Transmigrated into Naruto World
33 Kakashi of Sharingan vs Diran of Mokuton Part 2
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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33 Kakashi of Sharingan vs Diran of Mokuton Part 2

As soon as he revealed sharingan, I knew he is serious now. I wanted to use Mokuton, but sensei forbid me to use it three months ago. we continued our battle. I fell into disadvantage soon, as the sharingan can predict my moves and even with my own top speed which even elite jonin will take much time to follow, this eye just did it in one try.

So, I stopped using taijutsu. directly started with an A rank jutsu Doton: Yomi Numa - Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld. beneath him the ground started to change into mud and slowly into a swamp dragging him down but at the moment he substituted and escaped and released the same jutsu on me I jumped up but was hit by a fireball

and I landed safely though. I don't know many jutsus, dotons ones which I know, almost all of them are defensive ones, and I neither can use mokuton nor senjutsu .taijutsu isn't working, with that eye genjutsu will be out of question and ninjutsu at disadvantage. at that time the only thing that can let me win is kenjutsu. I took back the inazuma in my hand poured my lightning chakra into it.

dashed forward and began to attack with extreme speed. well firstly he was able to follow but eventually I got a slight advantage as I can land attacks here and there. I can see various cuts on him not much as he was able to block many of my attacks with his kunai.

I can see his chakra was decreasing at a rapid rate probably because of the sharingan. well, it's natural that his sharingan will absorb huge amounts of chakra as he isn't an uchiha and not to mention it's only 2 tomoe one. well comparing to itachi, he's not much. I know that I can't underestimate him but seeing his condition I took advantage of it and backed a bit and released Hiken: Tsubame Gaeshi  Concealed sword: Swallow Reversal.

it's an A rank kenjutsu taught by Kansuke sensei a while ago .The technique consists of a vertical, horizontal, and circular slash, all done in rapid succession, upon which the three consecutive slashes close in on the enemy from all sides to create a prison, that allows no chance for defence or evasion.

he blocked the first attack but the following two hit him deadly. and he collapsed not just because of my attack but also due to overuse of sharingan. Ayuri was shocked, and Shikaku is thinking about something else and Nagato is grinning. "See, I told you Diran will win." Shikaku replied "indeed, well, firstly kakashi was never meant for a spar head on type he's more of an assassin type secondly we haven't see kakashi performing any ninjutsus as you should know he has mastered more than 400 Justus. and we also haven't seen any mokuton Justus from Diran so, I can't judge what can happen if it's a serious life and death battle"

Ayuri who was depressed suddenly got bright "yes, if kakashi gone all out he would have won" Nagato sighed and shook his head "Still underestimating him. See him what do you observe?" Ayuri then activated byakugan "What!!! he doesn't have any injury not even a scratch both internal and external and it's as if he didn't even participated in any battle"

Shikaku was surprised "I heard that first hokage sama has regenerative powers and tsunade sama has that seal which would recover her injuries instantly but this is amazing seeing in person. no wonder my uncle said he will bring back senju clan to it's peak".Ayuri then thinking "hmm, I wonder if our clan techniques work on him"

Later, we took rest for sometime but it seems Ayuri was impatient while Shikaku carried kakashi away, she came towards me and said "I want to fight you". I declined "No, result is very clear there's no use" She frowned "Are you looking down on me?". "No, I just mean, I can't defeat you" she snorted "hmpf, at least you know your place brat" I was displeased I guess she's like neji who was too arrogant before naruto beating him up I retort "not if I use mokuton". as she was about to reply nagato interrupted from her behind "oh, how about you fight me instead, if you are that much keen to fight someone".

"Uh, captain, I forgot to check on kakashi"and she slowly slipped away. I was surprised and asked "sensei, did you taught her a lesson or something in the past?". he laughed "hahaha, it's some trivial matter from the past and since you defeated kakashi without using mokuton, I'm here by lifting up the ban. now you use it as your wish".I was really excited by the news and jumped in joy.

Elsewhere at unknown place

there are 5-6 individuals gathered each of them are from different villages and they are all S class criminals and all of them have a back cloak with red clouds on it and they are discussing something suddenly someone one came and said "it's time" all half bowed and said yes. leader have a mask and one eye is a 3 tomoe sharingan.


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