Transmigrated into Naruto World
36 S- Class Mission Part 4
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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36 S- Class Mission Part 4

after saying him about me. he was all smiles even though he was attacking me with taijutsu. he asked me "so, you are tsunade's son or grandson? how many years it's been since I died?".

I replied while defending "well, around 40 years I guess I'm not sure. I only know you died in first shinobi war

he frowned "you now just said first instead of just saying shinobi war it means shinobi war happened again?" I replied "yeah, there are total three major shinobi wars happened" and I told him the story how konoha flourished after their death and how tsunade and other two became legendary Sannin ,nine tail event tsunade's desertion and how Senju clan fallen

and etc..

I continued "oh and I'm not related to tsunade san I don't know anything about my parents." he frowned and blurted "could it be you are related to Yume" a question mark appeared on my head who's that. he shook his head "nothing, forget about this old man's ramblings. ok, let's get serious I want to see how much strong you are".

I nodded and he started with Water release :Water Colliding wave and I easily defended with Doton : Doryuuheki - Earth Release: Earth Rising and not to mention since we are in mini forest I created it also helped me with defending his attacks.

since we are in a forest zone. it boosted my mokuton ability a bit I attacked him with the tree branches near me but he easily dodging it or destroying it and attack me with various water jutsus of his. I'm defending with Mokuton : Ki Eda no jutsu Wood release :Tree Limb Its a jutsu where I summon five thick roots from the ground they can be bent in any shape and can be used at my will whether to attack or defend unfortunately their distance is a bit short so I kept little distance between us.

since he lacked his sword. and explosive tags. he fall into disadvantage and he then unleashed Kokuangyo no Jutsu - Bringer of Darkness. it's an A Rank genjutsu suddenly my surrounding became dark I can no longer see the forest everything is pitch black.

it worked on me? I thought I was resistant to all genjutsus even koatamatsukami didn't worked on me but it seems it worked suddenly I don't even know what hit me I was flown away and crashed to ground.

then I activated sage mode level1 this is what I call it. there be two black markings appeared around the eye like first hokage except there isn't any marking on forehead. it enhances my chakra. my physical strength reflexes my senses and of course all my jutsus increases multiple times. too bad that I don't have any sage techniques I can use.

he smiled "you really are a descendent of my brother and I should say you are stronger than him when he was in your age". I laughed and replied "well, I wasn't first hokage's student for nothing" he was surprised "hmm?, don't tell me" I replied "yeah, just like Orochimaru another person I think you know him Danzo Shimura, he resurrected first hokage". he narrowed his eyes "it seems that brat really doesn't have any respect for elders. it's my fault I shouldn't have created this technique I'm reaping what I sow".

I asked him "is there any way to free you from this technique. we don't have any one with sealing techniques and my sensei Nagato can stop you but he have to forcefully extract your soul".

he thought for a second "there's a way, but I can only tell if you prove me your strength and beat me". I nodded "fine by me, let's continue" and now that technique proved useless infront of me now. he retracted the jutsu since it's a waste of chakra anyway.i attacked him with some tree branches he was dodging it nicely while he was distracted with it . I used Wood release : Vajra fist and since my speed now exceed that of a kage's it hit him dead on and he was crashed on ground I don't even gave him second chance.

I bind him with Wood released : Wood Dragon Technique it's a Technique which The user creates a gigantic wooden dragon, which they can use for a multitude of purposes including restraining a target, or for offensive purposes.

and it completely absorb chakra and mine can add that chakra to me when in sage mode. well I need it as my chakra reserves are almost empty as of now. though I don't need it as I have sage mode activated now but still I had to do it anyway. a bit later it was destroyed. I smiled "thank you for the meal, I guess it's over now nidaime sama. Mokuton : Kanna - Wood release : Complete Capture". then a wooden dome surrounded him and trapped him and several wooden beams sent towards it and crashing it completely.

he coughs and stood up weakly but then collapsed to the ground but a smile still didn't disappeared on his face "you win kid. I told you right, I'll tell you how to release from Edo tensei, there's only one natural way that is the user who was resurrected wished to be free and leave no regrets. that's when his soul will automatically liberated from the jutsu."

"now, you liberated me kid, I'm now completely satisfied that there's a person I can count on for village protection. before I go can u fulfill one last wish of mine?". I replied "What is it?" he replied "I don't have much time to explain. I can feel it. go to our clan library there in 5th row and 7th book take it out and press the switch you will open a hidden chamber there.

you will find a lots of things there but there will be a black diary with my name on it. please read it. you will understand what I want. I don't have the chance to say to hiruzen back then as there was a war going on. I hope you will fulfill it" and he was gone.

then suddenly I began to sense something bad happened . I ran fast towards them I saw Ayuri, Shikaku was on the floor with both of faces green stating they were poisoned, kakashi was holding on somehow and Nagato was fighting Hanzo and his salamander.


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