Transmigrated into Naruto World
39 Enter Naruto Uzumaki
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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39 Enter Naruto Uzumaki

Eight years later

Graduation day, Ninja Academy

A Teacher who was around 24-25 years who also won best academy teacher award for three times, Iruka Umino calling out the names one by one. "Sakura Haruno". she stood up turned her head "Watch me Sasuke kun" and she performed clone jutsu perfectly. "you passed".she showed him victory sign. he sighed, he was tired of this girl who keep pestering him since day 1.

"Sasuke Uchiha" he hurriedly went and done the clone jutsu perfect. Iruka smiled "perfect as always. it seems you will be first just like every year" Sasuke shook his head "what's the use of being first when I can't beat him in a spar" and he went and sat in his seat.

Sakura then sat beside him "Sasuke kun I guess we will be together again. they said class first in male and female will be together. looking forward to be in same team and then" she no longer talking to him she began to talking to herself "and then we will do missions together and get married had kids" then a chibi Sasuke came into her mind "oh, our son looks exactly like you, too cute." "huh Sasuke kun". she looked side. here and there he already ran off.

"hahaha, forehead you sure have nice imagination" Sakura blushed as she said all of that loud enough that everyone heard it. Iruka shook his head "what kind of student I got". she saw her angrily "Ino pig" "see, your Sasuke already ran away from you" Sakura snorted "hmpf, as if your prankster devil will cuddle you."

Ino began her imagination "yeah, it would be so romantic don't you think. me and Naruto kun" unlike Sakura she's imagining inside her head and well we can easily guess her thoughts as eyes are in shape of heart now.

at the same time a girl who sat at back activated byakugan unintentionally looking at her angrily and later got silent. the one who sat beside her "this is getting boring. I'll sleep. choji wake me up when it's my turn."

one by one all students were called at last it's Naruto's turn. "Naruto Uzumaki" but he wasn't there. he called again still no response he waited for a minute then he said while sitting on his chair "since Naruto isn't here. he is Dis...." and suddenly the chair disappeared and Iruka fell down on his b**t. all laughed a kid appeared out of nowhere yellow-blond spiky hair, blue eyes and three whiskers each on his cheeks and the one that stood out most is his outfit which is bright orange which don't fit shinobi at all.

he showing a victory sign "Iruka sensei, I'm here all along". Iruka smiled "nice transformation jutsu but" his head suddenly became big "how dare you make a prank on your teacher". Naruto mumbled "well, it's graduation I won't even have a chance again". Iruka got a bit emotional but became calm "ok, do clone jutsu". Naruto laughed "I'll do a better one Shadow Clone jutsu".

Iruka smiled "nice, you passed with flying colours" Naruto made a foxy grin "Iruka sensei, I have a graduation gift to give everyone, I'm going my shadow clone will give you the present." when he said that two people instantly went out of the classroom one is Sasuke who was just about to return to room but turned back when he is at the door and the other is Ino who knows Naruto too well.

Naruto jumped on to the window "three, two, one enjoy" and he jumped and at the same time his shadow clone exploded into paint and the whole classroom including all students were painted in all different types of colours. all students with Iruka roared unitedly "Naruto".

third hokage who is writing something suddenly his hand shook and the paper was wasted. "don't tell me it's Naruto again"

while he was running Naruto looked back and started laughing "hahaha what a nice day today" and he collided someone and fell down he looked at him and got scared "ojisan". "Naruto, how many times I should tell you to stop pranking.

he put his face down with a bit of sad face "it was my last prank. from now onwards I won't even have anyone to prank". his heart soften a bit "fine, since you graduated let's go ichiraku ramen?, My treat". Naruto got excited "really, I can eat all I want?. yes, let's go". he sighed " I guess I'll have to starve this month". he is none other than Nagato who is currently the commander of konoha's anbu.

they both went to ichiraku. ichiraku ramen diner in these eight years grown very popular all across the fire country. they have 6 branches and all of their business are booming. I should say they are quite richer than many merchants. but still here in konoha. the food was still made by Teuchi, and Ayame serve them.

16year old Ayame is a bit popular among boys. half of them come to the diner and eat just to see her.she get many proposals but she rejects all of them though. she also considers Naruto as her little brother. he enters "Ayame onee san, Miso pork Ramen I'll eat today full. ojisan's treat.see this hehe" showing his forehead protector indicating he graduated.

"Nagato san your salary will be enough only for you with your appetite and with this little brat you cant afford. it's my treat you both can eat full" he laughed "thank you Ayame chan". after a while she asked "Nagato san did you got any news yet?". he stopped eating and put his chopsticks down shook his head in disappointment "no, there's no news of him yet". and resumed eating again. she sighed "it's been eight years..." Naruto asked "nee san, what are you are talking about". she shook her head "nothing".

Meanwhile somewhere in fishing village, in the Land of Tea. a man peacefully fishing and caught a fish finally then a girl of around 6years called him "papa, it's time we have to go see mama".he turned around and smiled. the man is rather handsome around 23-25 years of age over 6ft 2in height with a beard with the stubbled look fair skinned, dark purple hair with a tattoo like mark under left eye. yup that's me Diran Senju and the little girl is my daughter Miura Senju.


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