Transmigrated into Naruto World
42 Kakashi“s Suspicions
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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42 Kakashi“s Suspicions

After I went away, Naruto practiced by himself and slowly beginning to catch up. Next morning, at some inn. all of them met for breakfast. Ayame greeted them but failed to find Naruto. She asked "Is Naruto still sleeping?". Kakashi said "Sasuke, go and wake him up". he grumbled "why do I have to wake that idiot". Kakashi narrowed his eyes "because I said so" Sasuke looked away "fine, I'll do it". after a while he came back "his room is empty". Sakura said "don't tell me, he didn't returned last night?". Kakashi replies "might be possible. lets go and check".

Then three of them went to the training spot, and Ayame went to the construction site. They found him sleeping soundly under the tree. they woke him up he was startled "what it's already morning?". he stood up and excitedly said "sensei, I did it". all were shocked "What!!!". it seems even Kakashi was also shocked. Sakura said "No way, you are just kidding aren't you. until yesterday's evening, you didn't even climbed one third of it."

Naruto laughed "hehe, watch me". just when he was about to climb his stomach growled. he turned and asked "um, before that can I have light breakfast first. haven't eaten dinner last night. a bit hungry". Sasuke "hmpf, just making excuses". Naruto "just wait until I eat breakfast. I'll show you who's better. *growl*."

kakashi throwed him something. "here, I already bought it on the way for you. eat it". "thank you kakashi sensei". and he hurriedly ate and finished it pretty quickly.

"I'm ready". and he ran non stop all over to the top, jumped down and showed victory sign. "how's that?, I beat you Sasuke". Sasuke looked a bit unpleasant at the moment. Sakura said "don't worry Sasuke kun, he practiced more time than you. by afternoon you would also reach the top".

The one who was most surprised is Kakashi. he knows that Naruto definitely wasn't a genius even though he is the son of fourth hokage. from Nagato, he already got information is that he's not much talented and a very hard worker. but no amount of hard work can achieve this overnight and also with such huge amount of chakra he has, it's impossible to improve that much within just one night unless he figured out something.

he asked "Naruto, did you figured out the trick that's needed to complete this exercise fast?". Naruto replied with smiling big showing his teeth. Sasuke then asked "trick?". Sakura protested "sensei, it's not fair that there's an easy way yet you made us work hard". he laughed and replied "actually I want you guys to figure it out yourself. but it seems Naruto figured it first".

Naruto rubbed back of head and said "Sensei, actually I didn't figured it out myself. some guy told me about it". kakashi frowned "Shinobi?, well it's normal that there will be Shinobi here but tree climbing exercise is only practiced in konoha. either he should be from konoha or he should be at least a Chunin"

"did he asked you anything about our team or mission etc..?" Naruto shook his head "No, he didn't asked anything other than my name". kakashi got relieved 'there's a small possibility that it may be some enemy who's after Ayame or after sasuke.these guys came out of village first time they don't the dangers and schemes and may get advantage of'.

he replied "ok, but in future be alert when you go outside of village and be wary of anyone who's unfamiliar and never say anything about client or mission or about your teammates. got it?". they nodded.

Sakura said "sensei, since Naruto already learned it from someone else. wouldn't it be unfair now if we learn and figure it all by ourselves and waste the time". Sasuke also nodded. kakashi replied "fine, it's actually not even a trick did you remembered how did I shown you and told you what you task is?"

Sakura replied "yeah, you walked up the tree with only feet and shown us how to do it and said our task is the top?". Sasuke replied "yeah, so?". kakashi smiled and said nothing. Sakura suddenly realised "you mean, we actually shouldn't run all the way but we should practice by walking?". Sasuke replied "huh, isn't it same whether it's walking or running and walking will waste our time even more." he shook his head "when you try to walk you have to keep on applying chakra on your feet same amount and eventually you will achieve stability and it improves chakra control for every step you make higher than on it?"

they both nodded but Naruto replied "huh?". kakashi turned "why are you surprised about it. don't tell me the guy who helped said differently?". Naruto replied to him my explanation. kakashi thought for a while "hmm, I see. I guess he doesn't want you to restart but want to continue the progess and made it easier. Its a brilliant plan".Sakura asked "is that method better than what you said?". kakashi shook his head "if you do my method, you will find difficulties as you are accustomed to running. I didn't took it into count . it would take time to follow this one and there will be high chance you'll get injured Everytime."

"but the method that Naruto trained only makes the previous exercise you are doing easier. the one I just told you helps you in the long run. especially for Naruto since you have massive chakra. ok, for now complete it using Naruto's method and practice by yourself when you have time by using my method. you two practice and Naruto we will go to Ayame san and help her in construction. your shadow clones will be very helpful".

he nodded and went to the place and started to help out with his massive shadow the evening while all were having dinner. kakashi asked "how's the training going?". Sasuke replied "Sakura completed it, and I'm almost finished". Sakura asked "say, you hid something right. there's no way that took you one night and sasuke even till evening didn't completed it yet."

Kakashi replied "no, he hid nothing, there's one more secret he didn't said is he used his beat weapon for training. shadow clones. you can retain memory of each shadow clone after it disappears. so how many clones you used?". Naruto replied "2, since there are only two trees there". kakashi replied "see, Naruto did almost one full day of training, so you don't need to feel down Sasuke". after hearing it he felt somewhat better.

Kakashi asked "by the way anyone came to you today like the person Naruto told". they both shook their heads. Naruto then "Ah, I forgot to tell you, he said he's now a fisherman and will stay here for a week and lives at a village named fishing village". kakashi replied "no, never heard of it. probably some small village in corner.ok, let's forget about him. you said he will stay here for a week right if we meet, we can thank him for his help. tomorrow I'll be training you guys walking on water".

Naruto screamed "What!!!, first tree climbing now water walking, when will we learn some jutsus?". Kakashi replied "you will learn when you become Chunin or at least one year of being a genin". Naruto asked "C'mon sensei, can't you make exception and teach one or two jutsus, Nagato Ojisan only taught me shadow clone jutsu." Sasuke also supported Naruto "well, my brother is busy with his anbu duties. so, I also have to depend on you. I heard that you are a man who knows thousand jutsus. can't you teach one or two at our level?". and Sakura, no need to mention about her. whatever her Sasuke says she will support it without thinking anyway.

kakashi replied "No, you guys aren't ready yet. when I feel you three are ready, I'll teach you then".


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