Transmigrated into Naruto World
28 Negotiations part1
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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28 Negotiations part1

upon reaching the village..we were immediately being ordered to report to hokage as the news already spread across all the elemental nations. Samui went to hospital to see how her sensei is doing while we went to the hokage..

after opening the door..we found two stangers who are at the same age as the third hokage sitting on a chair and talking with the hokage..upon seeing us hokage smiled "oh nagato you are here"..then he looked towards us "I'm happy you three are she?"..sensei nodded "yeah, she's Miura Reiko,waterfall country's late daimyo's daughter"..

the hokage suddenly turned into his friendly grandfather mode and said "I'm sorry for your loss..please ask me if you need any help here." she bowed although half heartedly "thank you"...and I'm looking at the two strangers...client? envoys from other hidden village? no..but I think they definitely aren't shinobi.

itachi slowly spoke to me.."those two.."I looked and asked "u found out anything?"..he shook his head "nope, but my inituition telling me they aren't neither civilians nor shinobi but we're very dangerous..especially the old guy on the left"..

The hokage probably heard it even though we were talking very low..he looked towards me and said "Ah, Diran, it's nice to see you healthy and safe" if I can get hurt with my instant regeneration.."you probably wondering whose these two are right"...he looked towards those two and said "gentleman, this is the one I'm talking about..Diran senju"..he's looked towards me and said "and these two are kansuke and yoritoki, together also known as twin demon samurai of the west"..

uh..who were these insignificant characters anyway...are they a big deal or something? I looked towards nagato and his face is completely in astonishment and so was samui's face..and it seems even Reiko was shocked.. what the hell..well..the anime didn't show anything about the samurai anyway except for that mifune guy

Hana tilted her head in confusion "who?"..they slightly laughed and one said "hiruzen, didn't I said previously no kid from this generation knows us..hahaha.."hokage face turned red due to embarrassment and didn't replied to them and said to us "from today onwards they will stay here in konoha and will teach you kenjutsu"...I was actually surprised by his words and in disbelief I said slowly "seriously..I mean are you sure that they are good?"..

nagato's face immediately frowned "Diran, you don't know anything about them..they were the guardians of testu no of iron..because of one dared to even think of attacking the land of iron..when they were together..even a kage cannot defeat them..But if they are here..hokage sama does that mean?"..first we were astonished that these two old guys are very strong..but then I was puzzled by sensei's second half of the sentence

the hokage nodded "yes, they came here for negotiations as our ally waterfall country's destroyed by iwa and raikage is in the mood to start the war for other reasons...the negotiations will be done at the kage summit which is going to be held in the land of iron which is a neutral nation..if it failed fourth shinobi war will officially start between iwa, and konoha, kumo"..itachi then asked "what about Suna and Kiri"...I replied "Kiri is in internal war and it doesn't seem to end in a short time and Suna is currently recovering from the previous war and their nation has a lot of problems to dealt probably they would stay neutral"..

hokage then "that can only be decided at the summit which is going to be held next month. ok, nagato give me later complete report"..kansuke then said "kid, you'll be training with us for the next month" and afterwards they went..and we stayed I asked "hokage sama how did you convinced them to teach me?"..he smiled but didn't replied anything..he looked towards nagato..and asod "nagato, konan you stay and the rest you go..oh Reiko san meet with my assistant below downstairs she will give you the apartment keys.."

I replied before she said anything "hokage sama, I promised her father that I will protect her here in konoha all times so.. she will live in my clan compound and you don't need to worry about her safety" he was quite surprised and looked towards her "are you ok with it?" she nodded a bit hesitantly..

he nodded and we went out of the office...nagato then "I forgot to give a detail report..konan come with me"..they went back..itachi then "I need to report to my father" he nodded and went away..Hana didn't said anything..Reiko then asked "Well..don't you also want to report to your family?"

Hana took a step back and a second later "yeah, I guess..see you tomorrow Diran"...seems like she reluctantly went away..I sighed "ok, let's go"...after half n hour..she was panting "and how far is your home? why can't I see any cart here" I replied "no, carts are only allowed till the commoner district..everyone has to walk or run from here..that's why most of the civilians don't stay here"

"no I can't go any longer.. let's rest for a bit"...after resting like this for 3times continuously every 10min..I stood up and made a earth clone and said "ok, from now onwards the clone will carry you"..she protested then I replied "don't's just a elemental's like a puppet which doesn't have any feelings..

she hesitated to climb his back...I said "c'mon if you keep getting hesitate we were going to be late..look it's already about be evening"..she reluctantly climbed the earth clone's back..and we started to run fast she started to scream and soon we reached the clan compound... there's no one inside as expected Danzo took back first hokage..

after we gone inside I put her down...she started to pant heavily..I think I went little too fast..her face was red...I was prepared to be scolded but them I saw stars in her eyes..she excitedly said "wow, that was's just like roller coaster"..what? there's roller coaster existed here in naruto world?

I just faked my surprise "what is that?"..her face changed into pity "oh, you poor kid, you probably don't about amusement parks right" I was surprised "what?, where is that.. definitely not in fire country" she laughed "hahaha, just a few days ago you met me at keishi didn't you see one on the way"..I was embarrassed..

"Cough Cough anyway what do you want for dinner tonight"...she asked "you know how to cook?" I scratched my cheek "no, I will just eat outside"

she instantly protested "no way, I wouldn't walk again..but if your clone carry me and run just like now I might think about it"..I shook my head "no, I don't wanna" she instantly dejected I sighed "I guess I'll order my clone to go and bring parcel"

after we ate, I asked "princess reiko, why do you hate shinobi?" she replied "it's ok, you can call me miura" then she told her story it seems her mother was assassinated by a shinobi right in front of eyes and she was rescued by a bodyguard when she was about to be killed that night..

the next day we have done our morning training when i came back...Miura didn't woke up I started to read documents and doing paperwork later we were summoned to hokage's office


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