Transmigrated into Naruto World
44 Leaving the Home
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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44 Leaving the Home

Next day, team 7 left the place. I sat on that balcony having tea enjoying peaceful morning and thought "I guess, it's finally started." Someone knocked the door and came in "Diran Niisan, good morning". I nodded an gestured him to come. he came and stood still next to me hesitating to talk to me.

I replied "do you want to say something?" he replied a bit nervously "No, i mean Yes. I want to thank you for helping me out. if you hadn't come in time, I and father might even get hanged". my face became a bit serious. I asked "Toyoharu, if you dare to drag Ojisan into your mess. I will never forgive you again".

he got nervous "what, what are you talking about Diran Niisan, I was innocent. it's not my fault". I looked towards him. Seeing my expression he got a bit scared "just because I live in a small village some where in corner doesn't mean I don't know what you are doing here. I'm again warning you, stop that illegal business for the sake of your family. I know you for four years. you are someone who cares about money more than relations. did you forgot who helped you out two years ago when you gambled and lose all your money and also your own house that you lived for twenty years". his voice is a bit shaking "But, I'm not same as then. I changed"

"At first I also thought you turned into good after hearing you got the job here. but when I saw this house for the first time, I already know you haven't changed at all. both of your parents are a bit naive so you can fool them but not me. you think I would believe a 10,000 ryo salaried person owns a huge house like this which costs at least 500,000 ryo?."

he kneel down and cried "I'm sorry, I have done wrong but please don't tell them." I sighed "yeah, I know. their heart will break. that's why I didn't said then and I won't say now. you know having greed is ok but don't let it consume you because it would only lead you to your doom as well as others who were around you. I hope you understand your lesson and don't worry about your job. I already talked with your boss about it."

he was still kneeling "thank you Diran Niisan". "Shh, my little princess is sleeping. you will wake her. let's go down and have some breakfast".we went down and greeted Takahiro Ojisan "hmm, what happened Haru your eyes are red". I replied "Ah, it's nothing Ojisan, he just got a bit emotional today over yesterday's matter". he frowned "why are you the one who's crying when your boss should cry. these bas****s always drag Innocents into their problems". he turned towards me "Say, Diran how did you bail us out?". I replied "I have some connections here. everything's fine now. Toyoharu got another job now." he smiled.

then Miura come downstairs rubbing her eyes "papa, good morning. Haru Ojisan, Hiro Jiji good morning.hmm, where is Ari BaBa?". Takahiro Ojisan smiled "your Obaasan went to shopping for groceries. ok, brush your teeth and come have breakfast." she nodded then after a while we all sat down together and I suddenly said "Ojisan, we are going home today and I'm planning to shift to keishi". all of four of them surprised including Miura. "Diran Niisan you are going to shift to keishi?". I nodded and turned towards Ojisan "well, Miura is six now so, it's time she should go to a good academy and there are also some other matters." he nodded. but Miura protested "papa, we won't go back to our home forever? but what about mama?". she was about to cry.

I went near her and took her into my arms and gently stroke her hair "don't worry, we will go and see mama every year just like always ok?" she nodded and then I turned towards "Toyoharu come with me to our home. I want to give you something." Ojisan asked "what is it?". I smiled "just think of it as a surprise gift. we go back in the evening". she asked "papa, where is Naru Niisan, Sasu Niisan Sakura Oneesan? I want to say goodbye to them".

"well, I don't know where they are. let's go to Ichiraku we might meet them again." We went to Ichiraku in the afternoon too bad we didn't met them. after having lunch while we exit We have seen Ayame coming in. well previous meeting was a bit not good so, I just directly ignored her and Miura asked "papa, can we go park now?". "Fine, let's go".

"hmm, that little girl is familiar. may be one of our customers." we went to the park and in the evening we started our journey back to our village.After we went some far away from the city. we set up the tents and rested for the night. then morning after having breakfast we started to move then Miura then asked "papa, can I ride on Tenma san or Mari chan please. I don't want to walk". Toyoharu asked "who are they?". I smiled "Kuchiyose no Jutsu". then, a bull which is a bit of average height of in colour which has a hair like human over his head and still was a growing one. I greeted him he greeted back then "Diran san, I don't want to carry baggage all the time I want to fight". I smiled "oh, but there's no enemy here,want to fight me then?" . his face got paled "nevermind carrying baggage is good". " I replied "also carry her".suddenly he look like he was about to cry "please have mercy on me. can you summon others?". I replied "but my daughter likes you very much Tenma". he was almost crying "please I don't want to go bald Diran sama. I'm begging you. last time she pulled out my hair so much that I was being made fun by others". I laughed he was very brave when fighting others but when in front of Miura he becomes a coward.

I waved my hand and he disappeared and I summoned a calf named Mari. she's a young cow which is at height of 3.5ft. generally I summon her regularly for Miura to play with her as there weren't any kids in our village.she carried her till we reach our home. well, actually this is the summon I got from the scroll who Miura's late father previous Daimyo of waterfall country gave me.

first when I discovered that I got a bull family summon scroll. I thought I got cheated by that old man and even cursed him as it's not that great but on one instance when I summoned the leader Instantly I knew I struck gold.

well, we packed our luggage. I called Toyohiro who was helping Miura with her luggage "Take this". his eyes got wide "this is.... no it's too precious". I replied "it's ok, take the land deed. now you no longer need to do various things to make money. this land of 20acres now belongs to you. I already dismissed the workers so hire some new." "But Diran Niisan this..." "if you still are reluctant to take it for free then think it as the repayment of your family took care of my wife as a family member when she had no one".

he shook his head "what my father did wasn't even comparable to what you are giving". I sighed "I guess you are still not convinced. ok let's do one thing. think it as I'm giving you not for free. you will donate 25%of your profits every year to orphanages until the market value of the land which I'm giving you is repaid. deal?". he smiled "You really are great Diran Niisan, I never see a Man in my life who is like you who would give up their properties and money for a stranger like me". I laughed "who said you are a stranger to me?. I treat your father as my uncle so, you will be my brother in that sense. anyway look after them ok?. you may not see me ever again so, take care of yourself and don't go into trouble for nothing. good bye Toyohiro".

he hugged me and send me off at first Miura was reluctant to leave our home. first we went to the grave site I alone went inside and left Miura there as she won't be able to leave and also I want to talk to alone with my wife. I went to the grave I said "Ichiko, we are leaving. don't worry about us.I'm sorry I never said who I was really nor did I tell who you are really. There's one promise left to do. I'm not sure whether I'll able to fulfill it since I don't want our daughter to become like me. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to love you with all my heart. you probably might have been sad even though you acted tough as it's nothing. all these years even though I keep coming here, I haven't gave you enough respect that you deserve." I made a kunai shaped rock with Earth jutsu. I wrote something on her grave.

I stood up "it's time" I went and picked up Miura who was still waiting when she saw my face. she put her hand in her little bag pack and pull out handkerchief and said "papa come here". I kneeled down on one leg and asked "what is it?". She cutely wiped some light tear drops near my eye. I laughed "don't you want to talk to mama?". she shook her head "it's ok, I'll come back next year to say lots of things". I took her hand and we started our journey to keishi.

back at Ichiko's grave. it read "Here lies the grave of Nashio Ichiko Senju". which Senju was written differently


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