repeat myself...as long as the bijuu isn't released I can take him down..I'm gonna use large destruction ones..I don't want you guys be caught in it..now go"..she nodded "promise me that you'll come back alive"..I nodded..she took the man and started to run.

but he stopped "no, listen to me leave me here and run..you guys still have much to live"..before we say anything we were attacked by him..I was caught off guard and the punch landed on me and I was crashed into a nearby tree..ugh..I then went into the sage mode..the markings started to appear on my face...Hana was startled...I said "you both move back.."they move back and my face turned coldly and unleashed "Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Koutan..Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland..a seed went into underground from it suddenly tree branches are appeared.. I'm in sage mode..moreover I'm in a forest that I created..and because of these factor the branches emerging was quite solid and thick one..unlimited number of branches coming and going towards him..he was dodging for a while but sooner he got caught..the branches completely captured his hands legs and he seems to be tightly breathing..I used more pressure in order to kill him..

but then his chakra started to burn vigorously and a character started to visible to naked eye.its completely red in colour..Hana the asked "what is that"..I frowned "now let's leave quickly..he is beginning to change into bijuu...unlike eight tails..he can't control..so the whole place is gonna get destroyed we need to leave now"

now I'm beginning to lose my control and provided more chakra to tighten the grip..but slowly I can't control him much longer.. there's already three tails appeared then suddenly I heard a puke sound from my back and I turned back..my eyes widen..the daimyo is puking blood..I forgot the fact that he's only civilian level he can't handle the pressure created by a bijuu..I checked his life force..sure enough..his death is a guarantee..and..I can't help him even if I want to..

he then collapsed..I caught him and he said "kid, can u do me a favour?"..I asked him "what is it?"..he then took two scrolls one is quite old and other is a normal.."can u take my daughter Reiko to konoha and protect her? and one change please take this"..I took the old scroll..he continued "it's something that stayed with us for hundreds of years..and those markings of yours are very similar to the one who gave this scroll to us..and give this scroll to my daughter.. take it as this dying man's last wish"

I nodded and a second later he died..I stood up and said "Hana, let's go"..by now the fourth tail formed and his body changing into a different shape that of a beast just like naruto

in the anime when he transformed..

after a period of time "no, let's go in this direction"..she replied "but, it's the way towards the team cloud"...I nodded "the battle is over at sensei's side.. they'll take care of the bijuu..we need to take everyone and move far away"..then I made a wood clone..and the clone started running towards sensei and konan

my clone then informed about the situation after finding them and disappeared and we went towards them and after a while we found them..by the time I reached them..my wood clone which I left there already got disappeared probably due to earlier Justu..

then Reiko worriedly asked upon seeing me asked "what happened?, is my father safe"..we just stood silent..and didn't said anything.

she understood and cried..I said "look, the situation is now serious...we need to move far away now.."..itachi asked "something happened?"..I replied "we didn't have the time to discuss the details..and princess reiko san, we need to talk afterwards..but now please put yourself up and let's go away from here"

when we reached far enough..suddenly..it like there's a some missile exploded..in front of us..a huge explosion appeared..then a second later it was disappeared.." itachi asked "what is that?"...then I told them the whole story and gave Reiko the scroll her father gave..she took it and read after a while she cried a lot..and she wiped her tears "today my nation has fallen..in future no matter what, I will rise it again to it's former glory.."

then after three hours two exhausted figures came near us..it was nagato and konan..must be pretty much big battle..Hana smiled and said "sensei,konan san you came back safely".

.nagato smiled konan replied "they got away"

nagato the looked around "where is Darui and Esumi san"..Samui replied "he carried him away and went towards konoha"he nodded and saw Reiko and was about to say something Reiko replied "it's ok, I don't need any pity..let's go"...after they got recovered their chakra..we started to walk and Reiko walking slowly in the back..I began to walk beside her and said "I need to say something"..she didn't turned towards me and asked "what is it?"..I replied "I promised your father while he's dying that I'll protect you and will keep you safe..I'm not sure how can I do that..but you can ask me anything you need and I'll do my utmost to full fill your wish"

she replied "thanks, but I don't need protection from a shinobi"...then I replied "if you don't want help from shinobi..then treat this a help from senju clan..at least I need to full fill your father's last wish you know"

she didnt reply anything and asked was the one destroyed my nation today" I replied "iwagakure"..Hana then came back and asked me suddenly "Diran, what was that markings on your face today"..I replied "that was my sage mode..it helps me boost my mokuton jutsus, temporarily boost my chakra..there's a lots of benefits..don't worry there's no side effects..please keep this as a secret"..Hana puffed her cheeks "hmpf, you keep secrets from me"..I scratched my cheek "well.." and I turned towards reiko "I hope you also kept this as a secret"..she replied "as if i understood a thing you said just now".."wait a minute did you say you have markings on your face or something..can you show me"..I shook my head "not now..when we reached the village..I'll show it"....she asked me "by the way where will I stay after we reach the konoha"..

Hana replied "the hokage will taken care of it don't worry about it"..I shook my head "no way, he will sure give you accommodation but then you'll be under the eyes of anbu till he deemed he can trust you even fully knowing your situation..why don't you stay in our clan compound..well..it sure have many empty houses and it's protected by a barrier"

she replied "thank you" and for a second I got shivered by a slight killing intent but it went away quickly not sure where it came from..may be it's just my imagination..the after a day..we reached the village..


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