Transmigrated into Naruto World
41 Naruto Meets Diran
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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41 Naruto Meets Diran

they started their journey from konoha. three of them are pretty much excited to see the outside world. seeing their excited faces Ayame asked "I know Naruto hadn't stepped outside the village since I know him. you two also didn't went anywhere outside?".

Sasuke shook his head and Sakura replied "no, I never went outside of konoha once. when I'm small I asked my father once to take me to keishi but he refused. heard it's a very beautiful city". Ayame replied "yeah, the city is a bit modern than here I should say. after all it is full with merchants and there are various exhibitions there and you know we normal people don't even need to walk anywhere. carts are available everywhere."

Sakura asked "but they are also available in our village. what's the difference". kakashi replied "vehicles aren't allowed in shinobi district that's why you it's hard for normal villagers to come to hokage office or any work that's in shinobi district."

Naruto then asked "oneesan when did you first left the village?". she replied without thinking much "when I was like 7, Diran Niisan and Miura Oneesan took me for some exhibition at keishi and ridden roller coaster there. it was so awesome" then she suddenly remembered some memories and became a bit sad.

Sakura asked "Ayame san, are you fine?". she calmed down "I'm ok". lt finally took them three weeks to reach Degarashi port. it's only an escort mission. normally it would be only a D-rank since she neither have any enemies nor she was a merchant that someone would try to rob her but as the distance is very large, she don't want to take any chances so she applied for protection until she establish a branch there and safely return to the village.

to establish everything it might take at least a week or two. so, kakashi decided to train three of them. he called them to a place and taught them how to do tree exercise and told them to practice it until they can climb it all the way to top.

Meanwhile a 6year old girl with purple hair holding hands with a man who has black hair fair skinned no tattoo mark under left eye at all are walking together in Degarashi port. yup that's us. inorder not to know anyone my appearance I changed it to this but for Miura's sake I kept this transformation and even created identity for it so that she remembers my transformation. well i didn't changed the name though since there are many people who have same name as others. so, I thought it's not a big deal.

she asked me "papa, you changed into this again?, I like your original appearance more though". I replied "sorry Miu chan I told you right. if people who knew me previously saw me they might take papa away from you". she hugged me and screamed "no way, papa promised he will be always with me". I pinched her cheeks affectionately and laughed "I'm not going anywhere see, I'll always be with you". and I thought 'sorry Miu chan, it's just troublesome for me. even though it's small City there are many shinobi coming here from various nations. I don't want to mix in that world again'.

we went for shopping, and played games she want and later we sat in a restaurant and while eating some people are talking. "did you hear that a new diner is going to open near theatre?" "what so great about a small diner" "it's not an ordinary diner, it's ichiraku ramen diner which is very popular all over fire country now they came to establish a branch finally here" "really, I also heard of it even ate once, the food quality is very nice. someone said the main branch in konoha is the best ramen ever you find." "oh, now I'm excited, let's go then and see" "fool, it hasn't even been constructed yet fully, it seems owner's daughter came and currently looking for some nice chef. the salary they are offering is three times more than this restaurant" "wow"

I got surprised 'Little Ayame is here?, it's been eight years since I saw her. I dont think she will recognize me or she may?. but she can't come alone all the way from konoha right must have brought some konoha shinobi' I shook my head 'nah, they would just be genins or chunins. it's no problem at all'.

after we ate, we went towards the theatre beside it, some construction is going on I guess its ichiraku's. I went there, asked and confirmed that this is the place but I haven't seen her anywhere near it.

we both went to my friend's house. well he used to be a fisherman from our fishing village. one year before, his son got job at Daimyo's palace so, he shifted his parents to here as living conditions here are better. every time I come here, I visit them. Miura likes them very much. they also treat her as their grand daughter. I left her there and went to fishing spot in the evening. many people fish at this time. well not for living but for peace that includes me.

then when I went for fishing in the early morning, I saw from a distance three kids are trying to climb the tree only with their it's very far away, I couldn't see them clearly. I didn't moved but just tried to sense them. strangely, I sensed four chakras, one of them is very familiar but can't put my finger on it. then I activated sage mode level 1 or should I say basic sage mode. since I'm in a transformation there are no sage marks appeared on my face. so, for people who are around me nothing changed. then I sensed five chakras and one of them is very evil one and it made me uncomfortable. 'this chakra I felt it before but where' I thought for a while suddenly remembered "f**k, it belongs to the one who was responsible for almost killing me on my Day 1 on this world. Kyuubi's means naruto is here. So, that another familiar chakra belongs to kakashi I guess."

first I thought to go there and meet them but knowing kakashi he will first try to convince me but later will go report it to hokage and that old man will order many jonins to find me and disturb my peace. actually four years ago, after uchiha clan incident happened, hokage announced that he is taking back my banishment but I already decided way before that I'm quitting of being a shinobi. then with my wife and daughter, I came here and settled in a small village of a small country peacefully.

after sometime they are still training and kakashi wasn't there anymore. I stood up and put fishing rod end on my left shoulder while handle is in left hand and started to walk towards them. few minutes later I reached there and saw the marks on trees. its just as in anime Sakura is leading way too much than other two and also naruto is way behind. I didn't said anything and went on my way. later in the late evening i saw naruto is still trying to climb the tree

I went near him and asked "what are you doing here kid?" he turned towards me and replied "I'm training of course" I asked "at this hour?" he replied "well, sakura and sasuke are both way ahead of me. no matter how much I try I can't catch up to I'm training double time to surpass them."what is your name?." he smiled "Uzumaki Naruto". "so, Naruto san tell me what is the use of this tree exercise".

he scratched his head "um, it increases control over our chakra yeah that's it" I laughed "you sure took your time to remember the answer." his face became red with embarrassment "well, I'm weak in studies".I laughed "hahaha, it's fine. but you know there's a simple trick. you can follow it if you want to surpass them". he was excited "really?, what is it?".

I replied "do as I say, instead of running from bottom to top. try to walk but your goal will be only 4 or 5 feet and after reaching it stop and stick your feet there and try to maintain that position.record your time. then try to increase the time in same position. since it's only a low height you won't get any injuries at all even if you fall.then after increasing the time then try running as previously. so as long your time increases at that position your running distance also increases. you can check yourself now whether it works or not."

he walked up to 4 feet and try to maintained that position for sometime after half n hour finally his recorded time increased considerably, he tried running. instantly he surpassed his previous mark by at least 2 feet. he got excited "thank-you very much. you ready helped me. from the way you instructed me, you must be a shinobi right?". I shook my head "used to be a shinobi but no longer anymore, I'm only a fisherman now".he asked me "Do you live here?". I replied "No, I live in a small village called fishing village.I'll only be here till next week.anyway nice meeting you kid. good night".

I went my way and I disappeared from his sight "Ah!! I forgot to ask his name"


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