Transmigrated into Naruto World
35 S-Class Mission Part 3
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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35 S-Class Mission Part 3

it's Second hokage Senju Tobirama who stood before us. after being summoned for the first time. he blankly looked his surroundings and himself. all of us shouted nidaime sama."hmm? it seems someone used Edo tensei and resurrected me" he looked towards Orochimaru "is it you?".

Orochimaru didn't spoke anything to him and looked towards us "I bet you are surprised, I actually want it use against that old man, too bad for you. let me give you more surprises Kuchiyose : Edo Tensei"

then two more coffins raised from ground but one was disappeared in the middle. he clicked his tongue. "damn, I guess it isn't possible after all" then the remaining one opened and there's one more terrifying person came out he has blond hair reaching down his back and a prominent scar on his right cheek. when we saw him it terrified them a bit. he was none other than Hanzo of the Salamander, who defeated the three legendary Sannin and gave them the title who was also called half a god.

"hmm, where am I?" he turned left he was surprised "you?" second hokage just stated "we were resurrected by this brat with my jutsu" Hanzo looked towards Orochimaru didn't said anything then turned his head looked towards Nagato "I think I've seen those eyes before".

Nagato said to us "Hanzo isn't in my calculation. never matter. Ayuri, Shikaku you two take care of Orochimaru just stall him and give us enough time. Kakashi and Diran you two take care of second hokage. I have a debt to clear with Hanzo. I'll take care of him alone."

I interrupted "no, Orochimaru is far stronger than those two.I think nidaime sama may hold back on us and he also didn't have raijin no ken with him. and if Orochimaru want to escape we can't stop unless all of us facing him. I have an idea"

Nagato then nodded and used Shinra Tensei multiple times without even giving oppwnt a chnace and all three flown away in different directions and crashed on to the wall. Orochimaru face became grim 'this one is very troublesome'. he stood up with smile "ok, let's begin" and suddenly those two became like puppets.

Shikaku and me went to Orochimaru first he immobilize him actually Orochimaru didn't even try to dodge it. he smirked "you think this is going to stop me?" I shook my head "it won't that's why I created a special jutsu for people like you. I gathered a large amount of chakra and created six clones and they surround him.

"behold Six Green Yang Formation"

suddenly there's a barrier erupted green coloured in hexagonal shape with each clone at corner. haven't stopped it yet. shouted "Barrier protect" then a protector green shield appeared on all six clones and exhaustion can be looked on my face.

all looked towards me. Sensei put gestured a thumbs up and said "good job" I replied "it took almost 40% of my chakra and can be maintained thirty minutes at best" Ayuri who also heard it "I think it's enough time".


then I Shikaku and Ayuri went towards second hokage , Nagato and Kakashi went for Hanzo. actually we weren't confident only us three can stop second hokage first but then remembered unlike Hanzo, second hokage had his conscious and he was struggling to keep his body in his control.

I bowed first "greetings, nidiame sama". he nodded and said to us "this is a nasty technique I really regret that I created it. I don't have much time..defeat me faster before I lose control".

Ayuri then used "Eight Divination Signs, Sixty- Four Palms of the Hand". it was that jutsu which made Hyuga clan famous along with Byakugan it forcibly closes 64 tenketsu stopping the chakra flow of the opponent. well for jonin and higher level ninjas they'll have ways to deal with it even after being hit.

I didn't gave him enough time to even react and used my creation "Inazuma : Arc Strike"

it's a kenjutsu technique I developed on my own but it can only be used by Inazuma. for normal swords the output is far less. when unleashed there will be a slash in Arc shape with lightning it went for the head and behead the second hokage in one sweep.

Ayuri was surprised "wow, that was awesome". Orochimaru was first surprised and laughed and talking to himself "Diran, now you interest me more. you'll be a fascinating material for my research". I got shivered for a second "ok, I don't why but I feel creepy now". but suddenly the head which was cutoff and fall on the the ground disappeared and a new head slowly revived from his body.

he was shocked "it seems this Orochimaru guy refined the jutsu" Shikaku was surprised "What!! an indestructible body. hmm I think the only option is to seal him but there's none here who have sealing techniques". suddenly a whisper came "Sorry, but it seems I lost control. be careful Water Release : Water Dragon Bullet".it came so fast my senses are very sharp I avoided it in time but those two were hit and crashed to the ground.

I replied them "you two go aid sensei and Kakashi finish Hanzo fast and come back till them I'll hold him" Ayuri replied "no matter what its a stupid decision" I replied "I'm not trying to be a hero ok. with you two here I can't use it".

they nodded went to aid and I stood alone before second hokage he said "your courage is commendable" I replied "please no, it's just they'll be in my way .now let's resume. Mokuton : Jukai Koutan Wood release : Birth of Sea of trees then a mini forest suddenly erupted from ground".

second hokage was surprised "this jutsu it was Nii san's that means you..." I smiled "yes, my name is Diran Senju, current Senju clan head"


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