Transmigrated into Naruto World
37 S-Class Mission part 5
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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37 S-Class Mission part 5

I failed to understand why the hell they failed to defeat him. as far as I know he mostly depend on his summon and poison in his attacks but still why four of these strong shinobi failed to destroy him.

I shouted "what happened". I hurriedly dashed towards them and gave each a health pill which increases recovery rate.I asked "how much time they have". he replied "almost one day, I sent my summons for help.but still it would take much time to reach here."

sensei when sensed me he said "Diran, it's good you are here. take them and run". kakashi also said "yes, take those two go. you have high speed you can reach in time we will hold them until." I replied "no, it's too late" sensei replied "what do you mean" then a voice sounded from a bit far "he means I'm released from that barrier. hehehe now all of you will become test subjects for my research."

my face became grim I said to Kakashi "you are in no condition to stop him just take two of them and go. we two will take care of them. don't worry about me. I'm in my top condition right now" I activated sage mode level 1 again. he was surprised when he saw the mark. "you". I smiled "now go" he nodded and took both in each arm and started to move.

Orochimaru laughed "now, where are you two going"and he released Senei Jashu (Hidden Shadow Snake Hands). snakes cames out of his sleeve and when it almost hit and bind Kakashi. I cut it into half with inazuma

he looked towards me "you". I looked toward him with a serious face "don't you dare underestimate me." then I looked towards sensei "sensei, why didn't you sealed him yet". he looked surprised "you know how to seal them?. this guy even after destroyed keep getting revived again and again. how did you solve the problem with second hokage sama".

I replied "it's a different situation, but for now I'll say how to defeat this guy. immobilize him and put your hand on his head and focus with your rinnegan to pull out his soul".

then suddenly Orochimaru neck expanded like a snake his face with elongated neck came to attack me when it arrived just in front of me a sword came out of his as my senses are pretty much high I dodge them easily. but then salamander attacked me I dodged it also.

sensei used Shinra Tensei and blasted Orochimaru from here and also separated Hanzo from his summon. it seems salamander focused on me. it attacked me with poison gas I'm dodging it and I decided to pull this thing down.

I used a large amount of chakra with senjutsu chakra this time and used it now which I saved it for battling only tailed beasts in the future. it's a jutsu can only be done with sage mode Mokuton : Heavenly Deity gates then suddenly two big gates came landed on it. it's my version of first hokage's Sage art : Gate of Great God which he uses it to suppress jubi in fourth shinobi war.

mine is a miniature one.i can only summon four at maximum. well I'm not sure whether it can suppress Bijuu but these summons are no problem. it instantly suppressed it to the ground. Nagato smiled "good job. now Bansho tenin" he pulled towards him and held him in the neck. "now begone." he put his hand on his head and in first try he put his soul out while getting all of his memories. he looked towards me "I think I shouldn't use it again. this one is in the level of forbidden".

after ripping out his soul and killing him again. salamander disappeared. Orochimaru face looked grim at this point. sensei looked towards him "now it's your turn"

he laughed creepily "if you can catch me that is". he summoned Manda. upon summoning. Manda clicked his tongue "how dare you disturb my sleep". he shouted "shut up and help me out".

he asked "you want me to kill them?. that brat is difficult to kill. he's a sage". he was surprised and so was Nagato. I looked away. "I'll explain later". he thought for a while. "no, for now let's get out of here." Manda replied "I need 100 sacrifices". Orochimaru grumbled "fine, let's go".

Nagato then "you think I'll let you run away. Shinra Tensei". but since Manda was very big creature it went away only a few attacked with tail we dodge it and it took advantage and crawl away fast.

"Damn, Diran let's go." I created a wood clone and told it to release all of captives here. and we run after Manda with Orochimaru on it.we soon caught up and sensei used massive amount of chakra "Shinra Tensei" and both of them this time have flown away a bit far.anf crashed to the ground. Orochimaru was separated from his summon. he said "Manda, I'll go on my own distract him".

Manda was blocking us. I took advantage of small gap and Chase him. we soon reached edge of cliff. he looked at me "you think you can defeat me alone. I purposely sperated you here. I changed my mind. you will die here. and he dashed towards me and attacked . but unfortunately I'm in sage mode I caught his punch and punched him back in his stomach.

strangely Orochimaru looked very weak this time

was he always this much weak.just one punch and he was struggling to even get up. I don't know then but it seems I overestimated him or may be I thought full of myself at that time i said "hmpf, now your death is near and dashed towards him with my sword intend to cut him in half as he was clutching his stomach and crawl towards edge

but just when I finish the blow he suddenly went into underground and I was attacked from behind a stab through my heart. I turned around and asked "who are you?, you are not him" I'm coughing blood. then I suddenly remembered "you are zetsu". he smiled "correct" but then without even getting the chance to retaliate white zetsu latched on me and bind me while taking away all the chakra.

I knew I won't die. but my regeneration is now too much less as it was the heart that was stabbed perfectly. if he took away all the chakra then it would be a problem. and I would even die.i smiled "let's die together" and I jumped from the cliff while he was still latching onto me.

he screamed "no". few minutes later we both were crashed on the ground. good thing is before we crashed I was healed completely my regeneration. after crashing I suffered major injuries but not life threatening anymore as I already activated sage mode level 2 for which the marks extended all the way to the chin .even though it dark I can sense white zetsu here. but strangely he was unharmed as he also have regeneration capability.

while he was prepared to escape through underground I caught his neck ruthlessly with full force"you think you can escape with my chakra unharmed". I used the forbidden jutsu of mine. I inserted my hand into his chest and slowly pulled wood Mokuton: life steal it's a jutsu I used it before for a bandit but was later treated as forbidden jutsu as it completely convert other life force into wood.

I almost pull completely the life force out of him, he screamed and screamed resisted and at the end moment he successfully kicked me and land on ground there by merged into ground and ran away successfully.

the wood I extracted I absorbed it. I got so much life force and my body is full of vitality. I felt like I got at least hundred years of longevity. but then how should escape now. I looked up and I can't even find the top. then I deactivated sage mode and rest do the day as I was exhausted mentally.

meanwhile at the top of the cliff. white zetsu who was now look completely like a sick old man. shivering "man, he was terrifying. I don't want to deal with him again" and at Nagato and Manda it said "ok, my work here is done." and it disappeared. "what". he ran towards the direction I went after Orochimaru. but he failed to find either of us. "what happened?"

two days later it was reported to hokage that I was missing.


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