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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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30 inazuma

6months later

In the training ground 6, two old swordsmen constantly attacking a boy who's around 15-16years of age, he is defending thoroughly. they are attacking with a high jonin level speed yet not even one attack landing on the boy and yes, that's me.

In these 6months, I became quite stronger. I'm still a chunin, but training under these two, my kenjutsu improved so much that Danzo's training wouldn't even compare to it. I'm mid-high jonin level according to hokage, but since my chakra still at high chunin level, my application was rejected to apply for promotion.

well, with sage mode my chakra won't be a problem it's even higher than a kage level but still when compared to a jinchuuriki it pales.

one more thing is that originally they were supposed to teach me for only one month but due to negotiations they stayed here for 6months. soon they will depart to their nation though.

After completing my daily routine, I asked kansuke sensei "sensei, I observed you keep observing this sword time to time from the moment I started training.

do you know perhaps know the history of this sword? when I bought it the shopkeeper said that it could summon the real lightning from the skies and it's used by a samurai".

I got reply from yoritoki sensei "Diran, yes we know about it clearly than any other person. legend states there existed number of swords used by someone way back in rikodou sennin's era, where there's no such thing such as ninjutsu at that time. most of the people existed at that time were either samurai or commoner as people don't know how to use chakra

he continued "yet, there existed a samurai who carried not just one but 5 swords, each one could summon one type of nature power fire, water, lightning, earth and wind."

"history records didn't have his name, one of our ancestors wrote that he's not just a samurai. he could do everything. he could control nature in his fingertips, the very nature helps him whenever he fights beasts, demons especially the trees loves him. but because of rikodou's fame, his name completely disappeared and remained as a false myth."

kansuke sensei then interrupted "if you can truly summon the real lightning from the sky, then it would mean the sword finally found it's owner and it'll be your job to find the remaining swords, as for helping you how to do it, even we can't help you in that. you should find answer on your own. by the way what is the name of your sword?"

I then touch edge of my sword and smiled "inazuma". yoritoki sensei smiled "lightning strike huh. anyway, we have taught you everything we know and it's time to go to our nation".

I kneeled down and bowed as a part of tradition "it's an honour to learn from you two". after a while they went off and I went towards the clan compound and I felt I like I stepped on something suddenly I stopped moving or rather I can't move at all. I smiled.

at some distance a girl was hiding beside the building and smiling "hehe, I got you now". then she suddenly heard a voice from her back "not quite princess" she jumped up in surprise and she looked back. I smirked "better luck next time".

she replied "aw, that's no fair" and suddenly she screamed "ah!!! what's happening". she tightly held her head and screaming in pain. I worriedly ran towards her and just when I was about to hold her again I was stopped this time I was unprepared there's a seal below me which was prepared before hand.

I tried to move with more force but it's no use. she suddenly stood up straight and start laughing "hehehe, now I got you". I dropped my head down and admitted defeat "fine, I lost. now please release me?"

"not now, as you always say Victor has the right to decide, so" and she went behind me and climb my back. "now as my reward, carry me and run all the way to home". I protested "hey, I'm not a cart"

"hehehe, today you are my roller coaster, let's go" and she rubbed my cheek with hers. I blushed for a second and then composed myself and began to ran as agreed. unnoticed by me there are two people observing me from a distance a boy and a girl. the girl headlock the boy and muttering " how dare she trying to get close with my Diran" the boy is a bit suffering.

obviously the girl is Hana and the boy is itachi.after struggling for a bit he finally got freed. he said "why don't you just tell him." she gritted her her teeth in frustration "it's not simple as you imagine" he shrugged his shoulders "anyway, I need to report to my clan, see ya". she sees at my direction in a sad face

after I went a bit farther suddenly I got a feeling someone is calling me.

I turned around and but found no one. just random passersby. Miura asked "what happened?" I shook my head "nothing" and we went towards home.

a few days later at hokage office, an envoy came up and formally gave the invitation to the hidden leaf for the tournament of power.

then hokage just announced the names who will participate in the upcoming tournament. I actually there'll be something like test for it but I guess the list is already prepared beforehand.

we haven't got any list from other villages yet, but for now from our village there's me, Kakashi, Shikaku Nara, Shisui, and Ayuri Hyuga. it's very surprising that Danzo put his best man in the team. I wonder what kind of deal they made now and this Ayuri, I'm not sure I've heard of her before.

Actually I wasn't supposed to participate as I lack enough experience but Jiraya The Sannin, rejected to participate and probably those conspiring elders and civilian council push me into it.

A week later, I was ready and arrived at the gate. Many people came to send off us. Miura, Itachi, Little Ayame etc.. but I can't see Hana though. ever since I started to train under those two twin demon swordsman, our contact became less and as she was very busy with learning medical ninjutsu, at first I didn't want to disturb her but probably because of my sole attention to training or remaining time for Miura, It seems I really neglected both of them itachi and Hana.

but still I don't know why, it feels very bad when I didn't saw her now. I'm talking with itachi, Miura or explaining Ayame now but still my eyes are looking everywhere else searching for her but alas I didn't found her.

after a while all members arrived one by one.

At last I got to meet Kakashi Hatake, One of the most popular characters in the anime face to face


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