Transmigrated into Naruto World
38 Sage Of Destruction
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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38 Sage Of Destruction

2months later I finally reached konoha. phew who knows that there are demons and beasts living down back there. after fighting and killing them I found a way to come out eventually. at first I thought of climbing but gravity here is very strong. so I had to look for way in that darkness.

after reaching konoha, the first one to surprised the gatekeepers. "Senju sama?". I turned back and looked towards them "you are alive?, we should report it to hokage now". a voice came from behind "no need. I already know".

I turned to find the third hokage with other two anbu behind him. he smiled "it's good to see you Diran".I was confused "hokage sama, I..." he interrupted "you don't need to give explanation now. you are alive that much is fine with me". then later I roamed all the village and villagers seemed pretty much excited to see me alive and also I met several shinobi who greeted me while I'm on my way to clan compound. then I met itachi. he hugged me "you are alive after all. all people thought you died when you went missing."

I smiled "it's ok, by the way have you seen Hana and Miura. strangely I can't sense them. are they on some mission or something?"

when he heard my sentence he went silent. then I don't know why but my heart felt suddenly heavy. I asked again. "something happened to them?, tell me". he replied "come with me. and we went towards gravesite. I said"why are we going towards this direction. are they visiting someone. no it's not what I think it is. is it?". he didn't replied anything and soon we reached the place. it's her grave. I don't know what happened at that time. my legs lost his strength and collapsed on my knees tears were flowing down from eyes.

I looked towards him and asked him . my voice is completely shaking "and Hana?". he replied "she isn't dead yet but she is in coma". I asked him in almost a whisper "who did it?". I roared "who?". he shook his head "I don't know but calm down yourself".

I ditched him there and went to hokage's office in a serious face. see people tried to stop me as I was being disrespectful going directly into the office without taking permission. I don't even tried to explain them. I just kicked them and went inside. he said "Diran, calm down first and listen to me". I replied "hokage sama, I need to know the name. you know it, tell me". he replied "it's your father , Danzo Shimura." I released my killing intent so much that it began to suffocate people near hokage office. his face became serious and roared "Diran, calm down first". I tried myself to calmed down and asked "what happened?".

he sighed "after you went missing, we sent people to find you but all returned with nothing. then all thought you were dead and also with your team suffering extreme injuries we weren't able to compete in tournament. later when I heard she was killed and Hana was injured I was furious but if I took any action he will join uchiha to dismiss me as hokage and appoint himself as so as he was temporarily clan representative and in worse situation he will rebel against me and the villagers will suffer in midst.

I laughed crazily "again and again, you proved me right. then do one thing. just be silent then I will justice by own hands." "Diran wait". with anger on my face I activate sage mode level 1. and turned to him "Don't you dare stop me. today, anyone who will be in middle between me and Danzo will die no matter who it is".

then I switched with my wood clone and it disappeared later.

meanwhile at hokage tower. he ordered his anbu "capture Diran Senju, he is not in the right mind now, I don't know what he will do in revenge". they disappeared I went towards root. they quickly spotted me. I narrowed my eyes "didn't I said, those will try to stop me will die." some anbu replied "under the orders of hokage sama you are hereby to be captured."

"good, you made your choice hiruzen sarutobi, if you want to stop me then try it".all came to attack me at same time. but what can I say, I'm too strong now and with all rage I took Inazuma cut all the heads of them. and went on my way to root. someone from root observed my actions and just he was about to go and report it to Danzo I caught him and killed him with Mokuton : Vajra fist. I went into Root's headquarters. I see some root agents guarding it they stopped me "you aren't allowed to go in." i didn't listen nor I didn't have the time I just killed any one who came into my sight.

meanwhile Danzo is sitting and talking with Shisui and checking some documents one root ninja came and said "Danzo sama, Diran sama is alive and is at the door". Danzo looked cold towards Shisui "it's different from what you told me". he shivered a bit and replied "Danzo sama, Diran death news I got it directly from akatsuki, they won't make mistake." he frowned "does it means they back stabbed us?" the informer interrupted "Danzo sama, Diran sama is killing all of ninjas those who were in sight". Danzo stood up "what!!!. Dammit, Shisui. he's as of now dangerous to the village. kill him."

