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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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40 Team 7

after my daughter Miura reminding me about it. I stood up and replied, "wait for your papa to get ready ok?". I went into the house which is beside the fishing spot and changed my dress. I hold her hand and we started to walk together. we started to go in the direction of gravesite which is in the village but it is far away from our home.

for me it's nothing but for Miura who's only 6. it seems very far for her. she was panting just after half kilometre. I kneel down to her height and asked "Miu chan,want papa to give you a piggyback ride?". she declined with puffing her cheeks"no, I will walk by myself this time. let's take rest a bit". I pinched her nose "hahaha, you are a very stubborn girl just like papa".we slowly took our time and went there.

went to the grave. it stated the name "Nashio Ichiko" I pushed her gently forward "go and talk to your mother" she went there and spoke "mama, Miura is eating healthy food daily, sleeping soundly. you know papa bought me a turtle shaped toy....."this and that she is sharing all the incidents small and big that has happened in the past year. She cried a lot and got tired while explaining everything and slept there like that.

I half kneel down, touched her name and said "Ichiko, don't worry about our daughter. I'll protect her with my life." I carried her to our home and put her on bed. kissed her forehead "Papa loves you Miu chan". I drank a little bit on that evening,then I began to think about my happy memories in konoha, I thought of itachi, Ayame, sensei, Miura and lastly Hana. "I really miss them. I wonder how is she doing. she might have already forgot about me and probably found someone who she really loves.

it's ok, I have Miu chan with me. she's enough for me to forget her" and I slept soundly.

Next day morning at konoha

all graduated students sit and chatting with each other Iruka came and announced teams. they are pretty much same as in anime. three waited for Kakashi. pretty much same as in anime he came late by 3hours. and told them to come to rooftop.

he asked them "ok, first you pinkie." well, her introduction is almost same as anime. after that Naruto "hello, my name is Uzumaki Naruto, I love ichiraku ramen, training, pranking, Nagato ojisan, Ayame oneesan, hokage jiji etc. my aim to become hokage one day so that all people of konoha would treat me as one of their own in their heart."

no one got surprised that he wants to become hokage because all know that. but the last of the sentence pained a little for Sakura and Sasuke because they have seen how villagers treat Naruto and especially Sasuke he knows more than anybody how does it feel to be shunned by your own people.

lastly Sasuke stood up "My name is Sasuke Uchiha, my favourite food is tomatoes, I love my clan and my brother. my aim is defeat my brother and also to restore the clan to its peak."

Kakashi then thought 'hmm, these two are fine but the problem is the girl.anyway we'll see if they have what it takes to be a shinobi first' then just as in anime he told them to come to training ground three and disappeared.

when they came down. they met sight with a 20year old guy 5ft 8in height, with jet black hair that was pulled back in a low pony tail. overall appearance is a bit similar to Sasuke. it's Itachi Uchiha who's currently an anbu captain.

well in these eight years the events are almost like anime but with a few changes happened. just like in the anime Itachi killed his clan but not alone though. this time he left many old people, some women and talented less kids alive so that uchiha clan won't be erased from history. all the people of village treat him as the hero for siding with the village and killing his own clan members when Fugaku decided to rebel against hokage and the village.

but the remaining people in the clan shunned them so much that they both had to come out of the clan compound and live in an apartment somewhere. another change is Naruto. after Nagato took guardianship of him, his life changed. even though he still seeks attention from villagers, he no longer was stupid and immature. well if you forget about that hideous outfit of his. and just as hero as he is, he saved Ino and Hinata in various incidents from bullies.they both fell in love with him. then from that moment Ino started to cling to him and Hinata who has very shy personality also developed a violent personality. when she trains, she will release all her frustrations on poor training equipment and training partner.

well there's one more change in Hinata's case is that kumo never tried to kidnap her and so Hizashi Hyuga never sacrificed himself and Neji never had the hate towards main branch he just became another Hyuga clan genius that's it.

Itachi picked up Sasuke and invited both of them for lunch. they both happily went and three bonded very quickly. it was way better compared to anime I should say.

next day, they went to training grounds. as expected kakashi designed the same test unfortunately it ended up in same way except for Naruto didn't got beat up much like in anime as he had a strong foundation he did fared nice but even though they bonded quickly, yet they failed like before as Naruto and Sasuke tried all by themselves and Sakura being Sakura fainted as expected.

Nothing changed except Sakura never disliked Naruto and Naruto was never fond of Sakura. at the end Kakashi passed them and team 7 was formed.

team 7 began to do D rank missions, and they are pretty much good at it. but still the main problem hadn't solved yet that is neither Naruto nor Sasuke worked together to finish the mission only one of them always finishes it and Sakura who's in fan girl mode all the time was pretty much useless and cheer Sasuke while sitting on sidelines everytime.

few weeks later Naruto complained sandaime "hokage jiji, we want higher rank missions". hokage tried to reason with him but Naruto was stubborn and Sasuke also agreed with Naruto that they don't want to do D-rank missions anymore while Sakura as expected supported Sasuke without batting her eye.finally he gave in "ok, I'm going to assign you C-rank mission" and called the client to come in.

when Naruto looked at the client he was surprised "oneesan, you are our client?". she smiled "it seems so Naruto". Sakura saw her "wow, she's so pretty. Naruto you know her?". Naruto smiled "know her?, she's my big sister". she laughed and saw two of them "Are you two his teammates? hello I'm Ichiraku Ayame".

Sasuke thought for a bit "you mean Ichiraku ramen diner?, it's famous all over the land of fire. I've never been there". Naruto cried out loud "how can you not be, ramen is food of gods". he replied "no, I'm pretty sure it's tomatoes". "no, ramen" "no, tomatoes". she asked Kakashi "are those two always like that everytime?" Kakashi turned towards them and interrupted "will you stop. you are in hokage's office and in front of client". after they packed everything they needed, they started their journey. Sakura asked "sensei, where is our destination?". he replied "Degarashi Port in the Land of Tea"


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