Transmigrated into Naruto World
29 Negotiations part 2
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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29 Negotiations part 2

after we reached hokage office..he informed us that nagato sensei and some other jonin will join him in the kage summit..and Esumi san was badly injured would at least take two weeks for recovery so for the next month they are all on their own..

well not for us though..I have those twin demon samurai as teachers..itachi have his father and Hana has her mother so overall our training won't get stopped anyway.

Samui and Darui asked those two to train them but they outright refused and said that they only wished me as their last disciple... on my request they promised to help them time to time..

its been two weeks.. for now my training is going well..those two are strict but were very happy in my progress..the only disappointment is I rarely get to meet Hana and itachi these days..well..itachi was a bit busy with his father and clan meetings on the otherhand Hana well.. whenever I was free either I would always be with either Miura or Samui that's really strange though..anyway..when we meet I don't even get a chance to talk to her as she was very busy in quarrelling with both of them..oh I forgot to mention that Miura started to train in fuinjutsu...she don't have any formal teacher..only self taught but it seems she was very talented in it..

well...when she told me she won't ever become a shinobi..also it was already too late to train I suggested her to learn fuinjutsu..and also she also improved her stamina with daily running and simple exercises..not much but enough not to get tired walking for a long time like before.

meanwhile at land of iron..

third hokage with nagato and other bodyguard reached the capital..there mifune received him..."it's been a while"..hokage directly came to the point "how's the situation?" his face turned black "I can't say anything now..but only you should be the meeting mizukage is also participating along with kazekage.. there's a high chance they both will ally with tsuchikage..

nagato then "I'm sorry to interrupt but wasn't Kiri in a internal war because of bloodline purge the very thing the mizukage started yet he's thinking about war with other villages now?.."

hokage replied "nagato, you should also know that mizukage is also a jinchuuriki..and jiraya earlier gave me the Intel that he also can control his bijuu not to the extent like raikage's brother but he's quite good at he himself is an army..and from our two villages raikage will only allow hachibi to go to battle that means we only have one while they have two or probably more"

mifune nodded "come, let's go inside"..ten days later everyone reached and the summit is commenced..all sat in each of their respective seats..mifune then "welcome everyone to the 6th kage summit.. I'm mifune and the summit officially starts now"..

hokage stood up and started "ok, we know why we are here..tsuchikage what's the reason you attacked and destroyed our ally waterfall country"

he replied "it's personal business"..raikage then "the moment you destroyed it is the moment it's no longer your personal business and we got the report that you allied with a newly formed criminal organization called akatsuki and there's a sight of five tails there"

hokage then "akatsuki? what is it? I hope you would share the Intel about them with us later raikage..OK..we'll go back to start again..why did iwa attack the waterfall nation".

mizukage then replied "it doesn't matter now since it's already destroyed" raikage stood up and put his two hands on the desk at force "there's nothing to talk, we'll go for war"..onoki then "and you think we are afraid of you?"

mifune then "calm down everyone, we conduct the summit so that there won't be another war." kazekage then interrupted "before we move on to the war I would like to know how the waterfall country will be distributed"

hokage replied "distributed?..I reject the proposal"....onoki "unfortunately three of the five countries accept this proposal so it doesn't matter whether u accept it or not"..

hokage narrowed his eyes "onoki..."..raikage then "even it were to be distributed it will be among kumo and konoha since we both are allies with waterfall nation"

onoki then furiously "it was destroyed by it belong to us from now on"..hokage then released his killing intent "onoki, you are going too can't be distributed no matter what"..mizukage then "why not, there was no why not us the great five villages divide it and get each part"..hokage replied "because the princess is still alive.and she has the right to inherit it"

onoki laughed "wasn't land of whirlpool integrated into fire country after it was destroyed in second shinobi war? even though kushina was alive at that time..anyway..I won't ask much distribute the country into 5 parts and each of us country get one part or else we go for war for complete domination over it"..mizukage and kazekage both raised their hands "I agree"..raikage replied "since you wished for a war we give you one"

mifune stopped them "Calm down everyone, I have a proposal..I think everyone will agree to it..hokage asked "what is it?"..mifune replied "instead of war why don't we go for battle tournament".. okoni then "battle tournament? go on.."

mifune continued "it's something like chunin exam finals where people from each village will fight but the only difference is it's a team battle the winner takes to arrange it I'll leave it to you five"

raikage replied "hmm, interesting..I agree"..hokage nodded "me too"..soon mizukage and kazekage too agreed while onoki seemed to be thinking..after a while "ok, I agree..first let's talk about rules"

mifune started "first as our land of iron is neutral we'll host the tournament"..then raikage "other than kage, anyone can participate" he narrowed his eyes and looked towards onoki and continued "any village can't take help from outsiders as well as missing nin"

mizukage then "five shinobi from each village and it should be battle to death" mifune replied "if they surrender..then we'll save him..that will be our responsibility"..kazekage then it should be a Battle Royale and the winning team will decide the fate of waterfall country..

hokage then said "we need at least 1 year preparations"..onoki smirked "oh, I guess you already know you'll lose if conducted now"..hokage replied "doesn't matter what you think"..mifune replied "I agree with all of you... it'll be next for the exact date with in a week or two every one will be notified and also for fairness I think other small villages should also get it'll be open for all"

onoki was taken back and was about to protest but the kazekage and mizukage stopped him..then after all agreed with it..mifune smiled "I conclude the 6th kage summit officially over"


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