again. root informer came and report "Diran sama he...." but unfortunately before he even said anything a wooden spear came from the back and pierced through his chest. "You don't need to report anything more". "you". I looked towards him and ask in a cold tone "before killing you, I want to know why did you kill Miura and why Hana is in coma in hospital". "Hmpf, do you really think I will allow a person from other village to stay in ours and even let her steal our jutsus.when we fight and claim waterfall country she was to be a puppet for us to rule it. now it was already landed in someone else hands, there was no need for her to live. too bad that inuzuka girl decided to intervene so we had to injure her and you can even see we didn't kill her." I replied "because she heiress of inuzuka clan".

"now that I got what I want to hear. there's no more mercy for you two". Shisui activated his mangekyou sharingan and just when he was about to attack. I activated sage mode level 2 I disappeared and appeared next to him and attack him intend to cut off his head but it hit something. Shisui arrogantly said "don't dare to understimate an uchiha". I guess even cursed seal didn't erased their arrogance

slowly a skeletal structure formed around him. Susanoo the strongest ability the people who have awakened mangekyou sharingan but unfortunately it's only a basic one not a complete form.I used mokuton jutsu and from below I captured his leg and dragged him from it and thrown him. seeing this Danzo slowly decided to escape. I narrowed my eyes "you think you can escape?" I made a wood clone and stopped him from escape. before Shisui even reacted what was happening I cut his head off.

I exchanged my places with my clone "now, your right hand man is finished. you know you should've summoned first hokage to deal with me but alas you wasted such nice opportunity". "you want to kill your father for the sake of that some stranger?". I punched him with full force he was crashed to the wall. I roared "she's not some stranger. I promised her father that I will protect her with my life. I treated her as my sister and you dared to kill her and you also injured the person who I love the most."

" father huh, you call yourself my father. do you really think your koatamatsukami really worked?, I'm nothing more than a test subject for your experiment. you think I really know nothing.So far I did nothing because you saved my life even though it wasn't your intention but you have already crossed my bottom line. Danzo Shimura today you will die" and I cut off his head but strangely after few seconds he was same as before.

he laughed "hahaha you really think you can kill me?, today you killed many people you tried to kill an elder in village council a few minutes anbu will come and capture you then there will be only one result your death you can't escape from it hahaha".

I smirked "it's izanagi , you think I know nothing about you. on contrary I know every thing". I cut off his arm. and I crushed it with my foot. he screamed and he was full of pain blood oozing out of his arm Mokuton :life steal I inserted my hand into his chest and extracted the life force out of him and turned it into a wooden block.thats the end of Danzo.i look hideous now with full of all those blood on my body.

Meanwhile. hokage gave order everyone to evacuate their homes and take shelter in some place. by the time I come out there are more than 20-30 anbus many jonins with hokage waiting for me. I came out and smiled "sarutobi hiruzen, it seems you are well prepared to capture me". he shouted "Diran Senju, do you know what you have done?" I replied "I served the justice to Miura and Hana." he sighed "it seems you lost the Will of fire within you and chose the path of darkness. surrender yourself for the mass homicide".

"Hmpf, I no longer had the intention neither to surrender nor to stay in this village any longer.don't try to stop me."when he was about to give order. suddenly a person appeared next to me. it's itachi "I stand with Diran, if you want to punish him you will have to go through me." then Uchiha Fugaku came with his some clan members "Uchiha clan will stand with Diran Senju" and then "So is inuzuka Clan" Inuzuka Tsume came to me and said "thank you for taking revenge for my daughter". later it was followed by Nara and hyuga clan.

hokage's face became grim "OK, as punishment of killing a village elder and killing 8 anbus and many root members. I hereby banishing Diran Senju from Konoha. should he set his foot on konoha again, it will be a kill order."

I turned around and bowed "even though it isn't needed but I thank you from the bottom of my heart to be on my side" I turned to Tsume "can I see Hana one last time?" she nodded "she's being shifted to clan compound. come with me" itachi and me went with her. after we went. everyone went their own ways except Fugaku and hokage with his anbu.

hokage asked him "why?, I know you didn't supported him just because he's your son's friend and more over he's a Senju it's unlikely you will support him". Fugaku didn't said anything and went on his way.

back to inuzuka compound. I saw her she's not moving just like a dead body. tears dwelled up in eyes. I asked "can I stay alone with her for a while?" she nodded and both of them went outside of room.

