Transmigrated into Naruto World
34 S-Class Mission Part 2
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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34 S-Class Mission Part 2

after the spar, he finally acknowledge me and later we became great friends. but that pervert introduced me icha icha series. well I'm 17 now, so it's natural to be interested in erotic books so eventually I got interested in that but seriously Jiraya Sannin was really a good author. the way he explains how....(Author :*Cough* Cough*, let's get into story)

Ok,now we are going towards our destination Otogakure. there's not much planning. we just need to infiltrate the village and calmly do our job.we reached the border two days later. we successfully infiltrated the village and we rest for the day to get further news from our spy.

next day we gathered in some inn and we actually didn't get where Orochimaru is but instead got one of his lab location.

it's an underground lab the entrance was neatly covered by all the grass which is in the village. without Ayuri we would failed to notice it's exact location. we entered. it looks like a maze but as long as Ayuri with us we won't get lost anyway.

but alas aside from some subjects we didn't found anything. I actually thought we would save them. those subjects are some genin level ones from various nations. but Kakashi reminded me that they aren't of our village there's no need to risk our mission just to save them and even so they are from enemy villages.

I was quite reluctant at first but sensei replied "Diran, you need to understand the reality of the situation" I want to argue but I don't know what to say. they are all quite pitiful that time I really got a bit angry on these guys who were in a position to help yet don't want to. Sigh, I really need to blame this hero complex of mine I guess.

later we left the village and decided to go for next location somewhere in the country and like these we went from one to another. we searched five labs we didn't got him yet and there's only a month left for the tournament. then we went to the sixth one.

Sensei said "ok, this is the last one. if we don't find him then this mission will be regarded as a failure." this one had a two shinobi guarded at the entrance unlike others. Ayuri exclaimed "this is the one" I asked "why?". she replied "see those two guys, definitely jonin level"

I asked "sensei, then how do we slip past them the entrance is narrow, only option is to kill them but it will alert him".

he said seriously"Ayuri, Shikaku,Kakashi be ready. Shikaku, you will first immobilize them then Ayuri you will block their chakra flow then Kakashi you use Chidori to kill them in one hit. understand?."

all three of them nodded and just as planned without even knowing what's going those two guys were dead just like that. I was really surprised how quick it happened.

We went inside. this one is really big we saw numerous cells full with many test subjects and their faces are completely devoid of life.

when we passed by them none of them even tried to asked for help they just look at us and not speaking anything with those lifeless eyes.

Suddenly Nagato sensei narrowed his eyes "it seems he even kidnapped some of our villagers and shinobi" and he pointed out someone. there's a guy who's my age someone I know I guess there's no one who doesn't know him who watched the anime.

when I saw his state this time I really released a slight killing intent without knowing. it's Iruka.

I dashed forward but was quickly held by sensei. I replied "Sensei, don't stop me this time". he released me and replied "now, it's not the time, after we are done with here we shall go and rescue them".

I got calmed down. actually he wasn't my friend not even an acquaintance. its just he was this Original body Mizuki's best my body reacted on its own. even though in anime it showed like Miazuki nevr considered him as a friend.I think Mizuki considered him as his best friend until he became a pawn of Orochimaru.

We continued. on our way we saw several small children who were only 5-6years of last we found another person who was doing some tests. we can't see his face. as his back was facing us.

then suddenly he chuckled "well well, finally you guys are here. I'm waiting for you guys for almost two months." he turned. sure enough it's Orochimaru. he said "it seems there an inexperienced senju brat who just gave signal for me that you have finally arrived."

before we reply anything else he continued "you senju brat will become quite a test subject, hmm who else is there oh one eyed sharingan one ,a Hyuga and little Nagato."

Shikaku replied "Orochimaru, under the orders of hokage,we are here to capture you. surrender yourself and comeback to konoha and receive your punishment for your crimes".I replied "you really spout out nonsense Shikaku san, let's beat him first then we talk"

he laughed loud "hahaha, let's deal with first then if you wish to capture me, Kuchiyose : Edo tensei Summoning : Reanimation."

then a coffin got summoned and it slowly opened and a figure came out fair skinned, silver, shaggy hair and dark coloured red eyes. he had three red marking one under each eye and last one under chin. yes, what we worry did happen.


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