Transmigrated into Naruto World
32 Kakashi of Sharingan Vs Diran of Mokuton Part 1
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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32 Kakashi of Sharingan Vs Diran of Mokuton Part 1

Ayuri asked "but is it really hard to kill him? I know he's a Sannin but with five of us here, shouldn't be too hard right?" Shikaku replied for that "no, capturing him alive in his own territory might be very hard".

My face is already black after hearing that name. he's not just in same level as other two. he fought equally with the two of them at the same time and even third hokage can only take his hands after sacrificing his life.sensei saw me and asked "Diran, what happened?"

I replied "it's impossible to catch him, this mission will be a failure". kakashi replied "oh, are you afraid of him?" "hmpf". Shikaku thought for a second "right, before you are heir you were being raised by danzo. what Intel you have on Orochimaru that we currently don't have it now?"

I hesitated for a second sensei put a hand on my shoulder "say it now Diran, whether it's impossible or not we are doing this mission if you have any Intel please tell it now". I replied "the only thing I know is that he know Edo Tensei"

well, since it was a forbidden by second hokage, they don't know about that skill even sensei except kakashi . he frowned "I heard about it. it's a forbidden jutsu created by second hokage which can bring back the dead"

I replied "yeah, and Orochimaru improved it and make the bodies of resurrected ones his puppets, One thing I know for sure is that he can resurrect second hokage, So unless you think we can defeat second hokage before capturing him it would be a impossible task"

Actually a few months before I asked Danzo about first hokage, he replied that he actually learned how to control the person who was being resurrected by Edo tensei from Orochimaru and they struck a deal. in exchange of first hokage they gave Orochimaru the second hokage and fourth hokage's body. well in this deal I should say root got a huge profit as I know even without Root's help he can just retrieve all the hokage bodies and control them, Of course I didn't say that

Nagato got shocked "is this true?, Hmm I need to report to hokage sama" Ayuri then "actually, we don't need to worry about nidaime hokage sama". all of us turned to him "actually, nidaime sama was better known his administration not for his strength. So, I think we can take him on and we never know whether he was resurrected and was turned into puppet like senju san said"

Shikaku replied "no, you cannot be careless. if he can get his hands on second hokage's body, then we can assume he might have some other strong shinobi to summon. it's your call captain Nagato"

10 days later at some random forest all give of us are running at our top speeds with nagato in front and me and kakashi are the back we are arguing with each other on some thing very seriously I argued "Mei chan is the best" and he argued "no, Tsu chan is the best" Nagato really got furious at the point 'how dare that brat spoiled my student. I knew I shouldn't have left with him' he stopped and release his killing intent "Stop it for now, Kakashi if you bring that book again in front of Diran in future, I'll show you what hell really is" I protested "but sensei, that book is the most selling book" he looked at me "what do you say" we got kinda scared and nodded like kids "Yes Sir"

Ayuri was confused what we are talking about . "what is the book?" Kakashi pulled out and show it proudly "ICHA ICHA PARADISE, the greatest book ever published written by the great Jiraya of the legendary Sannin".

of course the result she attacked one of his tenketsu I don't know which one but kakashi was fainted right away

10 days earlier

when asked his decision, Nagato thought for a second "We are not going back from the mission. take rest for this week, I will gather more Intel in time. but before that we need to be ready for the tournament. So, first we will battle each other So that we can cooperate better when we fight there

first match me vs kakashi and ayuri vs shikaku. well their match was pretty much one sided as Shikaku can't compare to Ayuri who's a Hyuga and also sister of clan head. too bad that even she didn't escaped from the so called fate, the cursed seal on forehead along with her one of her brother Hizashi.Hmm, now that I think about it. it's almost time for Hinata kidnap incident.

then I stood before kakashi and took a battle stance. he's not using Sharingan and I'm not using mokuton either. I took out inazuma(my sword name) and we started to fight. first it was a normal taijutsu battle. of course I excelled in it . Sensei was folding his hands and the smile never went off his face. Shikaku who stood beside him asked "what's matter? Nagato replied "Who do you think will win?" Ayuri replied "I think kakashi, hey don't get me wrong your student isn't bad and we know he can use mokuton but you should know that the only Mokuton user before was shodaime hokage sama and I doubt he can improve himself faster in that in these last few years by himself without any teacher and also kakashi was a veteran and he's what you call a genius once in a decade"

Nagato lightly shook his head horizontally and replied "that's where you are wrong. while Kakashi is best when doing mission but when it's a straight head on battle I'm afraid if I don't use my eyes,even I'll lose and do you know who teaches him swordsmanship?"

Shikaku then thought for a second "last year those Twin demon Samurai came to our village and stayed for 6 months don't tell me..."

nagato nodded with smile "Yup, he was taught by the best but that's not the reason I think highly of him. see for yourself".

back to our battle. he took a kunai we started my inazuma clashed with his kunai, seems like we are equal in strength .either of us wasn't pushed out .well after sometime I put my sword away and began with normal kicks and punches. then I thought I wasn't winning at all I was confident that I would win but we are equal in strength.

elsewhere nagato slapped his forehead "This idiot" Ayuri asked "Hmm, what happened" nagato shouted "Oi Diran, remove the weights you have". I stopped fighting "ah!!" then I realised I forgot it again that I have weights on my body I turned towards my sensei and bowed "thank you sensei" and I got hit by a punch "you should never lose focus in a fight" then I removed all my weight I feel as light as feather I crack my knuckles "lets go." I dash forward and punched him in his stomach at a speed before even he blink his eye.

he was clutching his stomach "ok, that hurt. now I'll be serious" he finally pulled his headband up and revealed the sharingan


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