I touched her face "it's been a while Hana, you know, I'm not from this world. just a few years ago you are nothing more than anime characters for me. but I don't know why when I came into this world, my mindset changed a bit. probably because of world's nature I began to slowly think like a shinobi.

you know I never intended to make friends here as you guys are like NPCs in a game for me but slowly you became my friends. there's a lot to tell you but I don't have much time. I was expelled from village you see. there's only one thing which is still held back from going away that is you Hana." I pulled the wood block which earlier I extracted from Danzo. and inserted into her.her life force increased but too bad there was no change."I guess, it didn't worked after all. then I pulled out a necklace from my pocket which I bought earlier for her at Otogakure. and put her on neck and kissed her forehead "good bye my love".

I cleaned my tears. my eyes were still red. then I went to my clan compound. I bathed and later I went to the library and went to the hidden chamber and took the diary and strangely I found one rusty sword but it kinda attracted me so o took it and then I took some of jutsu scrolls from the library which I still haven't mastered yet. and some other things. I packed. I wrote a letter to Hana something which I haven't said yet.

I went to Ichiraku. it's one of the connection I have close in the village. on the way some villagers who heard the rumours feared when they saw me while the others who were helped out financially by Senju clan in these years gave me gifts in their own budget.

I went into Ichiraku today it seems no one is there. little Ayame who's now like 8years. a little cutie I should say ran towards me and hugged "Nii san, papa says you are banished from the village. will I never see you again?". I fondled her head "that may not be true. you are going for civilian acdemy right. then study hard make Ichiraku ramen world famous and open the branches all over the elemental nations. then I'm sure we can meet somewhere if fate decide to. I'm just banished from konoha not from the fire country or the world. I will be there somewhere may be we can meet again."

she cutely says "I don't understand what you said fully but we will meet right. pinky promise?" and she stick out her pinky finger. I smiled and "pinky promise". she was way different from itachi when he was at that age. I patted her head and turned towards the father "teuchi san. this is the land deed. all your debts toward Senju clan is waived. this is some additional money. I know how Naruto's life will be. no store will support him. I hope you at least provide him ramen for free as stated before and give him some groceries or little gifts time to time. please think of it is my last request for you.

he replied "no need to worry Senju sama. I'll do what you say". I thought 'this is utmost I can do for you Naruto'. and I went towards the gate. there I saw some people who know me. I haven't found sensei and Kakashi yet. probably in mission. greeted Ayuri and Shikaku and later gave Tsume the letter told her give it to Hana when she woke up and said goodbye to everyone before going outside of gate. I turned towards hokage just at the border of gate who also came to send me off.

I shouted "listen the spies of various villages whoever you are. give your kages this message. I'm only leaving this village. just because this village is weakened after kyuubi and just because root is destroyed and just because we failed at battle tournament.if you ever dared to plot against my village. whatever village it is will face me. and listen elders of the village and you too hokage of konoha. don't dare to come after me.

anyone who will not follow these two rules." I took my sword Inazuma and activated sage mode level 1 then level 2 and then level 3, which there are markings all over the upper body. hokage frowned and unconsciously all jonin and above went into defense stance. "Inazuma Sage art : Descend of the Lightning." then suddenly weather changed clouds formed above the sky and a four lightnings from the sky each of them at least ten metres in thick descended and attacked the place where root headquarters is. instantly all of that place was disappeared like it was never existed.actually just when I activated sage mode emotionally while in root HQ suddenly I got that jutsu in mind like it's already programmed that way. the disadvantage of it is it can only be used outside because if use inside in some building. the lightning will struck the building first there by eliminating me also.

I turned towards hokage"don't worry. I only destroyed empty root heardquarters. no people are there." for one second even he shivered and others they got completely frightened by it.the root headquarters previously existed now became completely empty barren land.

itachi then asked me "what will you do now". I looked towards that sky "I guess I travel all around the world and if I ever saw a nice place to settle then I will." I went outside and said "Farewell Konoha"


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